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Kitty Mama
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The 2017 Literotica Award Nominations: Most Influential Poet

In this category, please nominate the poet who affected you the most in 2017. Whose poems did you seek out and enjoy? Who made laugh/cry/etc.? Whose body of work most had an effect on you or your writing (if you're an author) this year?

Poet must be an active Literotica member (meaning their account is still currently on Literotica it has not been removed or cancelled) who submitted stories during the year 2017 (and those submissions must still be on the site).

One nomination per member, please. If multiple nominations are made by a member, only the first listed will count.

Please note that posts containing trolling, name-calling, and/or other forms of negativity will be removed. If you don't enjoy contests, that's fine - you are free to not participate. Please do not ruin everyone else's fun.

Thank you to all participants - readers and authors alike!
"A great future doesn't require a great past." - William Chapman
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I nominate Hypoxia. Hes my favorite poet here.
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lost at sea
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I nominate greenmountaineer for his poetry and his consistently helpful feedback to other poets.
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Greenmountaineer for his compassionate approach to aesthetically challenged poets like me
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Geenmountaineer, his work is an example to anyone who studies poetry of sonic structures and the ability to convey emotional connectivity via his writing. Also his ability to put forth his opinion in a manner that is respectful to the writer, intelligently articulated and well reasoned.

As a favour to Tsotha
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Greenmountaineer for all reasons mentioned by previous participants and just because he is a cool guy and my kind of poet, holding well in my mind the balance between the told and the untold.
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Gerund Whore
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I also nominate greenmountainee, not only is his poetry exemplary but he is kind and humble of his accomplishments and if anyone cares to step over to the Poetry section of this forum you can see for yourself.
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