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Catch Me Who Can
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What Was Russia's Role In 2016 U.S. Election: Two Former KGB Officials Weigh-In
by Lucian Kim

...Gennady Gudkov, a retired KGB colonel, peered at me across his dark, vaulted office in an old Moscow manor house.

"I'm going to tell you something that I've never told anyone before," he said. "About 10 years ago, Russia had the opportunity to seriously influence election results in France."

Gudkov, then a Russian lawmaker for a pro-government party, says he was given damaging material on a French presidential candidate that could have tipped the election. Gudkov says he passed the information to the Russian Foreign Ministry, which told him that if the material leaked out, it would pose an "enormous, insane risk" for future relations with Paris.

There was no leak...


..."It's funny for Russians that 500-ruble ads on Facebook are being examined by Congress and that the U.S. is attaching so much value to amateurish trolling."...


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skates like Eck
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baci, it seemed like the Republican politicians were determined to punish the LGBT community. The trans-gender issue sent the Red States into a frenzy.

"Protect our children," they screamed.

Once, again, the notion that Republican politicians do not care about anyone but themselves, is confirmed.

Not even their own children, or grandchildren, or their extended family.

The next time, that the Republican politicians bring up the value of purity and innocence...

With each denial of culpability and each association of his accusers with Satan, Moore is making any later tearful confession of mere sinful human failing unlikely. And even if he manages to execute an about-face and to elicit expressions of forgiveness for his behavior,

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Worst daughter of the year. How can you defend orange pig, a man who slandered your own father, you dumb bimbo?
Stay Fierce!
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We have a twirp/troll/paid disseminator of propaganda/ on the GB, perpetuating a false meme-

"If you are respectful to the police, during a traffic stop, you will not get hurt, or killed." (It will not matter, if you are a member of the minority community, is his propaganda.)

Is it possible for a member of the minority, to drive with a broken headlight, carrying a gun, -while wearing a hoodie- and not be killed ?

Snopes has legitimized the event that he used to perpetuate his propaganda. The event happened, and the people listed, did take part.


But, no one investigated the event ? Was it staged, before hand ? We do not know what we are looking at.


Steven Hildreth Jr. is dressing in Republican drag, to suck up Republican dollars, as a career.

He posted support for the 47 Senators that interfered with President Obama's White House.


Most likely, Steven Hildreth, Jr. is a Republican operative, much like Trump's sign man, Maurice Woodside aka Maurice Symonette, aka Mikael Israel.
(ask Ricardo Woodside, Mr. Multi-Alt's brother)


Steven Hildreth, Jr. tweeted his fabricated story, shortly after the murder of Alton Sterling. July 5, 2016 A brutal death at the hands of police, for no reason. They killed the wrong man. The police really needed some positive propaganda, because the bodies were piling up.

Philando Castile was the 123rd black person killed by police in 2016


47 Arseholes in the Senate


Here is the reality-

Philando Castile, was respectful, calm, quiet, cooperative. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, recorded the event, and live steamed it.

It ended with the killer cop screaming, cursing, and blaming the victim for his own death. The police officer lost his composure, lost control of himself, and the victim paid for the police officer's inadequacy, with his life.

The police officer shot into a car that had a four year old child in it. For no reason, other than fear. The man that was murdered was a good guy, that had a good job, and had a good life. He died because he did the right thing. He was carrying a licensed gun, and the police officer freaked out and shot him seven times.

The killer cop was acquitted, and given $48,500 for being thrown off the police force, and 600 hours of unused compensatory time. Adding up to the $72,600.00 plus salary he would have earned.

The trial dragged on in June, 2017 The killer got his story figured out. They smeared and slimed the victim. They lied.

Tried blaming mis-identification-but, the robbery happened on the 2nd, and they claim the police didn't receive the images until the 5th and the shooting happened on the 6th. The lawyers and police used every angle to get the killer acquitted.

Castile died, insisting that he hadn't been reaching for his handgun. In court, testimony recorded- that his words were not recorded.
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Steven Hildreth Jr. probably had National Guard plates on his car. Would that make a difference?
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Originally Posted by phrodeau View Post
Steven Hildreth Jr. probably had National Guard plates on his car. Would that make a difference?
Arizona issues many license plate types including "Military support" (big flag), Marines, Purple Heart, and veterans, but not National Guard. The Snopes photo doesn't show plates or stickers. Did he fly an AARNG emblem? The piece didn't mention whether he was Army or Air National Guard.
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Laissez le Bone
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Mistrial in Jersey
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Senator Robert Menendez

five years and involved grand juries in two different states

"...most thought the government had no case."

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According to a Plimoth Plantation timeline, the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Harbor on December 16, 1620. The Pilgrims settled in an area that was once Patuxet, a Wampanoag village abandoned four years prior after a deadly outbreak of a plague, brought by European traders who first appeared in the area in 1616.

Samoset, a Monhegan from Maine, came to the village on March 16, 1621. The next day, he returned with Tisquantum (Squanto), a Wampanoag who befriended and helped the English that spring, showing them how to plant corn, fish and gather berries and nuts. That March, the Pilgrims entered into a treaty of mutual protection with Ousamequin (Massasoit), the Pokanoket Wampanoag leader.

"In September/October 1621, the Pilgrims had just harvested their first crops

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