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Someone's already said. For some guys you REALLY need to spell it out. Being honest about what you want before you go could save you a lit of hassle
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Or, you could just throw him down and fuck him. We're simple creatures.
"We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don't have books, don't fuck them." John Waters
"When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.Ē Mark Twain
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Originally Posted by Gentlewoman View Post
How do I get this guy into bed?

I have been fantasizing about sex with my coworker for the longest time, but nothing has ever happened between us. Now he has left the company and lives in a different city, but we have kept in touch and I am going to visit him for 2 weeks. I am actually staying in his apartment and we are planning on taking a trip together.

I want him so badly, but I honestly donít know how to tell him or make him notice me as a love interest. What can I do to seduce him while Iím there?
Youíre going to visit him in another city for two weeks, stay at his apartment, and then take a trip together? I have a feeling you wonít have to worry about him noticing you or trying to seduce him. Heís probably trying to formulate the best way to get to fuck you right now. Check back and let us know who made the first move.
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Originally Posted by Gentlewoman View Post
Do you think I should drop a subtle hint now and then in my email to him? If so, what would be appropriate and not too much?
The best way to end up confused and disappointed after two weeks is to pussyfoot around the subject, in my opinion. Having an unwanted advance blow up in your face and then having to deal with the fallout for two weeks isn't much better. The "I don't want to be just friends" talk can go sideways no matter when you do it, but it's much much harder when you put both of you in an awkward place because the answer is "Sorry, I don't feel the same way."

It seems to me that the best approach is to give him a good old fashioned phone call. Tell him that you're looking forward to the trip, ask if there's anything you can bring along as a house gift, and then get it out in the open before you go. Tell him that you have fond memories of working together, and now that you don't you are hoping that romance might be a possibility. See what he says. If he says, "I'd like that" then you know where you stand.

Good luck!
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This is why it is always fatal to be professional. It boggles the mind that you did not flirt with him before, but I do believe you. How, though, will he ever believe that you feel something now when you gave no hints before?

I always flirt mildly with every colleague, man or woman, young or old, expressly so that they will never be surprised when we have that 'I have feelings for you' schtick at the end of term drinks. That philosophy makes that old maxim about never working with children or animals even more important, of course.

More seriously, I agree with those saying you cannot be overly subtle. I stand with Arwen on this one:

'If you want him - come and claim him'.
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Originally Posted by Gentlewoman View Post
Do you think I should drop a subtle hint now and then in my email to him? If so, what would be appropriate and not too much?
If you're e-mailing (sometimes it's the easiest way to communicate hard information like a flight schedule)...

Would you have have the courage to tell him
  • You've got something to model for him?
  • We should play "truth or dare" or "spin the bottle" or "never ever have I ever"?
  • You're bringing massage oil?
Should be a bunch of other "hooks" you can put out for him to hang his lust on!

After you arrive, follow up.
  • Do you want to see what I brought to model?
  • What game can we play?
  • May I get my massage oil?

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A long, warm, don't-want-to-end hug at the beginning will work wonders.
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Just get naked. Guys understand that.

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