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Question Seeking RolePlayers, Writers & Inspiration 2017

Yep! Another year has come and it is time for a new thread.

Please respect the rules or your post(s) will be removed.


*1 post Per person per Thread at most. (as these threads get huge, please keep it simple as possible)

* Please use this thread to let writers and readers of SRP know where they might be needed.

* Please come back once your thread has it's RPers and edit your post to state that it is full when its reached the desired number of writers.

* Please do not post Chat in this thread, comments, arguments, etc.

* No Spamming

* No Personals

* No Replies here - IM the post starter to speak with them on their need(s)

Thank you and Enjoy

Sweet P
SRP Forum Mod ONLY (sorry folks I can not mod another forum)

SRP Profile

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Baby did a bad, bad thing
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she looks like such a good girl....but did you notice her wicked smile?

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"Summer 1978?" Not Exactly...

This is now taken. Thanks!

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Tricia's Parole Hearing

After spending 18 months in prison, Tricia Wells is finally about to have her first parole hearing. Of course, the parole board has already determined that she's going to remain inside, but that doesn't mean they can't string her along for a while and see what she can do for them.

Anticipating multiple partners/gangbang, some light bondage with the handcuffs, some humiliation/degradation.

Possible characters could include the Warden, a county official, her arresting officer, the prison doctor, another inmate giving testimony, or even a family member.

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Repost for the new year thread...

I'm trying to get back into the groove of writing after a pretty big dry spell. I'm low on fresh new ideas but always love to talk about specific ideas and stories. There's several character profiles in my imagination dump, along with a few older ideas (links for that and SRP are below). Check that out and my SRP and if anything looks interesting send me a PM so we can discuss things further.
Nerdy, Dirty, Inked, and Curvy.



NDIaC's Brain Dump - Check here for current story ideas & character concepts.
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"If you want to join our sorority, then you have to do whatever we say," Grace said, a cruel smile on her face. "Do you accept?"

She hated me. I won the hottest body contest at the first big party of the year, and she had it in for me ever since. I knew she would make my life miserable for the rest of the year, but I had to get into this sorority. My mom had been in it, my sisters, even grandma, back when it was first starting out. That was why Grace couldn't just deny me. She would just try to make me quit.

"I accept," I said.

"Fine," she glowered. Then she moved down the line, asking all the other girls the same question. I shivered with fear of what might come.

The next day it came. A pair of booty shorts and a cropped tshirt a size too small with the words "Text 45643," written in block letters across the front of the shirt and the back of the shorts. There was a pair of stripper heels and a bullet vibrator. The note said I had to wear it all, and I couldn't wear anything else.

I put the egg in me, and pulled the shorts on. Half my ass was hanging out, and they rode so low on my hips, they barely covered my mound. The t shirt strained across my DD breasts and barely covered them. When I put the heels on, I looked like a stripper, and when I text the number on the shirt, the egg came on, vibrating against my g spot for a second. I let out a gasp, shocked at how good it felt. My knees were trembling, my nipples hard, and my pussy was wet, just from that one click. I shivered, thinking about what the rest of the day would be like.

Then my phone beeped. I looked at it and saw I had a text. From Grace. Sent an Uber. Should be at the dorm. Get in. No questions. I shivered. I walked out of my dorm room, blushing as one of the guys on my hall froze, staring at me. I hurried away, but just as I reached the stairwell, I felt the egg come one again. I managed not to make a sound, but I couldn't move until it stopped.

((I don't know exactly where the uber will take her, or who will be waiting for her when she gets there, but I expect he (or they) will take full advantage of her predicament.))
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Looking for new partners

Looking to start a new thread something this day between a man and a woman message me with any ideas you might have.
Always looking to participate in sexual or original roleplays that peak my interests.

*If you're wishing to know what I'm into - take a seat and stop on by my SRP Profile & Idea Corner*

~I Own IntriguedLover~
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Idea for a game
I have an idea for a possible rp and I need either someone who can play multiple roles or multiple players for it.

The basic premise is that there is a group of friends (3 girls, 3 guys) that were really tight in high school. They started going on a yearly camping trip in the summer as soon as they got out of high school. Well they are in college/working now and its once again time for the trip. They come together and the fun starts. They have been sexually active for some time but that's not all they do.

PM me if this sounds like something you would be interested in doing and if you want to see some samples of my work please check out my sig. Any questions can also be PMed to me. I am looking for people who are semi-literate and also can post at least once a day but more often is better.
When you pretend to be someone you're not you're only hurting yourself and those you're trying to impress.

RP Proflie: http://forum.literotica.com/showpost...&postcount=973
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Filled. You've been kind, Lits.

Happy writing. Hump on. Keep the juices flowing

Another attempt to be active;
...Don't hold your breath, deary...

My SRP Profile

---A quick note about me---
I don't always reply to PM,
but when I do---
I only respond to the
upperly-superly-duperly cool ones.

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Looking to work on a variety of RPs involving non-consent. Feel free to hit me up, and we can brainstorm a bit.

Just because everything's changing, doesn't mean it's never been this way before.
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Looking for a female partner for some kind of incest RP. We can discuss details over PMs. If you have a couple of ideas, I'd love to see them!

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Breeding Roleoplay

In real life, I'm a man who is at a crossroads. I'm looking down the barrel of a vasectomy, and feel like living vicariously through a few erotic roleplays on here with women who are interested in impregnation and breeding. The story can be one of many, but a few scenarios are:

1. I'm a married man with a new wife who has children from a previous marriage. She is pushing me to get snipped so she doesn't have to worry, but I'm conflicted. Instead of going to the consultation I am caught while out by her assistant who knows where I am supposed to be.
- This could be blackmail, or consensual.

2. I go to the doctor for a consultation and meet the doctor. She performs all of the tests and realizes how potent I am, and wonders if I might be able to help her with her conception problems. Going well outside the boundaries of the Hippocratic oath she confronts her conflicted patient.

Any of these and many other ideas generated together could/should include the conflict of enjoying my natural instinct to breed, or be safe and avoid being a father once again.

Message me to chat some more. No pressure on frequency of writing. I just prefer good grammar, a bit of thought, and more than just one line responses.
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Life Spiraling out of Control

I'll get straight to it. I'm the popular girl whom everybody wants to be. I'm a beautiful dark brunette with hair flowing just past my shoulders. blue eyes. I've got small 34b breasts, yet a gorgeous tight ass that attracts all kinds of attention...especially when I'm wearing my skin tight jeans or yoga pants. Recently, I just graduated from high school and actually just moved into a new town to start my freshman year at a prestigious university. I plan on accomplishing many things. First, I'm going to make many new friends because like, what's not to like about me? I'll become a successful lawyer someday and make lots of money. And lastly, I'll marry somebody who promises to take care of me and spoil me often.

I'm looking for a man or woman whom might be looking to change the scenario mentioned above. Perhaps my character gets a little drunk at one of her first parties and does some things she should not have. She might be horrified to discover, for instance, that she performed oral sex on somebody since she got a text from a random number that has a set of pictures. Of course, she will be very compliant to work with some demands in order to save her ass from being labeled as a freshman slut. Perhaps she gradually loses more and more control until she essentially becomes completely helpless, which in turn, causes her to become even more than a freshman slut. Pm if you would be interested in playing.

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We're a guy and a girl that want to do a threeway roleplay with another girl that turns on to a two-girl threesome.

We haven't made any particular setting, but will make that up as we get started. She is a sub, and wouldn't mind some spanking and bondage, we're both very naughty. We want someone who can committ to fairly frequent posting, usually daily, without being stressed about it.

Do you feel the calling? PM!

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Thread idea: Latina MILF gets dominated

I'd play as Angela Rodriguez a young thirty-six year old mother, who works a dead-end up to help support her family. My husband and I have a son who is in his senior year of high school and is a quarterback for his football team. He has a few friends at his school and a few nemesis. Among them, there's Derek - a fellow football player who is the star quarterback and is barely on speaking terms with my son. We work together at the cafe, where we flirt and talk. I think it's innocent enough, although he's insanely lustful towards me.

Derek pushes me to go into modeling, which I often think about given how I hate working there. My husband helps me with my endeavors, going as far as to take a scandalous picture (see here) for a local football team. One thing leads to another, and I'm offered both a modeling gig that'll start in a few months, and the opportunity to tour with Derek's football team as a cheerleader (thanks to the kind of 'pull' he has, being the star football player and all). The thing is that there seems to be a mix-up at the hotels - for whatever reason, they think that I'm Derek's wife.

We share the hotel rooms, where Derek gets a little more perverted and sleazy each time. Eventually having me there to fuck nonstop, every night until we get home...and then some.

If this seems like something that interests you, please send me a PM and I'll reply whenever I get the chance.

Thank you

EDIT: Thread is taken!
"Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."

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I will need 1 male roleplayer that won't be weirded out by the fact another guy will be playing the woman in this.

I will play an older woman (mid to late thirties) who seduces and brings a young man freshly graduated from highschool into a devious game of more and more adventurous and risky sex.

My cowriter will play the young man. Possibly a virgin.

Here's a concept of the first post I posted in my idea box thread to give you an idea of how I want it to start.

Here's some more concept scenes I also posted in my idea box to give you an idea of just what I mean by "Devious games".

and here's a concept scene for a scene near the finale I posted in two parts to give you an idea of the emotional journey I'd like these characters to take in this.

If interested please PM me so we can discuss characterization and further plot details.

Role filled. Thanks.

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Looking for male cowriters for a few thread ideas. Length of post not a major issue. Frequency of posting would love at least once a day at best.

1. Hearts of gold and stone

2. Primal Balance

3. Writer's Ménage

My little Hideaways

Asa's Sunset Cove
Asa's Paradise beyond the Cove
Club Lost and Found
Open to All
{A place for much loved "homeless" characters to meet and play}

Words and Images
Stories from the Cove ~Asa's private desk in the Cove~
~Temple of the Goddess~ FemDom pics and more...
Temple of the Goddess Sacred Den

I'm a Woman I like Men if that's not Lady Like well I guess I am not a lady... at Least I am honest about it
~Quote from Movie Tombstone~
Gone but never forgotten... ever

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I'm looking for a male co-writer for a rp whose plot has me (real female) being asked by a friend/neighbour/ to pose for him so he can get back into photography.

I prefer to take it slowly, and would like decent size posts.

Please PM with suggestions.
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The Wedding Guest
Looking for a lady to play a bridesmaid just about to discover her submissive side with an older man. His general plan is to take her up to his room and use her. My hope is to have it blossom into something long term, with complications of distance and age difference, etc. While there will be some kink that first night, it will be casual, fun, hook-up kink. As things develop, stronger DS elements will come into play. Please PM before posting.

Dance Lessons
Looking for a wife (not mine) to be seduced by a rakish dance instructor in a redneck bar somewhere in the swampy south
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Contact me if you have a degradation and watersports fetish (check my profile out in my sig). If you like rough sex, hair pulling and slapping and verbal abuse then I have a few plots for you. Very open minded male here looking to play with a female (preferably).

Check my ideas and plots out too in my sig
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Cheating Wife

I am looking for a female player to play the character of a young wife. She is married to a small garment factory owner almost twice her age. He is a good husband, respectable and hard working man. He loves his wife and always gave her the best of everything including his undivided attention and love.

She never dream of cheating on him, until her husband brought in a new client. A young fashion designer who is weird in his dressing, long hair and full of mischievous ideas.

There is no decision of how to end the story and lets decide as we play along.

Any taker? Drop me a mail.
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Have an idea I'm looking for a male writer for, for a private medieval/fantasy scene I've been thinking about
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Looking for male character to roleplay with a female character of mine.

I only write in past tense and in third person; these are also preferences of mine for potential writing partners. I like flowery descriptions that are qualitative not quantitative, but I hate one-liners.

[ This happens often so I'll explain this now: Please don't write for my character's actions or thoughts - else you're not allowing me to roleplay. Write actions of your own and allow me to respond. Thanks! ]

Possible plot scenarios in mind:

Kidnapper/Kidnapped - It was meant to be an innocent vacation away with her friends. Her father had even organised the best security team to keep her safe. When she finds herself bundled into the back of a van, it seems there's no easy way out. She has no idea where she is, and there's no possible way of reasoning with this guy. There's a large ransom at stake, after all.

Superhero/Villain - By day, she is a restaurant manager working closely with the business owner. By night, a superhero that protects the streets from villainous activity. Her enemy appears often to taunt her, and they end up skirmishing a lot. Meanwhile she's been casually dating a new guy for a while, and things seem to be going well. What she doesn't realise is that her new love interest is in fact the villain behind the mask.

An Alien Race - They had discovered a new civilisation, a landmark achievement for humanity. The new race doesn't seem to approve of these noisy machines that they bring to their peaceful lands. As a researcher of this new planet, they elect a man to go forth and gather as much information about these strange creatures without causing a violent reaction.

The Bandit Slavers - In a world where the fertility of women has dropped due to the drastic change in their atmosphere after the war, slavers have taken to capturing women that do not agree to procreating. After all, the human race is at risk of being endangered - especially with mutations as common as they are.
Either way he wanted her and this was bad
He wanted to do things to her it was making him crazy
Now a little crush turned into a like
And now he wants to grab her by the hair and tell her
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Looking for a male writer for brainstorming and role playing around the slow transformation of a conservative Christian girl into a highly sexual woman. Your character could be anything from a husband, boyfriend, coworker, boss, neighbor, etc. to a complete and total stranger she meets on a business trip or while exploring an adult chat room. She reveals fantasies of showing skin or leaving her blinds open while changing which your character would push her to pursue and explore. Dressing more provocatively at work or the gym, leaving her blinds open at home or at her hotel, perhaps even posting pictures of herself online with her fave hidden or responding to the text messages of a fellow coworker or friend with sexually suggestive remarks or selfies. The idea being that her initial reluctant is overcome as she learns how exciting it is to act upon her inner desires but it would take baby steps. An extra button, rolling the waist of her skirt to raise it an inch, more yoga pants at the gym, etc. Your character would have to decide how far to push her. As a husband or boyfriend do you fantasize about a cuckold situation or letting your wife or girlfriend find out how far she would go with these new men that are approaching her at work, the gym, bars, business trips, etc.? If playing the role of boss, coworker, neighbor or even the anonymous stranger acting as her guide, giving her little assignments and challenges to push her boundaries slowly. Meanwhile she has no idea that you aren't a stranger at all, but are someone in her every day life that is reaping the benefits of her new exposure and sexual exploration without her knowledge. She has no clue that the man she was "challenged" to bend over in front of or subtly flash her panties to is the same man that suggested the idea to her in the first place.

There are so many ways to present this kind of scenario and I'm open to most. If you are interested in exploring this with me send me a PM. Let me know what aspects you liked and if any of the potential scenarios caught your attention more than others. If you have your own ideas or twists I would really love to hear about those too!
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looking for a partner to write a taboo incest roleplay for the forums... message to talk about scenes..
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