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Scuttle Buttin'
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Seeking RPers & Inspiration 2014

Since the other threads were more than a year old, I thought it was time for new ones. As with the last, the same rules apply:

Please use this thread to let writers and readers of SRP know where they might be needed.

Please come back once your thread has it's RPers and edit your post to state that it is full when its reached the desired number of writers.

Please do not post Chat in this thread, comments, arguments, etc.

No Spamming

No Personals
Happy writing!

Where there's joy
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I bring you darkness

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Testing a theory

Hypothesis: Being the first entry in a brand new thread that will doubtless become very popular is likely to improve one's chances of gaining some interest.

Proposal: Long-term, regular roleplay and friendship via an instant messenger, such as Yahoo! or Skype

Requirements (non-negotiable): UK-based, with demonstrable ability and considerable experience of roleplay in this format. A firm idea of what one wants and enjoys. The ability to take an idea forward and develop it.

Idea: An early 20s pairing: a white British male and a British Indian female. The roleplay will explore the role that cultural differences play in the development of a relationship between the two characters and how they overcome the obstacles that this brings. Further details on application.

Further details: I would particularly welcome interest from those who can contribute ideas on how to take this forward and make their character their own. "I don't mind" and "whatever you want" are possibly my two most hated responses. You are an intelligent, talented person with your own opinions and preferences, so use them.

Email: lucia_petrovska@hotmail.co.uk
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Inviting PMs from one or two male writers with ideas based upon a picture attached to the following OOC Thread - CLICK LINK HERE

I have no set interpretation, so creativity welcomed.
Looking to write a hot story, but strong twin characterisation and plot would be welcomed.

Thank you for reading!

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So I want to write a M/m(maybe +) or F/m(maybe +), could even do MF/m(maybe +) scene of torture/punishment, but don't really have any kind of scenario in mind. If interested PM me and we'll see what we can hash up. I could write either the dom or sub.
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Looking for a female writer to play the roles of three housewives who are out on the town one night. The women would be seduced by either a group of professional athletes or a group of their sons' friends.

If you want more details, PM me! Thanks!
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I'm new to Literotica and I'm into bad guys like: •gangsters •rich bad boy •frat boy •drug dealer but I'm open to other ideas so if you want to RP just message me.
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Nika was my character in the SRP, ‘Getting Wet’. The story line of the SRP evolved through relationships between a female college-age swimmer, her female swim coach and another swimmer. Although Nika is personally disciplined, behind closed doors she can also be a sexually impulsive free thinker. When ‘Getting Wet’ wrapped up, I had interest in writing from her point of view again, but at a different age and in different circumstances – hence this post.

Although my preference is to write in modern times, I’m open to about anything. If you’re interested, it would be helpful if you’d describe your character’s personality, looks and desires. We can settle on location and backstory and do’s and don’ts. I like to be creative, sexually daring and unafraid of difficult situations. If you do too, let’s see if we might be compatible co-writers. I am only interested in an anonymous writing relationship with no contact outside of Lit.

If this was Nika writing right now, her blouse would be open and between sentences she’d be brushing her fingertips over the imprint of her nipples showing through her bra. Of course now that she’s finished, blouse & bra will be hanging over the back of a chair….


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Time Walker
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Its been about a year since I tried doing a Space Cowboy story. So I though I would ty again. So ladies if you have any interest in a space based SRP thread. Please PM me. Here is some information and the opening scene.

Rex Lionheart.
Ship name:Star Dreamer
Height: 6'2'"
Weight: 195
Hair:Sandy in a longish Military style.
Nationality:Anglo-American/Moon, third generation 'Moonie"(born on Terren moon)
Back round: Five years in miliatary flying scouts. 3 years back won a the the interplanitary race from Earth to Neptune with three second place finishes previosly. Talks about engines and drives and tech chat to anyone who will listen. Drinks some, but not to excess, no nose candy or vein runners, that is simply too 20th Century for him. Loves all women, anything female catches his eye, though he prefers humans as bed mates. Has an alian side kick. She is a NEON a race that glows when excited. Her name is Halo. Her hue is blue.
The bar was crowded tonight. Rex sat in his private booth near the rear door. Halo is droning on about a party she had been at the night before. Rex looked at the door as a large brutish guy comes strutting in and takes a seat at the bar. Rex had seen him around before. He could be trouble if he got too drunk.

Brossy the bar tender walzed over to the guy and inquired to what he would have.

"TANIUM AlE, no bottle, mug!" he grunted.

Rex gave Halo a knowing look. "He just ordered Tamiun Ale, they don't serve Tamiun Ale here, theres going to be problems."

Halo looked over at the big man. "Just another loud mouth, He'll be all right."

Rex watched as Brossy told the man he did not have what he wanted.

THe man started to reach over to grab Brossy, but Brossy can up with a blaster just as the man's hand brushed Brossy's waist coat.

"What .....I ment was I would like a Tamiun Ale, but will take what you have on tap!"

Halo looked back at Rex"See I told you"
Rex shrugs looks over to Halo. "Tell me why we are here again."
He smiles, he looks, he ran his fingers through her hair, she was beauty, not of our time, but the past.

A pirate life, that's what I want, oh to be on the sea, and hear the cannons roar!

You know you have it good. When the best ass on the beach is only half as good as what you have at home!

Once I sat by the sea, lived on a river, saw the main line of commerce, dwelling in a valley far from home.
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And nothing else matters
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Hello again...

Hello all... again. I've been away for a while but have found my way back. Looking for a female writer to get back in the game with. Nothing too complicated right off the bat. Maybe a husband trying to get his shy wife to spice thing up a bit. Maybe a boss who starts something up with his secretary.

PM me any ideas and lets see what happens.

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Really Really Experienced
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seeking a male to take over the character of Dominant in this http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=958370
and females to play submissive x

My first Lit story, please go read, masturbate, and comment


Switch chapter 2 is now available!!! again, go read, masturbate furiously and send me feedback!

I am sorry to have been away, but I am BACK now! Loving my SRP's at the moment and I hope you are all enjoying them, feedback is very welcome!x

"Everybody loves you when they are about to cum"

It's been so long since I've had sex I've forgotten who ties up whom"
Joan Rivers

My Sex Map!

Sexual Role Play-

SRP Profile-Recently updated!

More than Human
MTH is a fantasy story which I am finding very enjoyable!

For the safety of the public
A Sci-Fi adventure!

The EastEnd Girls
A Tale of several girls who decide escorting would be a good idea
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Really Experienced
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Female co-writer.

I'm looking for a female writer....with a dirty side of course. Someone who knows how to use commas, periods, knowledge of basic grammar is a must.
She should be imaginitive. She needs to be creative and dedicated. I have an idea for a fictional re-telling of a nonfictional classic American love story. My ideas as of now are at ground level, so I'm looking to bounce ideas around and feed off each other. This is not a rolr play and could turn into a lengthy piece.

"The worst is over now and I can breathe again. I want yo hold you high and steal your pain away."

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I want to play guitar for a famous act. It has always been a dream of mine to be a professional musician. Not for my own band, but rather as a studio and touring guitarist for another act. WhenI got the job to be Sarah VValentine's guitarist I was stoked beyond belief. Sarah was the queen of pop rock right now. The guitar playing was a pop twist on hard rock and her tunes were catchy as shit. No wonder she rose to the top of the Billboard charts.

The gig was better than I could ever dream it to be. Sarah was nice and sweet. Very easy to work with and being a part of her show was an honor.

Things got weird though as I found Sarah always flirting with me and insisting I rode in her bus to each gig. She seemed to like me a lot which was cool. But nothing ever happened beyond flirting. Until one night in Florida we were in her hotel room killing the mini bar and enjoying dinner when she leaned over and whispered into my ear. "I want you to hit me. Hit me and ravage me."
Insert something witty here.
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Apollo Wilde
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Thought I'd try this idea again on this new thread -

Who doesn't like giant robots?

I'm looking a male writer who was amped by "Pacific Rim," (and it's homages to "Gundam", "Neon Genesis Evangelion", and "Macross") to cobble together an RP that takes place in the years before the end of the Kaiju war. I'm looking to explore interpersonal relationships between Jaeger pilots; what does it really mean to drift, how do they go from being strangers to pilots that trust each other. Sex will be a part of the story, but I see it with having consequences, both positive and negative. It might be needed to RP more than one character.

I'm looking for a literate poster; please, no one liners. Spelling and grammar are your friends and mine.

Multiple paragraphs would be best. A good story comes before everything else!

If you're interested, please PM me!
Men are easily dealt with—but when you get the women started, you are in for it, you know. - Mark Twain

SRP Profile

My First Story
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Looking to concentrate on 2 threads. No more, no less.

My preferences in what I'm looking for in a co-writer:
  • Male (who only plays male characters)
  • Sadist
  • Able to write their replies with more than a sentence
  • Able to collaborate with me on stories
  • Have patience because I can only write sparingly
  • Attention to detail

Weird list? Yes, it is. Am I going to do another SRP profile? No.

As you can tell, from the attached picture of Fett, I would like to venture into a Star Wars type RP. You, as my co-writer, should be somewhat familiar with the Star Wars universe/terminology.

The other story is something to do with the world of "Person of Interest". Again, be familiar with the background.

If any of this sounds like something you would like to do with me, please send me a private message.

Again, no one liner writers and especially, no flirty messages asking about my private life.

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Was posted again later.

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Randomly Pawing At Keys
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Female Co-Writers Wanted

After emerging from a funk (which caused me to lose some good inspiration), I am looking to add to my current in work stories. I am looking for a competent female co-writer for new ideas that we can work out and get to happen. I am a bit picky with who I write with (actually, its some of my friends who are picky, but they seem to guide me well) so expect a bit of vetting before we move forward.
Some of my work now is pretty heavy post lengths (like in the thousands of words) but that isn't what I am looking for for new work -- just good stories, good characters, and fun stuff.

Here are some ideas that I have banged around recently:

The Specialist -- She had the offer of her dreams. One week camp with the specialist that will take her game to a whole new level. This could mean best in class or All-American or the Olympics or who knows how high. What she doesn't know is his techniques are quite controversial & always kept a secret. (Pick your sport, any would likely fit)

Rumspringa -- Before they enter a long life following Amish ways, younger members of the community is allowed to experience life in the outside world. Many end up being challenged to ask themselves if they stay in the outside world or return back to all of what they know. Two ways to play this - two Amish friends since childhood try the big city, which brings them closer -- OR my Amish guy in the big city overwhelmed and taken in by a nice woman (or a "nice" woman).

Let's Just Get Through This -- There is a group that goes on a cruise. Three couples, plus one guy and one girl. Both are friends with the rest of them ... but definitely not friends to each other. Because the way the group was booked they get stuck in the same cabin as if they were a couple themselves. It starts not well at all, but over time ... well, we are in a "Sexual Role Playing" website, you figure it out.

Always willing to discuss other ideas too. Talking through the story ideas are half the fun.
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The twice blinded fool
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I am looking for a descriptive female writer. I want to do a thread about a boy and his sister.

The sister is two years older and back from college for the summer. At college she has truly enjoyed her new found freedom and realized just how much she likes cock. A lot

On arriving home she is mortified to discover she must watch her brother while her parents go on a cruise.

Her brother is quiet and bookish and seemingly uninterested in females, not the kind to throw a party. However there is a small bit of confusion, whereby she gets a view if his member. The biggest thing she has ever seen

What ensues is her attempts to try her body on that member. But first she has to overcum his apparent lack of interest, the moral calamity it presents, and the acts themselves.

Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
This ground is not the rock I thought it would be
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I'm back.
- Searching for some new Female SRP partners.

I'm open to most thing, at least trying everything once. I don't have anything set in my mind for roles, just going with the flow and seeing what comes of it.

I'm more than happy to do a 1on1 [PM/IM], or something with more meat to it in the SRP threads.

As for lengths of posts, I do ask that you can string a sentence together at the very least. I'm not a writer, but I have a great imagination and put in as much effort as my partners do.

Most of you have probably never spoken to me before, a few of you might have. Either under this name or one I used years ago and forgot my login details.

Looking forward to seeing plenty of friendly faces and some new ones.
Don't be shy!
I wont bite... too hard at least.

It would be greatly appreciated if you had at least some idea of what you wanted to play out.
It could be a fantasy, or even a few kinks that you really enjoy.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Eat, Drink & Be Merry. For Tomorrow We Die!
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Posted again with new ideas.

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Really Experienced
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Looking for a male rper for several rps. Just let me know which strikes your fancy in a pm with the rp you're interested in as the title and we'll discuss it along with rp options. I am an IM girl myself, but can do forum.


Hades' New Bride
Roses and Gunpowder
Angel Lullaby
Seduction at it's Finest
Lady Phoenix of the Renewing Flames
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Quixotic Paradox
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Looking for Male Co-Writer

I'd like to explore the idea that sparked when I saw this shot.

If you're interested, please read my SRP Profile before sending me a PM. If you would like a taste of my writing style, follow the links in the tagline.

You can only choose one of the three.

Each will come true.
Each will delight and thrill you.
Each will bring you to face the unexpected.

Will you take a chance of making your deepest desire to come true and face the challenge to keep it?
Sin cera ~
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She has always imagined that a man would come along and sweep her off her feet, romance her, instead of taking her for granted. She finally meets someone who is everything that she could have hoped for....
Except, he wants her to wear these outfits that are the kind of thing strippers usually wear. She tries to say no, but he's so sweet and in the end she can't disappoint him....
Then he wants her to go down on his 'friend,' and she just can't. Except he buys her flowers and explains why it's really important for them as a couple, so she does it....
Until one day, she realizes that he's turned her into a whore, selling her to his friends for cash.
And still, she can't say no.
SRP Profile
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