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I.M. Fauve Gallery

*most imagery is now in the latter part of the thread...
start on Page 117
(if viewing 25 posts/page) POST 2923, and go from there. A lot of work, I know

Or you can work backward from the LAST post.

"These may not be the drawings you are looking for."
Especially if your are looking for "slick", hard edged (visually), Poser-type CGI-esque, photo-manipulations (filters), stiff-slavish renderings of photographs— because that ain't my bag.

Okay.... here's an index:

(skipped a few, mostly photos)
Putting them in sequential order..
with a brief description. < I wonder how many (any) folk just click through in sequence, read the title(s) and selectively click, use the descriptions to filter...?

Yes, I know...I am wasting my time.

1 Shadow Dancers (under drawing) From when we had "Word Challenges" — The word was "Shadow". Acrobatic fucking in the bed room. This is the under drawing.

2 Shadow Dancers (in shadow) This is some atmospheric lighting to create more SHADOW

3 Pooling. (not a drawing)

4 Flute Series (not a drawing...a gif)

5 Vase-hole test (not a drawing...a gif)

6 Hard At Work getting a helping hand

7 Making Copies eating her, while she's on the office copier

8 Clear the Desk Taking her from behind, bent over the desk in fishnets...pulling her hair

9 An erotic cocktail.
drawn for the cover of a Literotica anthology. Two phots taken as reference

10 Flute. not a drawing and not a musical instrument. A champagne flute.

11 Bench Press he presses her up while she does the splits.

12 "See-cups — runneth over" She cups her C sized breasts to catch his cum there (and in her mouth)

13 Mocha and cream in bed He sips his mocha while she sucks his cock

14 Against the Wall He hold her by the throat against the wall. she is willing and in heels and pantyhose.

15 Go panthers. A quick sketch (kinda crappy) concept from a litster (which not why it is crappy, just didn't hit the mark.

16 Ride 'em Cowgirl "cowgirl" position plus accessories — hat gloves and boots.

17 Fuck of Fury 3 She is on the edge (heh heh) ...of the bed, he i staking her from behind, pulling her hair and his hand raised...has been spanking her ass — there is a hand print there

18 Fuck of Fury 3 V2 Variant of above, but his thumb is now in her ass.

19 2inOne She rides him cowgirl style while he holds her hands up. There is a butt plug in her ass

20 2fer-Reverse She rides him reverse-cowgirl, as he pulls her hair. A butt plug is up her ass. The concept for both this and the previous were a suggestion.

21 here and there... Man with multiple tentacle-like cocks takes an inverted woman several ways at once.

22 Invisible shower partner... an invisible man takes a woman from behind, in the shower. Woman is inspired by a LITster.

23 Batman & Wonder Woman Wonderwoman straddles batman, her costume is torn.

24 Batman & Batgirl Batman Takes Batgirl from behind, standing against a wall

25 Bat & Cat on a hot roof Catwoman gives Batman a hot blow job on a roof top, where she keeps her whip/tail is cool.

26 Feels like 2 Laying back, both face up, she on him his cock feel HUGE (looks that way too) is up between her legs and lips shooting cum.

27 Tangled up N Blue They are tangled up..and blue. from behind with transparency.

28 Tangled Up N Blue Progression series of 4 images showing the progression.

29 Shunga Inspired by Japanese Shunga ( "Spring pictures" an erotic form of ukiyo-e — "images of the floating world" — more or less depictions of idealized life) Being a bland white-boy, this is my Westernized interpretation, a 2nd or third generation image, which sprang from a life drawing of my wife! (l-o-n-g ago, back in that brief window when she would model for me)

30 Shunga progress Three image progression for the above image

31 Fox Hunt Red Head — head down, ass up, plus Fox Tail butt-plug In COLOR...ooooo!

32 Car Ride Sex in the FRONT seat, with a witness.

33 Over Chair She's bent over the back of an arm chair, top off, skirt up and panties and leggin's down

34 Over Chair V2 same as above...more rendered.

35 Night Moves another "challenge word" — "night"... inspired by Bog Seger's "Night Moves" — "Back seat of my 60 Chevy..." Full color water-color.

36 Satyr & Nymph The Satyr is standing and lifts the nymph off the ground, spread wide as he takes her from behind.

37 Full Moon Blanket of Stars Full color of her full moon in bed, under a (literal) blanket of stars. Also for a "word challenge" — word "moon"

38 car ride —Framed Same image, seen above, in a frame.

39 La Petite Morte Kinda SM/BD-ish Around Halloween, I think, a suggestion. A Helmeted man takes a woman from behind in a cemetery, she is bent over a tomb stone, wearing fishnets and he pulls her hair.

40 Lap Dance No actual "dancing". She sits on his lap, facing away and wraps her arms around his cock, which is nearly as large as she.

41 Hotel Table Service She is naked, face up, and tied to the legs of a round hotel room table. A double end dildo is on the table.

42 Leash2 She is in crotchless fishnets and heels, in a sort of "crab-walk" position, he holds a taut, light chain that is attached to pussy piercing.

43 Walk this way She is in crotchless fishnets and heels, being led by a chain to her pussy. Shown in a frame

44 Aftermath They sleep face up, exhausted, on a bed after a vigorous fuck. His GIGANTIC cock (over emphasized in the manner of Japanese shunga) is somewhat flaccid. cum dribbles. she is cuffed to the bars of the head board.

45 Dancer (done) Full color... "exotic" Belly Dancer in a marble palace.

46 Gypsy Dancer Red FULL Color Belly Dancer Red variant

47 Gypsy Dancer Blue FULL Color Belly Dancer Blue variant

48 Feels Like 2a Taking liberties with some of the forms...His cock FEELS this huge as she straddles him...

49 Halloween Ball (digital color) An illustration for a story of mine...

50 Bathroom "Dancing" Another illustration for that story of mine...

51 Understanding He lays. looking up as she stands above his face...

52 Center of the Universe She is standing, bent forward, bracing herself on an armchair, while he kneels behind her, gripping her hair as he strokes himself. She wears stockings, heels a collar and nipple jewelry...

53 Overcome Gardening Selective color. She lays in the grass while masturbating with the phallic handle of a gardening hand-tool. her clothes in disarray.
The tools are for real

54 Take a Peek nearly naked woman, laying in bed, gazes up seductively as she tugs her panties down.

55 Sex in the Shower Sex in the shower, of course.

56 Evil Alpaca / Black Sheep A speed painting in acrylic... of a curvy woman leaning on an evil alpaca. for one of those "word challenges" the word — "evil". Evil Alpaca is the name of a LITster...long gone...?

57 Some Spreads Sorry, not that sort of "spread". Page spreads as thumbnails, of the book layout of my erotic images, along with commentary.

58 Millking Me 2 He is on his hands and knees on a bed, she is beside the bed, on her knees, milking his cock into a bowl.

59 Milk Dishes She is on her hands and knees as her breasts drip milk into 2 dishes.

60 Flower Bed her pelvis, pussy spread... flowing hair...from...somewhere..ambiguous

61 SS color COLOR Our hero, Super Slut in her VERY skimpy sheer costume with long gloves and thigh high boots and...

62 Milking Machine Sketch A couple side by side having a non-encounter "sex" session... mechanical machine interface.

63 My Decaying Dream World My dystopian virtual "sex"... "life"

64 Mine to Eat He tongues her.

65 Scouting the Area He holds his cock just between her labia

66 Can see myself a memory. after a fuck, she was getting dressed, and just the sight was enough to start me up again. I had her UNdress again, spread her legs and bend over...though I only drew her, I was entering from behind as she said "I can see us".

67 corset I do not often use photos, especially not to slavishly reproduce them... this time, I used about 7 photos of one woman to make a kind of composite.

68 Corset B a bit more rendered

69 corset color start working in some color

70 corset color 2 working in some more color

71 Corset color 3 working in even more color

72 Rutting Season A dark male satyr takes a pale female fawn from behind against a tree.

73 beast corrected he grabs her hair and one breasts and kisses her neck.

74 corset test print scanned and printed onto watercolor paper...

75 corset test watercolor THEN... using water and a brush and additional watercolors, make modifications..the inkjet ink is water soluble.

76 Nascent A naked wizard conjures the form of a woman from a magical bowl.

77 Fuck Me close up of sexual coupling.

78 Super Bike Woman riding a jet bike looks back over her shoulder. inspired by a LItster's photo...on a stool. I never finished it...started the fishnets...

79 Light as Air He lifts her of the ground and she wrps her legs around him as they fuck and kiss

80 corner she is being punished — kneeling and facing the corner...wearing a thong. inspired by a LITser

81 Pommeling 3rd adj she is bent over the gunwale as the pirate takes her from behind and uses the pommel of his sword in her ass

82 For Her Pleasure she lays back on the bed as three men give her pleasure — one giving attention to her pussy with his mouth...another at her breast and the third massages her head and face.

83 Dark Knight A knight in armor is about to have his way with a damsel

84 69 Flavors more She works at the icecream shop, he is taking his free taste...of her

85 Paul and Babe nite out Paul Bunyan and Babe is blue...ox? in color

86 Connection her panties are torn aside , she is being fucked.

87 Rocket Rider She thrills at a ride on a rocket

88 USA rocket Rider Same idea with some patriotic color/theme

89 Hike in the Bush (Voyeur POV) A fond memory of fucking her from behind on a trail in the woods, as if viewed by someone else.

90 Hike in the Bush color My perspective of a fond memory of fucking her from behind on a trail in the woods. in color[/size]

91 Mine His over sized cock takes her from behind, as she is bent over, wearing a collar and a chain, which he grips in his hand.

92 rocket rider V2 This time the "rocket" is actually his cock, which is larger than her entire body, she lays on it and hugs it tight as he is standing and leaning back to support.

93 rising V2 He is standing with his 3 foot 18in diameter cock getting a lift from her, using both arms, while wearing fishnets, heels and a collar.

94 repeat of the "lap dance"

95 The Watcher4 Based on reality, though the is a bit of exaggeration... He strokes his HUGE cock as he comes to views of her and them on his two monitors. some color.

96 whap both are naked. She is draped over his lap with a collar on and he pulls her hair and dishes spanks.

97 irresistible I LOVE leggings. I love asses. I love under boobs. She's bent over giving a view of all of the above.

98 Tangle Up She is quite curvy and has a long braid, which is attached to a hook above, this helps suspend her over him as he suckles her breast. she grips the base of his cock.

99 Tangle up Progression series of 5 thumbnails of the drawing above

100 Head Board a memory... sometimes one needs a little extra leverage to get a little extra deep

101 Pillow fight NOT a "fight" at all, a woman lays on a large floor pillow, spread wise as she pleasures herself

102 Fine Wine yet another "word challenge" the word is "wine" — water color illustration of a woman laying back and an open bottle of wine between her breasts and spilling into her bel;y button and down...a man lapping at her cleft.

103 Swingers Satyr eats out a naked woman with a long braid on a tree swing

104 Giant Faunus an illustration for a LITster's story about a giant faunus taking a woman on the grass.

105 Nymph Playground v2 Satyr and nymph illustration with a bit of color and inserted into a woodsy photo.

106 Tentacle4 A multi-pus? and his women (a bit Jabba the Hut and princess Leia ...with tentacles)

107 Spit2 an impossibility? male fairy pulls her hair as he takes her from behind until his cock head protrudes from her mouth spraying cum

108 Gander the Goose she lays on the floor playing with herself as she fists his ass.... up and out his mouth... some transparency...and a LOT of surreality

109 The Hand that Feeds (framed) He holds his cumming cock to her open mouth

110 Swingers (framed) same as above, in a fancy frame.

111 Two Octo One Pussy inspired by Japanese erotica. Two octopi have their way with a woman on a rock, in the ocean shallows.

112 Tied up in the moment She is tied to the bed, spread eagle. he has just cum in her and pulls out and continues to cum

113 moment 2 The same concept as above.

114 MMF Climax She's on her hands and knees with a man at either end, she gets them both off

115 Pumpkin Head2 She & her husband enjoy the idea of sharing her.
They have a scheme to have her go naked (except for the hollowed pumpkin shell) to a handsome neighbor that they had selected, late (after the kids have stopped trick-or-treating)... and.........

116 Surreal Dream Many years ago I had a very surreal and sexual dream, I tried to capture it.

117 Octopussy3b Tentacle sex... more Japanese inspiration, with a bit of an anime look

118 Looking Face Sitter HANDS her POV as she handles her own breasts and sits on his face

119 Taking a seat She sits on his face and strokes his cock as he eats her and fondles her breasts

120 Dream drawn after having a waking-dream about a former HS class mate, who I had become reaquainted with, because our children were classmates. I imagined that by thinking hard enough about her, I could telaport her to my bed...

121 Despina Rides My drawing of a LITster's (Stella Omega) concept of a "woman"? with tentacles where a pussy might be.

122 Stella's Tentacle Woman An earlier version of the Despina character.

123 2 for one A quick sketch of MFF concept... not quite right if you think about it too much... I fuck a woman who is laying back on a table in my office, while a second woman kneels below and licks us both. I'll have to revisit this with proper staging.

124 Witch on Black color A near naked with rides her...broom? dick! in front of a full moon

125 Witch as Treat color He answers the door on Halloween and is surprised to see a hot witch with nipples peeking... a bit of crudely applied digital color

126 Witch as Treat bw The under sketch for the image above.

127 Super Cat Should be super SPACE Cat,,, with skin tight semi sheer costume and anti gravity boots...

128 bad 2 the Bone 4 A skeleton fucks a ghost with his hard bone...

129 Pulling Your Chain Not a drawing

130 Handling Her (by the braided pony tail) Not a drawing

131 Feral Fey Red Hed more larger than tinkerbell, this red head fairy is extracting human semen from a man...color

132 Feral Fey Red Hed more Brunettey same as above but her hair is more on the brunette end of the spectrum

133 Minotaur Maid B A minotaur is mid ejacualtion while fucking a woman from behind

134 deskset 2 He sits on a chair and eats her out as she lays back on a table.

135 desk set he kneels on the floor to eat her out from behind as she is on all fours on the table

136 Exam Paper Boxers based on a real experience with a female doctor...and paper boxers...??? Though there were only two of us there.

137 Prostate exam also, with the same doctor, with added company.

138 Checking Vital Signs wishful thinking about a hospital visit that was far more clinical.

139 Checking Vital Signs B pretty much the same as above, I just tinkered on it a bit.

140 Handful He has six arms and he is behind her, putting them to good use.

141 Quench stoke she lifts her skirt to reveal just pantyhose, as he uses his "hose" to either stoke her fire or put it out...?

142 Pulling your chain not a drawing

143 chain on collar, to be pulled not a drawing

144 dessert she sits on the edge of the dining table for dessert. Don't freak out...he is using the broad side of the fork.

145 dinner is served less of a "formal" presentation — She is bent over onto the table with her skirt pulled up, wearing a thong and spilling out of a tank top.

146 Happy Thanksgiving she's face down, ass up on the table, he eats his fill.

147 "Death of a Dream"...a repeat...same as "My decaying dream world

148 HJ she wears a collar and kneels between his legs with her full breasts resting on his thighs as he lays back on the edge of the bed while she gives him a hand job

149 Silver Platter4 she laps his cum from a platter on which his cock rests and he holds the chain attached to her collar

150 Your Ride 2 she wears a collar and tag while fucking him cowgirl style...a repeat post?

151 Waiting 4 Permission 2 Drop He hold the head of his cock against her pussy lips as she squats above him, waiting for permission...

152 Self Gratification his cock is about as big as his own torso, as he sits and licks the tip of it.

153 Feels Like Standing He stands and supports her on his giant cock..some transparency.

154 Nipps and Tuggs I rather like this technique and the surreal distortions... Just start drawing with a pen and see where it goes. She lay back across his lap as he takes a nipple between his teeth.

155 Rhino Raven an inked shunts 69 couple.

156 Big Head V2 kneeling, with her hands tied behind her, she gives his huge cock some big head.

157 Three uses of the stool She is on her hands and knees on the foot stool, while three guys take advantage of the opportunity.

158 anal exploration she is on the table while he takes her in the ass.

159 Brazil a fantasy machine used to give a Brazilian to a woman by a woman, while her man watches.

160 Brazil assist He lends a hand to the woman doing the Brazilian laser procedure

161 masked DanceE based on a woman I saw at an actual masked "ball" I attended. I did not dance with her, unfortunately

162 Dance Lift not your typical dance move — he is behind her and lifts her AND her dress...and supports her on his cock. she has patterned stockings and a collar...

163 Room with a view: Undress part of a series of voyeuristic images of the same window. in this, a woman undresses

164 Room With a View: Stare woman in jeans and a crop top stares back at the viewer

165 Room With a View: 1 she is in VERY small string bikini panties, with her breasts pressed against the glass, looking out

166 Room With a View: 2 a naked couple in a passionate embrace

167 Room With a View: 3 profile of woman in skimpy panties as she brushes her teeth

168 Room With a View: 4 he takes her from behind as she places a hand on the glass.

169 Room With a View: 5 naked man strokes himself

170 Room With a View: 5.5 naked man climaxes onto the window

171 Room With a View: 6 naked man looks out as his cum runs down the glass

172 Room With a View: 7 her ass to the window, she pulls down her jeans, showing her thong

173 Room With a View: 7.25 same as above, though there is a man in the room watching too.

174 Room With a View: 7.25 shopped same as above with some additional atmospheric lighting (shadowing) applied.

175 Room With a View: 8 she is laying on her back on a table and he holds one of her ankles while looking where he is about to fuck or where he has just fucked

176 Room With a View: 9 she has one hand on the glass and another on herself and one leg up as she intentionally gives a show.

177 Room With a View: 9.5 she continues her show...

178 Room With a View: 10 they've turned the table (literally) as he fucks her on it.

179 new old window borrrrring... started drawing a new window for a new series.

180 white pkg2 not a drawing (vintage)

181 New old window V2 more borrrring... drawing more bricks and shading...

182 new old window V3 mighty mighty...(heehee)... sorry just more bricks

183 new old window V4 quite close with atmospheric lighting....

184 3 windows ready scanned and printed, ready for the exhibitionists to be drawn, then scanned...

185 start of 2nd room with a view series beginning with her looking out, boobs pressed against the glass while being fucked from behind. I was lucky enough to be that fucker once, in a Hong Kong Hotel, no, NOT a hooker.

186 further on 2nd room with a view series more rendering of the above.

187 adjust 1st 2nd room with a view series shadowing....

188 Ocean Spray D color2 some digital color of a woman on the beach at sunset enjoying the lapping of the waves.

189 Palatable A fantasy about fucking a co-worker on some palletized boxes, back when I had an office at the far end of our warehouse, and everyone else had offices at the other end.

190 Special Delivery2 UPS Holiday delivery with a thank you note... a bit of color.

191 Alley Hand Job rufA A suggested, suggestive theme. VERY rough..as concept.

192 Alley Hand Job B a little more development...

193 Alley Hand Job C even more development... pattern on the pantyhose.

194 Sneak Off Hand Job giving a shot at her POV. She's be kneeling in front of him (me) in this scenario...a bit tricky, as I don't see myself from this angle... need to take some cock selfies
anyway...seems about right start. a bit of pre-cum...perhaps they met at a wedding reception at a hotel, dancing...slipped off to and alcove down a hall...

195 Pirate Belaying Pin4 A pirate having his way, she is not entirely "reluctant".

196 Soixante-Neuf-une the 1st 69 sketch with some transparency.

197 Soixante~Neuf~Quad duplicating 69 into a pattern of four folk

198 Black Pearl Pirate start more pirating with some cross-reference — LOST and Pirates of the Caribbean

199 Not What You See an illustration for a LITster's story... invisible woman giving a blow job

200 Imagine Knickerless another LITster story illustration. she is cuffed UP, suspended, yet with legs on his shoulders as he kneels and eats her

201 Splitz she does the splits, leaning back a bit on his prone body as they fuck

202 Breakfast in Bed more she is mostly on the bed, while he is kneeling beside it and feasting on her pussy.

203 Real Meal using pen to draw without concern about precise anatomy... he eats her pussy to her delight (and his)

204 CAUTION wet a "word challenge" the word is "wet". WET fucking until a WET climax— so slippery he slips out. a bit of COLOR

205 Having a Ball fucking her on an exercise ball.

206 Flesh Eating Monster Aliens and monsters always dig human women... the monster "eats" her as he holds her dazed body inverted.

207 The Longing (begin) The "longing"... also the "lengthening"...
There are times when I have not cum in several days... what is often called "blue balls", manifests itself in a "longing", a primal desire wherein I become extra aware of my cock, which feels as if it is a state of constant semi-arousal... and I feel like I must have a woman and that women around me have an awareness of this beast just beneath the surface and I am stripped bare in their minds..

208 The Longing (extended) A bit more rendering. I have seen the "fetish" pics of nMcF...or is it cFnM...? whatever. I often find them hot, though, in my mind the man always will be "turning the tables." And in THIS scenario, he is not actually nude, it is his primal nature which is revealing itself.

209 Loving Cup She is "upside-down" face up, hanging over the edge of the bed while spreading her pussy as he jerks off on to the "target"

210 Loving Cup Harder she wraps her legs around his waist with her shoulders on the floor, as he stands and jerks off onto her, as she spread her pussy.

211 Loving Cup 3 She makes a target of herself on the floor, he aims.

212 Drawing Table V2 She is on her hands and knees as his drawing table, with a butt-plug-inkwell (of my own design)...she most hold very still...

206A Sleeping Beauty Taking some liberties with a Disney classic, as the prince attempt to 'rouse Beauty with a "kiss". color.

213 Pensive A "word challenge" the word is "pen"... and Tried exploring that in various ways in one drawing...

214 Sweet Pirate color inspired by a Litser (as a Woman pirate) with a hint of color

215 Plowing 3 The farmer is driving her from behind as he plants his seed

216 69 plus Feet Man and woman in a modified 69 position (with some transparency)...and feet

217 Goth Alley a suggestion...A goth fella jerks himself off in an alley

218 Ghost in the Attic B not overtly "erotic"... unless you knew what I knew.

219 TF4 Titty fucking

220 Resistance is Futile she gets a spanking while draped over his lap (and erect cock)

221 Puddle Jumpin B She is naked, save for her boots, as she jumps in puddles while holding an umbrella

222 Dragon Slayer E Elfish Warrior woman has slain a dragon

223 Higher Shelf C She climbs a library ladder to shelve a book, while in a short skirt and patterned stockings...

224 amorous 20min a 20 minute drawing for the word "amorous"... she sits inn arm chair reading, he places his hands on her shoulders and kisses her neck.

225 breasts 20 min a 20 minute sketch for the word "breasts" — at a restaurant, her full breasts rest on the table and are spilling out as she reads the menu

226 Monitoring Lynn B a quick sketch of a litster. I don't often draw from photos... though I DO use them sometimes for reference. There is no point in slavishly reproducing a photo... BUT...to bring something new... I'm all about that. Of course the material on the monitor is my doing, but also the adjustment to the tank top, to reveal a bit of under boob...yummmmm

227 River Bathing A nymph bathes in the river.

228 Gulliver part of a series about a castaway... here he is captured by Lilliputian woman

[b]223A9hmentid=1838772&d=1458607408"]Giant[/url] and here he discovers a sleeping giant on the shore...along with a mermaid.

230 Giant & Boobies Here the giant is getting a hand (and body) from the blue footed boobies...(more on them later)

231 FigureHead This is the drawing which started the island series. Someone had a thread (maybe in the Authors' Hangout?) about an erotic Pirate ship... so I "carved" a figured head for it

232 On the Shore As it turned out, I felt a bit out of place on thread, so I "jumped overboard"..and ended up on this island that I created in my head.

233 waist deep A male fairy is taking a dip into a woman's pussy, his legs are fully in her and his cock is against her clit

234 Mountain Spelunker The "mountain"-woman is far from "idealized", as I typically draw.
I think this came from some sort of suggestion...or a spark of an idea..

235 short giantess another play with scale, a giantess (though she is short for a giant) is explored by much smaller men.

236 Short Giantess phase 2 more rendering and another man

237 Short Giantess phase 3 a little bit further rendering

238 finger first 7min warming things up with a 7 mount sketch... 2 fingers on her pussy

239 BlueFooted Booby from the island/cast away series...a bit of color

240 Net-Leash-knifeb not a drawing...

241 Tortoise Erectus also from the island

242 Booby Rides Tortoise It is a symbiotic relationship — The Boobie gets a ride and the tortoise...gets.... something

243 Jitter Bug Scorpion it vibrates

244 Wood Nymph She's taken "tree hugging" to the next level.

245 TF4...repeat it seems

246 Sultan's Dance 3 The Sultan reclines on a large floor pillow while 2 dance for him, another reaches around and a 4th spies on the scene

247 Lizard Dock — "traditional" 3b the "tradition", in science fiction, is that lizard men (and most aliens) dig Earth women...

248 Lizard Docked a more probable coupling within the same species.

249 Masked Dance...repeat post

250 Nesting Instinct a great view...

251 Mine— a repeat...

252 The Boss at the construction site, she wears the required gear, but that's all.

253 MMF Climax— another repeat post..hmmm

254 Must Have It 8.13.08 She leans on a table, he pulls her hair, takes her from behind and thumbs her ass

255 tree huggers not actually "hugging", they are fucking... up IN the tree branches.

256 Cockman and Raven B If your are old enough and/or geeky enough, you may appreciate this more fully

257 Catwoman gets Sprayed It is not clear just who is spraying and with what, but I have some ideas.

258 Rhino Takes Cat Woman The Rhino takes catwoman from behind while pulling her hair.

259 Over the Edge he is over the edge (of the bed) as she leans back, riding him cowgirl style.

260 measurements b lesbian fantasies are not super high on my list (Though fun to watch, I always like to imagine that sex involves ME!) I think, that this one came about because of some conversation about guys measuring their cocks... and somehow it evolved (devolved?) into this

261 Yuki 2 That's chocolate! Not especially obvious... though the bar is labeled, and it is YUKI...not yucky. One of the few images that don't have a "me" as the male protagonist. This was to illustrate a fellowette LITster's story, and oddly it did not include me!

262 Sheer Polka Dots Something/someone I saw — SO— I work one day a week at a hardware store. Yesterday was Mothers' Day, and a nice day, so it was VERY busy. A woman, who was probably in her 30's approached the register. What first caught my eye was her belly button. I like belly buttons! She was what we call "pear shaped"... curvy hips and a bit smaller on top.. a B? She was wearing jeans and a black crop top (not extremely short) with a cardigan over that. The cardigan had no buttons, but she had used a safety pin at the top to hold it. (I omitted that in my drawing). Her tummy had a bit of a muffin top..I also like that! and was rather pale, making her belly just a bit more apparent in the shadowed area created by the crop-top over hang and sweater "shadow-box". What was even better was— as she moved, I could tell she wore no bra AND the top was polka dotted with 1 1/2" diameter dots that were of black shear material! Tantalizing bits of information with each shift! — the size and shape of her breasts...her slightly conical nipples that were not very much darker than her breasts, but enough to distinguish. She did not seem to be "flaunting", but she also did not seem embarrassed. I was distracted enough that I cannot really recall her face! I know she was attractive, but the whole "encounter" happened so fast. I might have said something smooth had there been no line of waiting customers. "Nice top"...or "I love your outfit". I actually was getting hard, which rarely happens so spontaneously. Then she was gone. (she looks younger in my quick drawing... and she was a bit wider in the hips. I'd have to do some fussing, but this records the basic concept). This was one of those times when motion is required for the full effect.

263 After Glow after sex... a request.

264 Paddlin' Patty 4 a queue of men lined up to spank/paddle Patty.

265 Poseidon Adventure C under the sea... Poseidon takes a mermaid.

266 Raven Woman 2 Concept based on seeing kinkikittyn's original work and drawing from memory. A raven haired beauty with black wings and tail...and talons

267 Raven in Flight extrapolating on the theme — Raven Woman carries a mate back to her nest

268 Raven's Next Raven Woman draws out his seed with her mouth, high in her nest.

269 ride me HARDER 2 he grips the sheets as she rides him cowgirl style

270 Mothership Plus an alien bio-mechanical spaceship and aliens emerging, fucking and feeding from/on/with the ship. From a LITster's (Sunandshadow) suggestion.

271 Cucumber Spa also a Sunandshadow prompt — woman with cucumber slices over her eyes, gets the "facial" treatment... and likely more...

272 Dog Fud "dog eats "pussy" No, she is not dead, she passed out from the pleasure. No, this is not a "dog" (despite the title), he is a werewolf. *heeeheee Gary Larson? "Cat Fud" (please, please, please)

273 Sequoia Birth a Tree spirit...a Dryad. To illustrate another LITster's ( BlackTulip ) story...the color scan is a bit "blown out".

274 CON TOR SEQ color from the same story (see above). the file name is abbreviated from the dryad's tree names:
Torreya (Torreya is a genus of conifers... Gopher Wood)
& Sequoia.

275 Vensusian ManSnatch Earth dudes are always thinking with their little heads..and tryin' to be the hero. an Alien version of an angler fish

276 Musical Chairs he sits on a chair at a table, while she faces him, astride, and fucks.

277 weirdness a surreal bit of handmouthtitcockpussy...

278 Table and Chair now she blows him...(from the same "session" as two posts above

279 What's The Word? His Hand holds his cock as he cuts...in a certain manner

280 Stumped B This was inspired by a LITster who recounted a college camping trip and squatting to pee in the woods...

281 Shower 2.0 sex in the shower

282 Rutting Season... repost....see72

283 Nessie C A naked lass reaches under his kilt... Grrrreat Scot! "Aye, he's much bigger than I expected!"

284 Fuck of Fury animated very limited (gif) animation...Trying out making a gif from a drawing which I had modified once. To do this *right* (or better) I need at least one more with his hand ON her ass, where is spanked her.

285 Panty Tug He pulls her panties with his teeth.

286 Dancer Done full color belly dancer in a marble palace.

287 Dig if you will... vignette of a name kiss...framed

288 dragon tattoo xb a design for a tattoo of a naked woman and her dragon...or a dragon and his naked woman...or?..naked dragon with naked woman.

289 Mount Up B Cowgirl ready to be ridden...on her hands and knees with accessories.

290 sweet Pirate adj— REPEAT of 208

291 Hand that Feeds he feeds his cum into her waiting mouth also 109 (framed)

292 Leafman watercolor of a leaf man with a fairy perched on his cock

293 Evil Alpaca Speed Painting (acrylic) for a "word Challenge". word was "evil"... inspiration was a LITsters screen name.

294 Head Lock she is naked. He is not. She kneels to give him a blow job, as he locks her head din place with his hands.

295 Without You 2 the 2nd try at an illustration for a LITster's story.

296 Without You 3 the 3rd (and final) version of the illustration for a LITster's story... naked woman waiting for her lover's return.

291A Without You 1 The 1st (wrong) version.

297 relaxed Drawn from life. Very quick with a roller ball pen. One of the last (semi) nudes. Model I know. I hope to make time for this again.

298 Rigamortis in bed "together", he is "stiff" (and strokes) she is cold as ice (and reads, ignoring him)

299 Bullet Proof Boobs in a padded bra.

300 composite1 a collection of thumbnails of images

301 composite2

302 composite3

303 composite4

304 composite5

305 composite6

306 composite7

307 composite8

308 composite9

309 composite10

310 composite11

311 Dragon SlayerE pink Elfish DragonSLayer, with a touch of pink

312 Dragon Slayer cleaning Color starting some digital color, but has a long way to go...

313 Shower soap commercial dream a rough sketch of an actual dream. — apparently, I was in college (though as fit as my college days, I was "old me"). In an advertising class with a group project to make a video ad for a bar soap. (are there any bar soaps outside of hotel use?... Irish spring? no matter) I can still see the size , shape color of the soap...???
In a photo studio with my two female group partners. The studio was all industrial, concrete floor, high ceiling.... fade to black beyond the immediate scene. A three sided small-plexi glass shower was set up, with a tripod and lights nearby. I volunteered to be the model/actor....and was immediately showering with the bar soap...when BOTH women also volunteered. One stripped naked, the other got in the shower while dressed ??? She knelt in front of me so as not block the shower spray. I said "someone has to film". so the other woman, got out (reluctantly) and began filming. While I soaped my chest and arms, I felt my cock thickening and rising. My cock began to bump her chin and face. I apologized. She said, "it's only natural"...as she spoke her lips just moved on the head of my cock. I awoke then !!!! argggh! but I continued the scene... I told the our camera woman to keep filming both chest version and sex version... and she eventually joined in...

314 Day Dream color She is poolside on a chaise lounge, and slides her top up and her bottom down (a bit) as she conjures the image of a man. a bit of color added.

315 Braid a fulsome woman is pulled back from her hands and knees, by her very long braid...and an unseen source.

316 Braid Hand color2 some color pencilling.

317 Braid color start the beginning of some digital coloring.

318 Twisted Passion phase 1 some odd things happen when I "just start drawing", without any planning or "blocking". not "twisted" in the "perverted" sense, simply the pose. as a nude couple embraces

319 twisted passion phase 2 a few more minutes of rendering

320 twisted passion phase 3 and...some more..

321 twisted passion phase 4 minor adjustments.

322 twisted passion phase 4 cropped cropped closer.

323 Tribute scene rough start With the internet and cybersex I suppose it is "the next best thing to 'being there' "
Certainly the photo is "proof" of how turned on one was based on the image and the thought(s) associated. So, I imagined a bit of bondage play. She has dressed up in a fishnet body suit, and presented herself to me. I bind her to the bed and, as is typical, I get my camera to record the fun. It is fun, for both of us to review, together and individually. Toying with her with my fingers, and then with my cock head, I take close-ups of her spread, wet pussy. Then tell her, "wait here" heh heh... Since I had prepared for this in advance, I quickly download the pics to my computer and print out a tasty, life-sized image of her waiting pussy. But then, I take the next step and laminate it. I bring in the photo and tell her that I am going to come all over her spread pussy. yes, of course, coming on her physical pussy, when it is right there, would be "the thing to do", but we have done that, and would again. I have her watch and tell her how I like to do this when we are apart.
And that, I have something else in mind... I am going to have her lick my cum off of her own pussy. So, I release her bonds and have her flip onto her stomach across the bed, and put a large pillow under her hips. This way she can watch me stroke my cock near her face and above the image of her own cunt. When I do cum.... all over the laminated photo, the are great pools... I tuck the image on the bed at her face so she can lap me up, off of herself. And I go around to her actual pussy to begin a slow fuck.... a threesome with just the two of us.

324 recliner So, My office space is in one building of an office park. This building is mostly vacant. There are a bunch of interconnect rooms and one large space used for storage. I pretty much have three rooms. One has some old furniture, including a smallish recliner that use to be at home. On occasion, I have actually grabbed a nap there. I've also had fantasies of a woman stopping by and joining me...


326 Toe Torso a life drawing— woman's reclining torso

327 Peter Open Torso a male life drawing

328 Hard-N-Soft Ponders life drawing of woman standing. she was "hard" in her demeanor and soft in her physicality

329 Big Drip I had been scanning through the Fetish and sexuality central forum and found a "cream pie" thread. Definitely an "interest" of mine. One photo showed a large drop ("glob"?...though descriptive, seems to have "icky" connotations...oh well) dripping from a freshly fucked pussy. Which brought to mind a fond encounter that I had many years ago. The woman was (is still) half Japanese, and consequently had some wonderful physical attributes — dark hair, lovely eyes, and her pubic hair was more straight, rather than curly, also her labia had rather dark edges and when spread, a deep hot pink within. Not a necessarily Asian, attribute, she also had large breasts with subtle blue veins... very lovely.

So, after a vigorous fuck, She was doggy style on the edge of the bed, as I stood on the floor. After cumming, I pulled out (rather dark, shiny wet, myself)... a large drop/blob of my cum dripped, slowly, then quickly fell to the edge of the mattress.

We both collapsed on the bed. Afterward I described what I saw. She said "I would have lapped that up"...and she WOULD have.... In fact, if I had still had any wits about me, I'd have had her dip each nipple into the pool of cum and THEN lap it up, as I took photos (which I love to do, when I am able)... fun for reminiscing.

330 Hard N Soft Pretzel same model from a couple posts up, different pose.

331 Open Submission pencil figure drawing.

332 at the door... not a drawing.

333 Hard N soft Submission same model from a couple posts up, different pose.

334 Princess on a pillow Life drawing...just a foot is on the pillow

335 Seated man Life drawing in ink

336 A boy and his toy Yes that is a "toy", an AC vibrating massager.

337 Early Santa A younger Santa watches when you're sleeping.

338 Young Santa A younger Santa watches when you're sleeping.

339 GRrrrRrR A different sort of Catwoman

page 165
340 FanX4 4 times the fan

341 Round Two A I begin drawing as a couple begins "round two" sex.

342 Round Two B a little bit further rendered

343 Round Two C2 more rendering and testing of scanner software.

344 Santa's Helper rough sketch of one of Santa's helpers lending a hand...and mouth.

345 Santa's Helper V2 More rendered, Elf woman blows Santa.

346 Santas Helper V3 a little bit further now, a little bit further now...subtle changes

347 Santa Cums Once Color pencil of...well, Santa cumming

348 Pedestal a woman up on a pedestal... more like a column!

349 Thor 2C lit The God of Thunder, stands erect, about to hurl a bolt of lightning

350 Holy Boobalicious! Robin is stunned by Catwoman's hotness

351 shhhhhhhh

352 glare

353 shades of grey

354 Were-Bear obviously not a regular bear, it is a were-bear, a man who transforms into a bear-like creature.

355 Dragon and Maiden a "traditional" view of the maiden being offered as a sacrifice to a dragon.

356 Knight, Maiden, Dragon The knight takes his reward immediately after dispatching the dragon.

357 Release the Dragon The rarely seen ritual of the maiden releasing the dragon seed into the sacred basin.

358 Snow Queen A quick, unfinished acrylic painting of the snow queen inspecting one of her male servants.

359 three variants of the "watcher" Post # 4202pg 169 cybersex

361 Atremis-Diana The Huntress and her spirit animal, the stag

362 Angel's Perch There was a brief story that went with this one... I think I was loosely inspired by "City of Angels" and reversed the gender roles. The Angel is virtually weightless and "perches" on the man's cock...

363 another "watcher" with a popular LITster being "enjoyed" (virtually)

364 Hair Pin C He fucks her "hairpin" style

365 Wife...from life...1987 There was a time.....

366 Beauty and Minotaur The Minotaur...the original "beast".

367 Jewel 2b An Indiana Jones type character tests the stories of resurrection of the Egyptian queen.

368 Showing Off...rough A man shows off his embarrassed wife in front of the dinner party guests.

369 the *other "jewel drawing... 5min alphabet drawing..."J" is for Jewel.

370 "Japanese" sketch The Wife drawing above, lead to this version which lead to...another...

371 Bubblicious A quicky (and a bit "off") of a woman masturbating in a bubble bath

372 Throbbs A fan reaching out...?

373 actually

374 netted. not a drawing

375 Torn in passion. also not a drawing

376 woman and dragon. Initial sketch for a tattoo design of a woman and dragon.

377 Dragon Happy...more color some color added... What DOES the dragon do with the maiden?

378 Fairy Fountain What the fairies do with human males...(color)

379 Like Bees to a Flower A fairy swarm

380 The Mushroom Field I suppose this is more of a mushroom "patch"...

381 Mushrooms and Centaurette Another visitor to the mushrooms

382 Frenzied very spontaneous style/technique — no preplanning or under sketching, just have at, quickly with a pen.

383 Love Waxes & Wanes 1 Woman blows out a candle

384 Love Waxes & Wanes 2 Woman blows out a cock-candle

385 Love Waxes & Wanes 2c Woman blows out a COCK-candle

386 3someMMF Two men, make a sammich

387 Flying Monkey services the Wicked Witch posted originally on a different thread.

388 Ride start she's riding his cock...rough start

389 ride2 a little more development

390 ride 3 beads some adjustments/additions with suggestions from a viewer

391 Life's a Picnic image above, put into a context, with suggestions from a viewer.

392 Life's a Picnic 2 a bit more rendering

393 [url="http://forum.literotica.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1987689&d=1490111849"]Life's a Picnic 3[/URL]...and perhaps that's it.

394 TENT rough concept Sex in a tent during a blizzard, a suggested topic

395 Winter Tent start the concept (above) developed a bit

396 Winter Tent phase 2 a little more rendering

397 Winter tent phase 3 more rendering and atmosphere

398 Winter Camp same basic concept but different POV

399 The Odyssey The long explanation is on the post

400 back in black not an illustration...throw back photo

401 foggy shower scene...not an illustration

402 2 Octo 1 Pussy framed an earlier image, in a frame...oooooo

403 Milk Bottle this goes with the Odyssey, so if you wanna know, you'll have to read the posts

404 Milk Drop also with the Odyssey...obviously

405 Curly, Ready There is a short story recounting the origins of this life drawing on the post.

406 Curly Relaxed another of the 6 drawings made during this session

407 Librarian seated The same woman, drawn from memory, of a different encounter.

408 Curly The first two drawings, from the previous series

409 strand From memory of the life drawing session. You'll have to read the account on the post.

410 Just Fucking Around

411 Just Fucking Around V2 with more detail/rendering

412 Just Fucking Around, cropped closer zoomed in, a bit

413 Standing Lift Fuck He stands and lifts her and they fuck

414 Standing Lift Fuck wall more rendering and a wall for plausibilty

415 Standing Lift Fuck WallV2 more fiddling

416 end of ride A fairy rests on a large curvy cock

417 basting woman masturbates with a baster full of cum

418 breakfast in bed...in a frame been posted before...just shown in a frame.

419 intense ride she rides him cowgirl style

420 making connections ink close up of cock and cunt

421 That Sucks pencil close up as she is about to take a cock into her mouth

422 Cockman & Raven The dynamic Duo climb the wall . in the traditional manner.

423 Cockmobile The cockmobile drives into the dripping wet cock cave

424 Cockman & Raven wakeup Call Cockman & Raven are interrupted by a call on the cockphone, from commissioner Ardon.

425 New Old Window V4 print empty window, ready for some exhibitionism and voyeurism

426 Pastry closeup as he eats her

427 Getting Behind just a start...he pulls her hair as he takes her from behind. PENCIL

428 Getting Behind V2 more rendering with pencil

429 Getting Behind V3 and more, with pencil

430 Getting Behind V3b tweaking...digital brushes

431 Getting Behind V3c more digital drawing etc.. now on grey and digital drawing with both back and white.

432 Getting Behind V3d and.... you might not even notice

433 Selfy self torso using some old polaroids as reference,



—CAUGHT UP to June 23, 2017

From a different thread:

28 FFaD-reboot

29 One-Hand-Clapping

30 sweat

31 GreenAlien-TF

32 FFaD-2

33 GreenSpaceman-TF

illustrations from a story I wrote:

It seems like I am rather prolific when look at my illustrations in index form!
Though, they are over a bunch of years.

A Test-hole-sm related to some images waaaay up there.

B glassware also.

some AV variations:
C Badmask_av-series

D readingerotica-avec-un-beret

There may be some that get posted at the end, with some lag time before they make it to the index.

Let me know, what is of interest to you. Leave a comment, maybe...
...has anyone used this index?


Perhaps I will still publish that book, just "for the record". If not, there will be folders of drawings to surprise someone, someday.

This turned in to quite the time suck, as the "return on investment" is miniscule

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(looking UP there)

moved the index to the first post.

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moved the index up a post.^

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I can talk amongst my selves here....

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breakfast in bed

only if one pays attention...#7

(215) breakfast in bed

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New nom de 'pencil' ?

nice to see art going up again.....


My stories.
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Originally Posted by pattydraws View Post
nice to see art going up again.....

Thank you.
Same ol' crap tho'

Name I picked for the vanity press compilation that I am working on.
Planning on printing just a couple so that I have all the erotic stuff and related writings together.

later (see #8)

(159) Satyr & nymph

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It is so difficult to assess one's own ability and works in an arena of patronizing review.
There is, of course, "popular opinion".

That is to say, with enough positive feedback (even uninformed feedback) there is some measure of "success"...?

I know that I do not LIKE to hear bad things about my work, but for the sake of growth, it is MUCH better to listen to that than platitudes trivial praise.

I know that 99% of what I have posted here is not Art (nor is it intend as such), but I question if there is any measure of "quality"...in composition, imagination, anatomy, technique..... draughtsmanship...

too many eggshells.....interspersed with razor blades.

Keep getting cut by the blades.

Someone asked if I had any drawings of guys eating women.....I do.)

Jewel. appropriate to current situation— Tales from the Crypt

(157) jewel
(135) decaying dreamworld

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Feels like. at least, as best as I can recall


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Someone asked about centaurs


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Paul & Babe

more mythologicality

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Re-post on a theme, for Amelies

Fox Hunt

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KaNiggits have always been a fascination for me.

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from life...

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Originally Posted by THROBBS View Post
I have always particularly liked this series.
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from life......

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Originally Posted by kinkikittyn View Post
I have always particularly liked this series.
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Originally Posted by THROBBS View Post
from life......
This I'd love to have on my desk.
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Originally Posted by Salvor-Hardon View Post
This I'd love to have on my desk.
You must have a big desk!

...oh. you mean the drawing! heh heh

Thanks. I would too. Sadly, nearly all my drawings are out of sight, even the more subtly provocative ones such as that.
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Originally Posted by THROBBS View Post
You must have a big desk!

...oh. you mean the drawing! heh heh

Thanks. I would too. Sadly, nearly all my drawings are out of sight, even the more subtly provocative ones such as that.
I do have a big desk, and she would fit nicely on it

But yeah I meant the picture.
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Originally Posted by THROBBS View Post
show more
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Originally Posted by kinkikittyn View Post
show more

Not everything I draw is blatant, crude or cartoony...
A bit more subtle and sensuous...from life:

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Originally Posted by Salvor-Hardon View Post
I do have a big desk, and she would fit nicely on it

But yeah I meant the picture.
But...CAN you have such a thing on your desk? It is not "appropriate" in all environments.
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On the other hand...
Blatant, crude, explicit images are the whole point of posting here.

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