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Author-Organized Challenge List 2019 [updated 3/15]

This is a list of challenges organized by authors in 2019. If there is a challenge in progress that is not on this list, or if the information is incorrect, please message us with the correction.

Some challenges are open to all writers. These challenges are marked [ OPEN ] .

Some challenges are not open to all writers. These challenges are marked [ INVITATIONAL ].

The challenge organizer decides whether a challenge is Open or Invitational based on the goals of the challenge and the subject matter. For some challenges, an open call makes sense. For others (for example, challenges where one author continues the work of another, or where each writer contributes a chapter so all stories can be read as one work), an Invitational challenge is a better fit. Please respect the wishes of the organizer regarding the parameters of the challenge.

If you have an idea for a challenge you are interested in organizing, feel free to let us know.

Before planning a challenge, please check the dates of the current challenges and try to be respectful of other challenges in progress. Scheduling a challenge at the same time as other story challenges may result in fewer entries to your challenge (as writers only have so much time), or may drain focus from other challenges. You may also want to check the 2019 Special Contest Schedule.

Thank you to all who organize and participate, and to the readers who make this all possible!

* * * * *

The 750 Word Project [ OPEN ]
organizer: jezzaz
challenge date: February 4th

Beyond the Wall of Sleep [ INVITATIONAL ]
organizer: blackrandl1958
challenge date: March 17th

One Night in XXX [ OPEN ]
organizer: ChloeTzang
submit your story by: April 21st
challenge date: April 23rd.

organizer: HeyAll
submit your story by: April 9th
challenge date: April 12th

2019 Geek Pride [ OPEN ]
organizer: ChloeTzang
submit your story by: May 22nd
challenge date: May 25th

Welcome To The New World [ INVITATIONAL ]
organizer: qhml1
challenge date: August 19th

* * * * *

* * * * *

* * * * *
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