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The 13th Annual Literotica Award Nominations: Most Influential Writer

In this category, please nominate the writer who affected you the most in 2011. Whose stories did you seek out and enjoy? Who made laugh/cry/etc.?

Author must be an active Literotica author (meaning their account is still currently on Literotica it has not been removed or cancelled) who submitted stories during the year 2011 (and those submissions must still be on the site).

One nomination per member, please. If multiple nominations are made by a member, only the first listed will count.

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I nominate MugsyB because she is my favorite author on lit and her story Breaking the Ice was such a joy to read.

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Thumbs up ShyChiWriter

I nominate ShyChiWriter. His "Afflicted" series is not only incredibly hot,but also so well written you almost stop caring about the sex! I have read all of his work on Literotica,he truly has a gift for writing from both the male and female perspective. Please check out his work if you haven't already done so: http://tiny********/888rn88

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MugsyB, she had this gift to write stories that leaves you with a huge grin by the time you finish the story.

Not just because of the terrific sex scenes, but because the story line is usually so gripping that you end up feeling what the characters feel. The stories draw you in and the characters make you part of their world.

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I too nominate MugsyB for the most influential writer on Literotica. All of her stories are so fantastically wonderful, and her characters are so richly developed.

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I would like to nominate DoctorWolf A Slave to the Servants http://www.literotica.com/s/a-slave-...vants-ch-01-02 The best story of the year for me.It's well written the plot is great, and the sex is hot.

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Doctor Wolf...

I'd like to nominate Doctor Wolf. This writer's story 'A Slave To The Servants" has totally captivated me and I feel this person's talent should be recognized. For those who have not had the pleasure of experiencing this alternate reality, you are missing out on a truly moving experience.

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Thumbs up DoctorWolf

A Slave to the Servants is a fantastic SciFi story written by DoctorWolf. She created an intriguing, incredibly erotic, very believable (as far as science fiction/fantasy goes) world and plot that continued to captivate my interests further in every single chapter/installment. Her story is unbelievably good, so good that I would have definitely purchased it if it was available for my kindle. She is a gifted storyteller whose talent has grown exponentially with every chapter she has shared with us. I cannot sing her praises enough! There are so many gifted writers on this website, although A Slave to the Servants goes above and beyond what I found available on Lit. Well done, DoctorWolf, well done.

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Thumbs up Doctor Wolf

I nominate Doctor Wolf as Most Influential Writer for her outstanding story, "A Slave to the Servants," which is still ongoing. You just have to read the 80 or so comments for each chapter to experience how deeply her writing affects her loyal readers, of which I proudly claim myself as one. This story has captivated me and I count the days until the next chapter is released. She is a terrific writer, creating fully developed characters and fully realized cultures for their stories to take place in. She's meticulous about the details. "Slave" is thoughtful, unpredictable, funny, sexy (oh yeah), deep and just plain brilliant. She has also brought me to serious sobs a few times. I can't even adequately convey how impressed I am with this story on so many levels and how much I look forward to each chapter. I know there will be many more readers giving their input. DW never wants for comments from her multitude of eager readers. I've been eagerly waiting for these awards just to nominate her. I'm so grateful for the incredible story she has written and my only regret is that it will have to end eventually.

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My nominee is JazCullen. This writer manages to draw the reader in to the story with characters that truly come alive and convey a depth of emotion. The stories are well written and have fantastic sex scenes. If you haven't had a chance to read these stories, do so....you won't be disappointed!

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Thumbs up Doctor Wolf

I vote for Doctor Wolf for A Slave for Servants

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He writes predominantly incest stories revolving around the same kink yet manages to make every one of them different and interesting.

After 90 or so stories you would think he would run out of ways to spin them, but he never has.

One of the best lit has to offer and his work was an inspiration for me to try my hand at similar stories.

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Thumbs up Jazcullen

I nominate Jazcullen. A non human writer personified. there is none like her who can make you cry,laugh and horny in one story.

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Thumbs up jazcullen

I nominate jazcullen. Although there are other stories that I enjoy here, her stories are the ones that I find myself REALLY addicted to.

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He is undoubtedly among the best authors on the site and is always the first story I look for daily.

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I will second Sweetladyh and vote for ShyChiWriter. The Afflicted series is a masterpiece.

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i have 2 favorites...dr. wolf and kalamazoo

i love both authors but if you are going to count my vote it would have to be dr. wolf's "a slave to the servants". i have been following that story since the beginning, and the tale that dw weaves is simply amazing. each of her characters are completely branded into my heart forever. dw's chapters never fail to completely capture me, and they always bring something new to the table to the point that i find myself emotionally involved. now that i think about it, i've discovered that even after i've read her chapters i'm still thinking about it through out the week, re-enacting parts of the story and trying to figure out what dw's next move might be, of course i'm rarely correct in what i think is coming next because dw has such a great imagination that she stuns you with something from completely out of the ballpark and once again i'm left amazed with the new direction her story takes. oh yeah, i'm definetly voting for dw (dr. wolf).

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Nightempest. Her stories are great. My favorite is Cade. Good character development and hot sex sences.

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A great writer who moves a fine story line building the sex from small acts to cumpletion. e.g. "Collecting Bottles, Cans & Friends"

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Doctor Wolf

I nominate Doctor Wolf for her amazing series Slave to the Servents. I dont believe there has been a chapter of this still ongoing saga which has not delighted, amused or 'bitten fingernails down to the quick' in the 'I totally cant believe you did that to Ciara and her Masters' kind of way.
Like others I wait with breathless anticipation for the next chapter and re-read each one just to make sure I didn't miss anything. She is simply an amazing writer.

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While XM may not be the most prolific writer on Lit, I believe them to be one of the most influential. XM's stories have ignited many discussions over 'labels' and created characters people can relate to. We love them. We cry for them. We even shake our fists in frustration at them. We also cheer for them when they finally get their HEA's. XM has even inspired other writers to write about their character's from a different POV. How's that? Fanfiction for a Lit Author actually ON Lit? If that's not influential, I don't know what is!

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most influential writer

I nominate DanielQSteele for most influential author. His stories and characters are scenes from real life. I have enjoyed all of his writings.

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It has to be

Doctorwolf. There is no question

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Talking kalamazoo707

i vote for kalamazoo707 because she has a passion with her words that is very rare.... She. Also can make you feel as if your that character she's writing about for her not to win would be wrong that is why i vote for her
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