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I wouldn't mind it
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No. I liked spouting while he was still pumping.
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I've done it and had it done...I'm a yes vote
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Rather have him swallow me
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I swallow 100% until the other day. He wanted me to get my first facial. I did . I liked it, but even more when he insisted I leave it on . I did till most it dried. My kink needle , again, spiked.
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Originally Posted by neon_noodle View Post
love fucking a little college age bitch boy, making him cum with my cock in his ass, then putting him down on his knees with my cock over his face, telling him to open wide and stick his tongue out and he'll get a creamy reward.

They love it.
That's hot!
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I also prefer to shoot on my wife's face and the guys we have been with. The guys have all left it open to what I wanted to do. I told them I was going to cum and ask them. Up to me? I pull out and hold their head still telling them to open their mouth. Then proceed to spray their face while my hot wife watches. Rub my wet dick all over their faces and stick it back in their mouths till I start to soften.

On the flip side, the guy I did suck asked me as well. I told him to shoot it all over my face. And that's what he did while I heard my wife talking dirty to me. Shot after shot I took on my face and loved the feeling, smell, taste, and raw dirtiness of another dick pointed at your face after blasting you. Then giving that cock pleasure of sucking it with his cum dripping of your face, and a wet French kiss on the head to say goodbye.
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I wouldn't do it on the first date unless specifically requested. Once I get to know my male lovers, we have a pretty good understanding of what we prefer. I'm typically a bottom in my relationships with men, and while I love to swallow, I also love having them cum all over my face as well. Especially when there's more than one of them.
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