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The 2016 Literotica Award Nominations: Most Original Sex Scene

In this category, please nominate the sex scene in a Literotica story that you found to be most creatively done. Please include:

- a one sentence to three paragraph snippet of the creative sex scene (please do not quote more than one sentence to five paragraphs)
- the title of the story
- the author of the story
(a link to the story satisfies the bottom two requirements)
NOTE: if you do not specify a certain scene, or if you quote more than five paragraphs, your nomination may be disqualified.

Story must be currently on Literotica, and must have been submitted during the year 2016. One nomination per member, please. If multiple nominations are made by a member, only the first listed will count.
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The Hotel

The Hotel by MissKittenSK - nomination for Most Original Sex Scene
In this Text with Audio submission, as a traveler in distress you seek shelter in a spooky old hotel on Halloween. You soon find yourself in bed with a spirit, the red-haired Madame of the brothel that once did business on these grounds. You can't see her at first but you can feel and hear everything. This gorgeous ghost devours every inch of your body before eventually taking your soul when you both climax.

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Self Nomination for "The New Tattoo" PMDlite



As I was sleeping, I felt a hand on my thigh. In my dream, I woke up and standing next to my bed was that woman in the photos, her hand on my upper thigh and the other to her lips signalling "shhhh..." I watched as she pulled my shorts down releasing my stiffening cock. It grew with every beat of my heart which was starting to beat faster. I could see her looking at it and a smile crossed her face. It throbbed and was fully erect. I tried to move, but I was pinned to the bed. Not restrained, but I just couldn't move a muscle, well, no muscle but one.

As I watched she lowered her mouth to my belly. Kissing it softly and moving lower. She was naked and her breasts were a milky white in the moonlight. Hard nipples surrounded by soft pink circles. Her tight ass would be wonderful to touch, to rub, so close, but I couldn't reach it.

Her mouth went lower. I saw her pink tongue dart out and tease the tip of my cock. I was starting to leak a little pre cum, she took it in one swipe of her tongue, leaving a little wetness from her tongue. The feeling was exquisite. I couldn't move, but didn't feel like I wanted to. I could see everything before me. She looked at me and then took me full into her mouth, closing her lips around as she went down on my dick, taking it all into her mouth, sucking hard as she slowly let it come out covered in her wet saliva.

Her hands were on either side of my hips as her head bobbed up and down. Occasionally she would look up into my eyes and suck even harder. I started to feel the excitement of an orgasm start to swell up, but she stopped for a moment, lay my cock down with her hand until the feeling diminished some and then she began again. This dance of bringing me to the brink of cumming and pulling back went on for several turns, I guess it is like a tantric session, but then she went back to her fabulous sucking and tonguing of my rock hard dick. This time I felt the urge begin and she didn't stop, but continued even faster. I started to squirt, and her mouth covered my cock completely, taking it all in. I came like I had never cum before, wave after wave. I felt like I could pass out. If I had been awake.

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Most original sex scene I read this year:

Following a rather horrific war in which many are trying to collect themselves and recall they have survived, a pregnant dark elf asks for lurid details from a "partner swap" agreement after the fact: one where she agreed to "loan" her two bi-males to another male elf who interested them.

She asked the "outsider" for details first. She is telepathic and after being teased with the set up, is encouraged to locate one of her two partners to ask for the rest of the story.

She gets it, simultaneously sexing up her partner while "reliving" the threesome which turned into a group sex scene involving four males and one female.

At the end, as they both "awaken" from a sex-scene-within-a-sex-scene, her other two "mated" partners arrive for an emergency fuck to keep the Dragonblood from falling into his "Sleep" too soon.

Yeah, it was a lot of open-minded sex in multiple layers.

Surfacing Ch 38


"I sank slowly down on Auslan's rigid pole as he moaned against my mouth, my body clutching him as close as it could in multiple ways. It felt so, so good...even with the shards embedded in my chest finally getting hot enough for me to notice them. Auslan's aura grew stronger, and it was at this time I caught a flow mental images as we were joined.

I saw memories Auslan didn't have to describe while his tongue was otherwise engaged."

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A Mom & Son Affair: Accidental Orgy
The entire orgy is amazing as is the set up but especially the anal sex scene between mom and son especially when the mom learns who is fucking her ass
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