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Kitty Mama
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The 2016 Literotica Award Nominations: Most Literary--Genre Transcending

In this category, please nominate the story that you feel was the most literary - the one that is so well-written that it would stand alone as a literary work in any context. Story must be currently on Literotica, and must have been submitted during the year 2016.

One nomination per person, please. If multiple nominations are made by a member, only the first listed will count.
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The Three Square Meals series by Tefler (https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...hp?uid=2967464). This is a Sci-Fi story that is more than just another Sci-Fi story on an erotica site, but a novel among novels. With the current chapter count at 70 (62 chapters of which were posted during 2016) and counting, this story clocks in at more than 1 million words and is well on its way to being a contender for World's Longest Novel if it were to be picked up by mainstream publishing.

What makes this story even more transcendent is the fact that this is Tefler's first foray into writing, and that shows in the first few chapters, but looking at later chapters, you would never have guessed that Tefler had never written a literary piece before, as his writing has improved by leaps and bounds.
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Tefler's 3 square meals

Just read it. You will understand.
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Prolonged_Debute10's Dark as Daylight

Very good sci-fi/ fantasy novel featuring a lot of science fact. Very enjoyable read. Is direct sequel to There Must Be a Mistake.
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life as a new Hire by final stand

superb read, detailed plot, would be worth an award in mainstream in my humble opinion
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My nomination is "Three Square Meals" by Tefler. It stands head and shoulders above anything else for standard of writing.
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Three Square Meals By Tefler
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Ted Online by Magicwrtr

Whilst there is strong competition in this category (Tefler's Three Square Meals) I think that having a story thar started and ended in 2016 gives Magicwrtr the edge.

This story was different, well written and kept me engrossed as the storyline developed through the year. But what really set it apart was the way it blended typical scfi setups (aliens, tech etc) with a story for this year - at its heart is about tolerance and acceptance.

If you've not encountered it yet take a look, it was after finishing this that I found three square meals and they are both excellent.

As an horary mention I'd also recommend Paige by Mindsmirror for a smart take on that particular taboocategory.
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Dreamcloud's The Link


This story made me want to write a story of my own. I was very impressed.
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Three Square Meals only if it is genre-transcending to mimic Stephanie Meyer.

But seriously, my nomination is seconded, The DreamCloud's "The Link"
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Her Fairy-Tale Life

Her Fairy-Tale Life
This story is one of the best stories I've read online in ages
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Originally Posted by PussyLickersRus View Post
Just read it. You will understand.
"Gobble, gobble, One of Us! One of Us!" (Freaks, 1932)

I'm sorry, PussyLicker, you've got your tongue too far up where the sun don't shine to realize that, no, not everybody will understand.

In fact, the majority of people on this forum don't read Sci-Fi, and the Sci-Fi itself is not as good as you believe, much as you've been living in the comments section of one story every day for the last year.
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silkstockingslover and HypnoSissy it fits a variety of genres
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Ok, I do know the Great Story I will nominate now was submitted in 2006 and not in 2016, but, you ALL, good readers of Literotica, must read this Series of Great Stories "Revelation 01 to 10" from chiefX39, at https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...ge=submissions
Wet kisses
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