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Kitty Mama
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The 13th Annual Literotica Award Nominations: Most Original Sex Scene

In this category, please nominate the sex scene in a Literotica story that you found to be most creatively done. Please include:

- a one sentence to four paragraph snippet of the creative sex scene (please do not quote more than four paragraphs, as that will disqualify your nomination!!)
- the title of the story
- the author of the story
(a link to the story satisfies the bottom two requirements)

Story must be currently on Literotica, and must have been submitted during the year 2011. One nomination per member, please. If multiple nominations are made by a member, only the first listed will count.
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Luna vs The Blue, double futa demoness that tastes like green apple candy in
By Desoul

"..."Black Magic! Fuck yeah!" Luna pushed open the door, finding herself in a room lined with faintly glowing crystal orbs of widely varying shapes and colors, the pale light from each mingling together, painting the room in a light, pinkish glow.

There was a large circular alter in the center of the room that rose 3 feet off the floor, numerous pillows and thick fur blankets covered it's surface, a constant line of runes etched into all around its outside length.

Luna leaned forward, peering and squinting at the runes. "Childs play! The spell is already loaded!" She tilted her head for a moment. "Lets see how do I....Uhh..." She clapped her hands together and then touched the runes. Nothing happened.

"Come on! I wanna fuck a hot, blue skinned demoness that has a pussy that tastes like green apple candy!" Luna blinked, moving her hands around on the runes, her fingers finally finding the focusing points, triggering the summoning..."

Usually you only see something like this in a really hot porn manga, but the author pulled it off smashingly I think! Very refreshing to see in a verbose format.

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Luna takes on the blue double futa demoness that tastes like green apple candy;
http://www.literotica.com/s/a-modern-desoul-tale-ch-12 By Desoul

"I summoned you to be my bitch!" Luna said, swaying as she pointed down at her down mystically altered sex organs.

The demoness giggled and leaned forward, her fingers flicking at the tip of Luna's cock, causing the girl to tense and shudder as the enchantment was broken, her clit reforming into its natural state, the cock vanishing. "How cute. This is the ritual chamber. All new priestess are offered to me as my play thing for an evening, and in exchange, once they have survived the ordeal they are anointed with my juice and empowered by it. Lets begin."

I think shifting the dominance in such a situation is very kinky, especially where the reward for completing the ritual is rivaling sexual dominance~! Sometimes people offer a combination of cute and angry foreplay after being denied what they desired, except what they really wanted was to be together; and this situation is not optional on either side~!

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Just One More Time Ch.1


Funny and stressful at the same time. The story is the sex scene. The ending is a killer. Good read.

The rest are funny too, but this is the best one.

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hearts of warriors by Jaz Cullen


The build up is just as great as the actual deed. I couldn't decide so I put the link. She is an awesome writer.

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Doctor Wolf Slave to the Servants


My answer was cut short as he pinched my clit. The garbled sound that came out did not please him. Damien made me answer again as he continued to play with my engorged clit.

"No, Damien, I will not bite you," I promised and his fingers slid down.

Two fingers nimbly fucked me as I panted on the bed. I was so wet down there his fingers made a steady slurping sound as they exited each time. My face and chest were flush with embarrassment and lust.

"Put me on my knees, Damien," I offered, "let me suck you until you cum in my throat. I promise you won't feel my teeth."


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Thank you

Thank you for the nominations again, it is greatly appreciated

I have, however, contacted Laurel and advised her that I do not wish to participate in the Annual Readers Awards this year and have withdrawn myself from the nominated categories.

Best of luck to all who are nominated!

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MugsyB's The Ice, The Game, The Touch story:


Absolutely fantastic!

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The Aflicted Ch20 By ShyChiWriter (one of dozens of unique sex scenes in the story. Another the girls teleport cock to cock and slide down and teleport again.


"Martin, what are you doing?" she cried breathlessly.

"I don't know," he replied, though he undoubtedly felt the change as well.

Splash came another blast of cum, push came another surge of his cock.

"Oh my god!" she cried.

She had to see what was happening. She lifted herself up to the point where Martin should fall out of her but the tip of the cock she had recently known, the cock she had pulled down her throat and welcomed inside of her it was nowhere in sight.

"Did you do that on purpose?" she whispered.

"I did nothing," he said. "I'm just as surprised as you are."

His words came out in gasps. He was still cumming after all.

She lowered herself down again and felt the pressure again, but not uncomfortably.

Splash shot his hot cum. Push came his cock and a torrent of cum actually dripped out of her, having nowhere else to go in competition for the space within her.

She was fiercely curious about what was happening. Lifting up her feet, she placed them on the mattress beside his hips so she could squat and raise herself higher. Higher and higher she lifted off of him, but the amount of cock just kept on coming. At last the tip was at her opening, and the size of the monster that had emerged from her pussy was impossible to comprehend.

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Kitty Mama
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The 13th Annual Literotica Award Special Category Nominations are now closed! The main voting will begin on August 15th. Please check back then - here and on the site front page. Good luck to all!

"A great future doesn't require a great past." - William Chapman

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Kitty Mama
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The final voting for the The 13th Annual Literotica Reader's Choice Awards will begin on October 20th, 2012. Thank you for your patience, and good luck to all!
"A great future doesn't require a great past." - William Chapman
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