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Originally Posted by dando20 View Post
I'm looking for a female to restart this RP
Really would like to restart this RP
Still looking

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Last month I had some internet issues. They have since been cleared up.

Click for a link to my stories that need female players. Most of the thread ideas are in the 1st & 4th post, the newer ideas that I favor tend to be in the 4th post.

I'm looking for literate female writers who understand punctuation and who write responses that give me something to reply to. The old adage holds true: the more you give the more you get. Its correllary is true as well: the less you give the less you get. IF your reply is indepth you should expect and receive a reply of equal or greater depth.

I'm fairly vanilla compared to alot of the stuff that goes on here.
Sexual tu|n ons include: Oral, cum-play, titty fucking, light bondage
Sexual turn offs include: Anal, BDSM, scat, vore

Thank you.

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Hey my partner skipped out on me. If anyone wants to continue with me its a thread about pitch black. Im playing an 18 year old cross dressing girl fleaing the planet.


If anyones interested pm me.

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Seeking male to play a vampire or vampire/werewolf hybrid. Check it out and PM me!

Blood is Thicker Than Water..and Tastier, too.

Click click click

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Looking to start this thread up again...let me know


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Need 2 females (or 1 female who can play 2 roles) for my first RP. Here it is. Looking for articulate players. PM me for invite and further details.
My stories in case you are interested. Offbeat, unconventional and just a bit dark. Just a bit, I swear

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The warrior whispered back.
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Any male writers want to write with me? Send me a message please and let's discuss!


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sail away
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the play pet

I want to restart an SRP about a rich French man (married and open marriage) who hires girl to be the couple’s live in “play pet”. Need lady with creative writing skills. Please feel comfortable posting strait and girl-girl, small groups, semi naked in public.

Here's the link to the old thread.


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It seems that our male partner left a nice thread called Rewarding the babysitter with more than just money . If anyone likes the thread and wants to join, please send me a sample of what you'd add, just to make sure you're fitting in.
Sophie's lair...

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Looking for one dominant male for each of these threads.

Her keeper.. thread about abusive boyfriend and his girlfriend


Big brothers secret


Her 'angel'


Also looking to start many new threads.

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Hi there,

I'm back after a long hiatus. I have a few ideas I'd like to kick off:

A Different Kind of Studying
Sex Therapist
Cruise Ship
Red Sky Over a Dying World
On the Run

If you like the idea of any of these, PM me.

My profile is in my signature.
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looking for female roleplayer for medieval rp

trying to do a new medieval type roleplay i admit i don't do long paragraphs like most people on here but if u are the same then send me a pm

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Seeking male to play a vampire or vampire/werewolf hybrid. Check it out and PM me! Please? I wanna get this goingggggg.

Blood is Thicker Than Water..and Tastier, too.

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My co-author is now some two months gone, so I reluctantly accept the likelihood that she won't be returning. Pity, because I was really enjoying the slow, subtle build-up. As such, I am throwing open the door to a female author interested in picking up where we left off.

Basic storyline is that a young woman is attending her first year at a world renowned school located on a fictional island in the Mediterranean. The world's rich and powerful clamor to send their daughters here for it is the preeminent school of its kind. And concealed within this elite student body is an even more rarefied organization known as The Society. Ostensibly a myth, this secret organization seeks out special candidates for membership.

You are playing the newest candidate and now find yourself deep in the initiation process, slowly learning just what this secret group is truly about....


I'll share more details with interested authors. Please PM me.
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looking for a bidder to buy the ranch and marry the lovely young widow.
she looks like such a good girl....but did you notice her wicked smile?


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Gods and Goddesses

Ok so I've been thinking of a thread idea revolving around modern-day gods and goddesses living in normal society. The premise is that they don't have nearly enough worshippers to act as gods/goddesses anymore, but still enough power to perform minor feats, so they live as ordinary people would. They gravitate toward each other to try to pool the little bit of power they have left. I can't remember if something similar has been done, but if so, I guess I'm ripping someone off. (Reference: Iron Druid Chronicles books. Highly recommended)

I would like to have representatives from all canons (Greek, Norse, Hindu, Native American, etc.) but I haven't nailed down the exact storyline. (It will definitely revolve around gratuitous amounts of sex...I mean...What do gods and goddesses do aside from arbitrarily murder and fuck?)

If anyone is interested, I think this could be really fun. Send me a PM with the following info and we'll get it started! Initially I'll start with one FM and myself, but would definitely like to expand.

God/Goddess: (Any canon as I said above)
Human Name: (Be creative; Should be a spinoff/play on/variation of the actual name, i.e. Morrigan could equal Morgan)
Human Occupation: (They're living everyday lives, so they should have everyday jobs, right?)
Physical Description: (Brief is fine, include pics if you want)
Personality: (Coyote and Loki would probably be conniving, trickster types, Thor or Ares would be your Alpha males, etc.)
Storyline Suggestions: (Not mandatory, but wouldn't hurt, and frankly I think they'd be funny. Once it gets going I think it will roll nicely)

Again, I'm not "auditioning" anyone, just wanna give people a chance to call "dibs" on they're character of choice.

Thanks for reading!

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Especially after getting halo and getting bit by the sci fi bug I was looking if anyone would want to continue this thread.


It's based around helljumpers but we could change it to Spartans if you wanted to go that route. PM me if interested.
I love writing and hope to do it professionally one day. Beyond that I'm a knight without a lord. I walk my own path with my own code.

Thankfully most of the time it keeps me out of trouble.

Some threads I'm involved with.
Truth in the Ruins
Mafia RP
Two Sides

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sail away
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I’d like to start a thread about a young lady in an office setting that has a clothing “accident” and is blackmailed by the company geek.


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male needed for roleplay idea

Here's my roleplay idea. Open to discuss it. I need a male to play it.
I like the idea of being in some kind of porn video, but not as a professional pornstar, but more like an amateur.
You know those websites like "Public Invasion" or "Bang Bus"? If you don't, google it, cause that's the kind i want to play.
PM me to discuss the details.
Up for any roleplay, though usually preffer something more than just a romantic scene to get in the right mood to do it hot.
PM me if you have any idea you'd like to play with me.

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Festive Cruise - Open RP - all welcome

Hi all,

If you're looking for an open RP to jump into then check out the link below:


The setting - aboard a cruise ship (geographical area - not determined at this moment)

Duration - From the beginning of December until January 3rd.
- Currently in the first week of the cruise
- early evening - heading to 8 pm.

Everyone is invited to create their own characters and pursue their own interests with an opportunity for interaction between crew and holiday makers as plots/sub-plots develop ...

My own character is Natasha employed primarily as singer.
I'd obviously love to have interaction with other characters as you join, but it is not intended that my character dominates the thread, so feel free to 'go with the flow'....

All welcome!

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The thread above is set in an original world, something like the Roman Empire, but with actual magic and magical beasties. PM to join, please.

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Collateral Damage Thread

I'm looking for someone to play Daniel in my Collateral Damage Thread. The story's set in London in the early 1800s and it's about Daniel Hardgrave, Earl of Winstead, who's looking for revenge against his estranged childhood friend (Lord James Blackwood) who he believes to be responsible for his sister's death.

As revenge, Daniel kidnaps James' younger sister Emily (Lily) and threatens to impregnate and then abandon her, ruining her chances for marriage and future happiness. It becomes clear that he's bluffing, however, as his good nature would never allow him to harm a woman. Though he despises James and wants to hurt him, he comes to care for Lily and eventually falls in love with her.

Here's my initial post:

Lady Emily Blackwood
5'5, 110lbs
Slender, with delicate features
Long, curly brown hair
Bright blue eyes
Fair skin, blushes easily
Very sweet and innocent, but also smart and funny. Also has a hidden independent/stubborn streak.

Lord Daniel Hardgrave, Earl of Winstead
6'2, 190lbs
Toned and athletic
Brown hair, brown eyes
Very masculine
Sexually experienced and a bit rakish, but has become more serious in the year since his sister's death. An innately good man, but currently intent on revenge.


Emily jerked awake with the violent jostling of the carriage. They had been traveling for hours, and were now far outside of London, but she had been unconscious for most of it and was still groggy from the drugged rag her abductors had held over her mouth.

Her whole body hurt, and her mind worked sluggishly to put everything together. Where was she? What had happened to her? Was she in danger?

She noted that she was alone in the carriage. Apparently she was being delivered somewhere. But where? And to whom?

The unanswered questions exhausted her, and after only a few minutes of consciousness, even her panic couldn't keep her awake any longer. Her eyes dropped closed and Emily felt herself fading.

"Don't fall asleep" she told herself, You need to be able to fight! But the thoughts sounded as if they were coming from far away. They became quieter and quieter as Emily felt herself losing her grasp on consciousness.

She passed out again only minutes before the carriage drew to a stop outside the large, secluded, Pembroke Manor - one of the many properties belonging to Daniel Hardgrave, the Earl of Winstead.


PM me if you're interested in playing Daniel!

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I am looking for co-writers for the following threads:

Love on the High Seas
The College Sex Therapist
A Different Kind of Studying

Please PM interest. My writing style is described in the first post of my Sanctuary. The link is in my signature.

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The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart.

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