Account problems. Invalid Password


Oct 6, 2012
Hello all, so as the title suggests, whenever i try and log in with my literotica accounts (both newly created, and ones i created months ago) i continually get an "Invalid Password." error. Strangely enough, when i register the account on chyoo i can use the account normally ..... up until i close my browser and revisit the website and am forced to re-log in, at which point it wont recognize my account anymore.

Soo, am i the only one experiencing this? am i missing some step in order to be able to log into chyoo? :\ Ive registered both at literotica and chyoo but in either case i eventually am unable to log in.

Thanks in advance.
I'm not having any problems logging in, have you confirmed your email address and everything? Set your browser to allow cookies from literotica/chyoo?
What browser and plugins are you using? Chyoo is basic enough to not cause any problems but Literotica is a little different.
I'm having the exact same issue.
I sent for a password reset, and the temp pw does NOT work.
I'm running firefox on Win7 with all updates.
I'm having the exact same issue.
I sent for a password reset, and the temp pw does NOT work.
I'm running firefox on Win7 with all updates.

follow up: I have tried both IE versions, 32 and 64 bit. No joy. cut n paste the new/temp pw and it is not valid.
There was a fairly recent update on Literotica. This update disconnected the two websites. Changing your password on Literotica no longer changes your password on CHYOO. Only your first password works on CHYOO, unless you changed it prior to this disconnection. A reset password email through CHYOO will change it, but the randomness of the new password and inability to change it otherwise makes it a bad idea, and it's possible you'll need to input the password twice to get CHYOO to take it; I could have merely messed up in some way, but I'm fairly certain I typed it the correct way. Additionally, new accounts made on CHYOO will not work on Literotica.

If your problems extend beyond this explanation, I don't know what to tell you. However, I will play around with some throw away email addresses in order to make accounts on Literotica and test their effectiveness on CHYOO. Hopefully I'll have more information within 24 hours.

EDIT: As I expected, when I created a new Literotica account, I didn't get a connected CHYOO account; as far as CHYOO's concerned, I did not make an account.
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I just started Chyoo today, and now it will neither let me sign in nor send me a "forgot password" email, despite the fact that it is telling me that it DID send me an email. I tried over and over and nothing.

And I can't find a way to contact anyone about the problem. The word "Contact" is at the top of the page, but it doesn't have a link.

Also, I am getting contradictory information at my Home and Story links about whether my stories are approved or not.

I know that Chyoo is a Literotica sister and I shouldn't be asking this here, but does anyone know any other similar sites? Just one day on Chyoo, and I am totally addicted! (BTW, I will remain on Chyoo, of course; I simply want sometbing to do while I wait to find out what's wrong.)