April Poetry Challenge 1


Opinionated Bitch
Jun 12, 2017
Hi and thank you @Angeline for allowing me to run one of this month's challenges. I've had a long time to think of a theme and after much deliberation and changing my mind, I've settled on something I hope will be fun and not too taxing.

We're playing with a slightly obscure form this month - the Senryu.
Info can be found here https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-write-senryu-poems

It's quality over quantity with this style of poem, but feel free to write more than one or even morph several together into one meta-poem, be as creative as you like and try to have fun with it!
The beast, mad, willful,
angry, vengeful, self, caged in
Society's veneer.
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