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Wink The One Section Of The Library

While we were going over some notes in the library, I suddenly noticed that my study partner Shirley was giving me the eye which made me clear my throat and ask her to help me find this book we need.

But when we got to the one section of the library where nobody would see us, Shirley and I gave each other a kiss on the lips before we got naked and she started sucking on my dick while I was doing the same to her pussy.

And while we were fucking each other silly, this one librarian came over with some books, saw what Shirley and I were doing on the floor and asked, "Are you two crazy?! Just what are you doing down there?!"

"Just a study in human sexuality.", I answered before Shirley and I went back to fucking each other's brains out in front of her.
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Wink My Favorite TV Show

Just to let all of you know
That I really enjoy The Jerry Springer Show
Because he sometimes has a guest
Or two who are naked unlike the rest
And able to make my dick grow.

On this one episode, he had on
These two girls giving me a real hard-on
By letting them get into a naked rumble
And having them bounce and tumble
All over each other without pulling a single con.

On another episode, he had on it
A couple whose marriage took a direct hit
Because it happens to be about this man
Whose wife caught him fucking another woman
And he just does not give a shit.

You know, I really do want to be on his show
And give those naked babes a chance to blow
On my stiff cock before I have the good luck
Of giving those hot babes one fantastic fuck
In front of everybody and hear their applause grow.
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Wink Are You Really A Woman?

She was waiting for me in the locker room.

"Are you really a woman?", I asked before she slipped off her jeans and shirt.

And after she fingered herself, I grabbed her by the arms, turned her around and fucked her in the ass.

After that, we went home.
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Wink I Got Her Out Of The Rain

I got her out of the rain and into my place.

After we got out of our wet clothes, we stared at each other until the fucking got started.

Then, we fell asleep.

But when I woke up the next day, I noticed that she was nowhere in the apartment.
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Walking into the sunset
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I had decided that I should walk the length of the great wall, to see how great it was. I stopped to admire the view and take a few pictures. It was great this time of night no one was around, or so I thought.

"Excuse me, do you speak English?" a soft voice said behind me.

I was shocked that there was someone else around me. I turned around and was even more shocked. There was this beautiful redhead in a tight black tank top, and tight pants.

"Yes I do" I sheepishly replied.

She smiled at me and looked me over and said, "I didn't think anyone else would be out here at this time and not anyone I could talk to." She shivered slightly. "I was wondering if you had anything that could warm me up."

A thousand stupid pickup lines went through my head, I rejected them all. "Here, this should help." I said as I offered her my flask. She didn't ask what was in it, just took a big swig. She licked her lips when she was done.

"Damn, good whiskey," she commented. "Now I have something else in mind."

Without warning she dropped down to her knees and undid my belt and fly and started sucking my cock. It felt wonderful having a warm wet mouth on my cock in the sightly cool air. She went all the way down making my cock grow in her mouth and she hungrily took it all.

As she was sucking my cock she undid her pants. She stopped sucking on my cock when it was fully erect. She laid the clothes around and had me lay down on them. When she climbed on top of me and slid my cock into her wet waiting pussy I was in heaven. She was so tight and wet. She slid herself up and down on my cock moaning louder and louder, and gripping my cock tighter and tighter. She quickly came squirting her juices all over me and as she did she screamed with delight and fucked me harder.

How could someone withstand such pleasure, I shot my load deep into her waiting pussy, joining her in screams of delight. At sometime I passed out with pleasure, and when I awoke she was gone. All that was left was the picture I was taking on the camera and the smell of sex in the air.
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Wink This One Valet Job For The Summer


At first, I thought that taking this one valet job for the Summer was a big mistake.

But that was before this one Sunday night when a car pulled up and this beautiful brunette looked and smiled at me.

Of course, I opened the drivers side door to help her get out of the car.

But when I took her hand, she pulled me into the car and told me to drive her to the other side of the parking lot.

And after I had done that, she closed the roof of the car, got into the back seat and took her clothes off.

Then, after she fingered herself in front of me, I also got naked just in time to let her suck my dick.

And after I gave her ass such a hard fucking, I turned that bitch with the short dark hair over and done the same hard fucking number on her pussy while sucking on her tits.

And then, after we finally allowed a full tidal wave of cum to burst out of us, she looked at her watch and said, "You better get back to work. Same time next week for Round Two, Mister Stud?"
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Originally Posted by candlesfyre View Post
I hope to read a lot of creative stories and see boring pictures in the near future Please dont disappoint me!!

off to take pictures now
Trying not to disappoint https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/cons...t-11164592.jpg

Jack walked into the kitchen flicked off his tool belt and dumped it on the table. His day had been rough, he just wanted to sit and relax with a beer and a bit of peace. She looked at him in disgust and with an angry shrill tone told him to get his filthy tool belt off the clean kitchen table and put it away where it belonged. Then take a shower before he could eat.

Now his bad day was just getting worse, why the fuck did he have to put up with this bullshit from his bitch in his own home! He moved fast grabbing her long red hair "If you don't like my dirty hands at the kitchen table how would you like them shoved up into your cunt?" He dragged down her tight jeans as far as the knees by now she was struggling and screaming to kill. He bent her over double which made screaming hard. For just a moment he looked at her cunt, tight little slit, lips modest and closed. Smelling a waft of perfume so clean and sweet. After he used her to clean off his hands he draged his tool belt onto the chair, those tools he used with such a fine hand. His experienced eye looked over the equipment, he still hadn't finished with her cunt just yet she had demanded he put his tools where they belonged.
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Do These Look Good On Me?


Cindy had slipped on a pair of pink high heels and walked into the one room where her husband Adam was shooting some pics of her best friend Lisa for some fashion magazine.

"Do these look good on me?", asked Cindy before Lisa looked and smiled at Adam and she ran her hand up Cindy's thigh and pulled her panties out of the way in order to start licking on her pussy.

And just as she was about to ask Lisa, "Are you out of your mind"?, an already naked Adam got behind Cindy and pulled down her panties in order to start probing her asshole with both hands on Lisa's head.

And even though she was reluctant at first, Cindy had found herself enjoying the pleasure of being part of a threesome and wished for that pleasure to never end no matter who was willing to say different.

That was before both Cindy and Lisa were rubbing their pussies harder and faster until they had finally joined Adam in collapsing under the wave of orgasm before Cindy took a deep breath and said, "That was great. But you still didn't answer my question.", which made Lisa chuckle and say, "Trust me, Cindy. Those shoes really do look so fabulous on you."

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Which One Is The Clone?

I had just arrived at Colleen's house to take her to the prom but as soon as I was about to ring the doorbell, the front door opened and I saw Colleen standing in front of me in this hot red dress and saying, "Talk about being on time. Come on in. I have something to show you."

And after I followed her into her bedroom, my eyes had grown wide at the sight of a girl who looked exactly like Colleen but with a black dress on and before she said, "Okay, Adam. Now I know that this whole thing looks way too much like something from out of the Twilight Zone but there really are two women named Colleen Serling in front of you."

"She's telling the truth, Adam. The only problem is that we don't know which one is the real Colleen and which is the clone.", said the Colleen in the red dress before the one in the black dress moved herself closer to me and slipped that dress off before she had slowly licked her lips and said, "But there is one way of finding out for sure."

And as soon as the Colleen in black had helped me take my clothes off and shoved my naked ass on the bed, she got down on her knees and began sucking on my dick while I watched the Colleen in red sit on a chair with her legs open wide and her fingers going in and out of her uncovered pussy.

But just after the Colleen in black got on my lap and started to ride that hard rod of mine, the one in red got naked and allowed me to suck her cunt only to have the Colleen in black shake her head and say in a soft voice, "I'm sorry, Adam. I really am sorry to do this to you."

And just as I was about to get the Colleen in red off my face in order to ask the one in black about what she had just said, I suddenly felt this huge electrical jolt getting zapped into my head and caused me to go out cold.

Now, let me tell you right now that I had no way of knowing how long I had been zonked out at the time but when I had finally opened my eyes and saw the Colleen in black looking at me with tears leaking out of her eyes and her hands on the chest of what looked like my body and saying, "I'm sorry, Adam. I really am so very sorry.", I made myself turn slowly towards a mirror and saw the reflection of her clone staring right at me with shocked eyes and a pair of small electrodes on each side of her forehead.

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"You're lost, Derek, aren't you?" Sheila's voice had the sarcastic tone that grated whenever she uses it.

"Of course I am. Does these look like a rural cottage? I was following the directions they sent me with the booking. They said 'Turn first right after the petrol station". This is first right."

"Why not ask someone?"

"Can you see anyone? There's not even a parked car. It looks like a mock-up built for a movie set. I'll reverse out and try the next right. Or - if we see anyone in this sleepy backwater, I'll ask them."

We were both tired and irritable. We had driven too far, been stuck in too many traffic hold-ups, were out of water, needed a rest room, and should collect the keys to our holiday cottage in the next quarter of an hour.

The next right was what we needed. At the end of a lane was the cottage, looking even better than it had in the brochure. Standing in the front garden was Mrs Thomas, the owner. The front door was open.

As we got out of the car she said:

"You've come a long way. There's a toilet downstairs and another one in the bathroom at the top of the stairs. I'll be in the kitchen with a pot of tea. Off you go!"

We did. A couple of minutes later, relieved and feeling slightly better we were sitting by the scrubbed wooden table clutching mugs of tea. In front of us were piles of fresh scones, pots of jam, butter and clotted cream.

Mrs Thomas gave us a very short talk about the cottage's facilities and showed us the handbook with all the information we would need.

"Your evening meal is in the fridge. All you need to do is microwave it for four minutes. Your breakfasts are there too with labels. Tomorrow, about ten, I'll come back with the evening meals. You can ask me anything then. If you need anything else? I'm across the road. Meanwhile? Enjoy your scones, unpack and settle in."

North Thoresby seemed much better than that dead end of empty houses.

By the next morning, well fed last night, well fucked in a comfortable bed, and relaxed? We had a whole week of Mrs Thomas' wonderful cooking to eat and a whole week of exploring our bodies every night.

We had chosen the right place for a quiet honeymoon.

My Valentine's Day Entry:


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Jeanne D'Artois' few

It's like [oggbashan] is writing for the third puffin over there by the sixth rock, when everyone else is an emperor penguin in the Antarctic, where there's tens of thousands of the bastards.

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A Bikini Babe Dream

At first, I thought that I had the whole beach to myself but that was before this babe in a blue bikini had parked her beach towel next to mine.

Anyway, after I closed my eyes and fell asleep, I suddenly felt something on my rod which made me open my eyes and see that bikini babe sucking my dick.

And after she got naked and sat herself down on my lap, I felt my cock getting harder each time it has gone into her wet pussy especially when I allowed myself to sit up and suck on those huge breasts of hers.

But just as I was about to cum inside her, we both had suddenly heard some jerk honk his horn and say, "Come on, Babe! Let's go! The whole gang's waiting for us at Mister Hero!"

And when I opened my eyes and saw that my trunks were still on and the bikini babe got into the car and left with that piss ant prick, I shrugged my shoulders and said to myself, "Oh, well. Can't win them all.", before I had gone back to taking my nap right on that very beach.

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