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I prefer the pegging ones.
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Originally Posted by KarissaTsevi View Post
I prefer the pegging ones.
Mother "pegging" her son ?

Not in my incest fantasies...the mother is never a lust crazed cougar.
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Originally Posted by Rich2018 View Post
Mother "pegging" her son ?

Not in my incest fantasies...the mother is never a lust crazed cougar.
So what is she, a mindless cock slave to her son?
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Originally Posted by Rich2018 View Post
...Mother-Son incest is definitely deviant social behavior and illegal in many if not all states. I think that incest will mirror homosexuality in the eyes of the law eventually it will be decriminalized and though never socially accepted by all those involved with it, will not become social pariahs.
I think laws may eventually decriminalize much in the way of consensual incest. In much of the world, past and present, cousin-fucking weren't no big thang, and avuncular marriages (uncle-niece, aunt-nephew) are not uncommon. But I doubt that parent-offspring incest will ever be acceptible because power assymetry.

IMO there cannot be a crime unless there's a victim. Who is the injured party with incest ?
You would have a better case of making adultery criminal in any logical argument.
Power asymmetry drives the 'wrongness' of parent-offspring incest. Your parents controlled your early life. Do they control you still? IRL all-too-commonly the father, uncles, or older brothers or cousins abuse a young girl. If you're compelled, you're the victim. Fathers rape daughters. Mothers rarely rape sons.

You're unlikely to be compelled to commit adultery. You ARE too likely to be compelled to submit to an authority figure in your life. I rank abuse by a teacher, pastor, god-parent, counselor, etc as equivalent.
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