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Collaboration Example

A few recent threads have included posts asking about author collaborations. Sabb and I have collaborated in several GM works published to the marketplace and also to Literotica. An old work of ours was published at Literotica today (https://www.literotica.com/s/velvet-interrogation), Shabbu's "Velvet Interrogation," originally published to the marketplace as "The Interview" by Stephen Kessel (another one of our coauthoring pen names), published by eXcessica. The updated version was published by BarbarianSpy.

Those wondering how collaboration can work might like to take a look at it. (It's light on the GM sex scenes.) The book was reviewed and sold well. One marketplace review is given in the New Story Advertisement thread of the Story Feedback forum today. This is a case where each of us took a narrator/character and progressed the story through observation of the same events by the two separate characters in separate sections.

My current avatar here is the cover image of the BarbarianSpy republished version.

Others who have collaborated here might like to note their approaches and experiences with Literotica story collaboration.
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JasonClearwater and I ran a collaboration recently


where we each took an already established character from our own worlds, and threw them together, in sequence with each character's established story arc. We then wrote turn-and-turn about maybe 1000 - 1500 words at a time, each writing off whatever the other wrote. No pre-conceived plot or outcome in mind, no notes to each other than "ok, your turn".

It stretched both of us as writers, and was only my second foray into GM, so that was both intriguing and interesting, to say the least - the recent thread on seduction comes to mind! Not a massive response but it pulled up a Red H, so pleasing enough.

We both found a different intensity came from writing that way, because neither of us knew where the other would take it. It's not for the timid - given as we threw a hetero and a bi writer together .

Jason can add his own twenty cents worth.

My stories: https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...ge=submissions
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