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Need help locating a series

I'm trying to find a series I used to enjoy to see if there are any new additions. I cannot remember the name or the author so I'll try a description. Maybe someone can help me.

The story is about this young man who lives alone but has many friends. He finds himself being stalked by this vampiress whom he confronts after a couple days. She says she wants to drink from him but that only wants a willing donor. She says that she will continue following him and that eventually he will consent and he will end up in bed with her. She strings him along for a few days being very helpful around the house and teasing and prodding him but never forcing herself on him. Of course he does cave and finds her to be pretty awesome. He introduces her to his friends who have mixed reactions. Some of them like her and a couple of them make a plan to try to stake her to save their friend.

That's about all I can really remember. Can anyone help?
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