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Mar 1, 2007
“Go on a vacation.” The medical officer’s words still rang through Kaleb’s head. It was true, he was worn out. Three tours in the past 2 years had given him little time at home, and even less to rest. So he had organized it, finally returning the calls of the Virtue family who had been asking him to go on a vacation to their beach house for weeks. He had put them off with texts about being busy with work. As far as any of them knew he was a government contractor working on international business dealings overseas. He had always been good with computers and it helped him to build his story. The Virtues were the closest things he had to family these days. These days indeed, a plane crash had taken the life of Kaleb’s parent’s years ago, an explosion that Kaleb was still not convinced was an accident, but he had no proof to the contrary. After his parent’s loss, the Virtue siblings and their parents had strongly urged him to get out of the military, and he had tried, but sadly, you didn’t get out so easily when you were someone like Kaleb.

The waves of lust filled the car threatening to overwhelm Kaleb where he sat in the back seat. Kaleb tried to strengthen his mental barriers to block out the rampant emotions, but no such luck was to be had. The waves of lust coming off of Honor Virtue, and his wife Cheri, yes, no joke his parents had really named him Honor, because Kaleb supposed it was a virtue to be honorable. All of his siblings had similar names, as if their family didn’t already stand out enough—some people. The reason was plane to Kaleb for the emotions. Even through half lidded eyes as he tried to feign sleep, to give the couple some hint of privacy, he could clearly see the bob of Cheri’s head in Honor’s lap. It did not take a rocket scientist to guess what was going on. Just like those two to pull a stunt while driving 80+ on the freeway. Kaleb frankly wouldn’t have cared if they were outright fucking, if Honor hadn’t been driving. Kaleb seriously contemplated smacking his friend upside the head, but what good would it do? He had chosen to ride with them—he knew better.

Not for the first time Kaleb asked himself why he hadn’t just ridden with Faith to the cabin, or driven himself? The latter was easy to answer, his jeep was in the shop, because that’s exactly what he needed, a broken jeep. The former, as to why he didn’t ride with Faith, his longtime best friend. Now, there was a much more complicated answer. It might have something to do with the fact that Kaleb, always protective of his “sister” as he jokingly sometimes called her, hadn’t seen her since last Christmas, a holiday where he had sort of put her then boyfriend Jared through a wall. Kaleb had watched Jared put his hands on Faith, and that had been that. He was still unsure if Faith appreciated his help, or cursed his involvement. He had left before he did something stupid, like hit her for allowing some jerk off to abuse her like that. He didn’t care if Jared’s family was connected, and Faith told him all the time how Jared could protect her siblings, protect their people in general. That was just like Faith though, sacrificing her happiness to protect others, especially her siblings. Not that Honor deserved it at this very moment Kaleb thought with a chuckle to himself. The little shit wasn’t even shy about receiving his pleasure, but he’d always been that way. Thanks to Faith and his parents, he had lead a charmed life, and in Kaleb’s estimation he was as spoiled as you might think. Even so he loved the kid. Kid being a relative term, as the little shit was now 21 and Married to the afore mentioned Cheri.

Kaleb was brought out of his inner thoughts by picking up a brief exchange between the couple. Thank god it was over—he thought, Honor was safely fully focused back on the road and Cheri, presumably having gotten what she wanted was smiling and drinking some soda. Their words caught his attention because his name got mentioned. He didn’t hear it all, Honor in addition to liking pleasures of the flesh, liked his music—loud. Before he could ask what they had said he got his answer.

Cheri, slender and nimble had climbed over the seats and sat next to him. This close the waves of lust were even stronger, and the cracks in Kaleb’s shields grew a bit wider. It’d been a while for him. He had refused to take another lover since Faith and her sister Patience, yes, that was really her name too, had convinced him to leave Lisa, after showing him video of her fucking the neighbor while he was overseas. That had been 2 years ago now. Kaleb wouldn’t have given a damn if she’d fucked a football team, as long as they’d discussed it beforehand and she’d been honest with him. They’d had an open marriage, but it was agreed that they would be honest. Even so he would have let it go, but Faith and Patience had explained how Lisa had been spreading rumors and generally stirring up people against Kaleb, who previously had been highly respected for his service and for his family’s connection to the community. He quickly got his answer what she wanted as her delicate hand slid up his leg, fingertips slipping under his shorts. “Can I take care of you next?” With no hesitation, it might have been one of the most brazen offers Kaleb had ever received. He was surprised at how excited her forwardness made him.

Clearing his throat he spoke, “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?” she purred in his ear, her hand sliding higher.

“Boundaries and all that.” Kaleb tried, his body responding.

“Even if Honor told me to?”

“Especially then.” He muttered. Sick fuck would probably get off on it. Kaleb could appreciate why though; he’d been known to branch out sexually so to speak as well. Her hand was on his crotch now, rubbing and stroking. However, Kaleb was spared from having to either accept or refuse her offer by the fact they had arrived at the cabin.

“Made it in 6 hours 23 minutes,” Honor crowed jumping out of the car. Kaleb followed. Surreptitiously readjusting himself in his shorts once out of Cheri’s clutches. Accepting her offer would have felt wonderful, but he didn’t have that kind of relationship with the Virtue family, did he? They were like family, right? Ever since Kaleb had been hired to tutor Faith, 5 years his junior in schooling her unique gifts, and especially after the loss of his parents, right?

Shrugging off the unanswered questions Kaleb headed towards the house to begin his vacation and presumably face Faith, her sports car was already here. That’s why he hadn’t ridden with her, no room—Kaleb kept practicing that line, hoping Faith would buy it, pretty sure she wouldn’t and would call him the coward he was being.

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Hearing the soft sound of loud music at a distance as she finished putting her things away, Faith Virtue's cornflower blue eyes flicked in the direction of the door and the front drive, taking a deep breath to steady herself. Realising she hadn't lost track of time she raised an eyebrow for a moment, either they'd set off earlier than they meant to or had travelled faster, she could guess which. The slam of a door soon underlined the arrivals though, no putting off the meeting now then.

She'd been surprised when Kaleb had accepted the invite for the vacation, pleased because he really should give himself the time away but it meant they wouldn't be able to avoid each other anymore. Faith had very briefly wondered about going so far as skipping the getaway herself but that was virtually unthinkable, and pointless, she didn't want to avoid Kaleb forever when he was as close as family to her just because she wasn't sure how to react or move on.

He'd only been doing what he thought was right, what he thought she needed, Faith understood that easily enough but that merely made the result feel worse. She could have told any of them the first time Jared hit her, if she'd been ready to stop it, however when her now ex knew about not only her abilities, but all about the rest of the family too there was much more at stake than just her safety and she was responsible for watching out for the rest of them as well. Unfortunately Kaleb had seen him and she couldn't criticise him for defending her really, but what had been the point of putting up with Jared at all in the first place only to end up no better off after he happily carried out his threat to turn them in. Kaleb had trained her to manage and hide her gifts, she appreciated that, but there was more than that to consider to make sure they were all safe.

As Kaleb walked in she smiled to see him, it was difficult not to, but kept her arms wrapped around herself reflexively, keeping the urge to embrace him at bay.

"Hi, good journey?" she asked pointlessly, her attitude too bright, anything to avoid an uncomfortable silence. If she was truthful, any conversation would do to make sure she didn't avoid having to discuss the issue and how she felt, seeing as she wasn't completely sure even now. Leaving it longer wouldn't make it any easier.

Behind Kaleb, Honor fortunately didn't seem to register the tension, bouncing in to pull Faith into a hug, his blonde locks a sharp contrast against her longer auburn hair and she laughed at his enthusiasm as he let luggage scatter everywhere, despite the almost tangible elephant in the room. This was why she did any of it after all, she needed her family to be ok. Cheri's small body followed quickly behind with another greeting, the brief note of chaos allowing Faith to turn away afterwards and start grabbing drinks for everyone, removing eye contact from Kaleb.

Shit, she'd managed to neatly shelve the issue for another moment, exactly what she hadn't wanted to do. Now she'd only have to take another run and deal with it again.
As Kaleb and Honor piled out of the driver’s side of the truck Cheri followed Kaleb out. He had realized she would be going out his door just before he had slammed the door in her face, catching himself before he did so.

He nimbly stepped aside to let her pass and get ahead of him. Kaleb didn’t want to be the first one through the door, didn’t want that awkward moment alone with Faith. He knew they would have to confront one another eventually, but he was sure he didn’t want that right away.

Cheri seemed intent on pursuing him at first but she was distracted by Honor reaching for her. Kaleb wasn’t sure if his friend had realized that his wife was making him a bit uncomfortable, but whatever the reason he provided a needed distraction. One that Cheri was all too willing to take advantage of. It was almost like watching someone with a tree as Cheri practically climbed Honor’s 6 foot plus frame to kiss him, as if they hadn’t just been fooling around in the car.

It was about when Cheri had wrapped her legs around Honor’s waist that Kaleb decided it was time to step away. Grabbing his bag from the space behind the seat he headed for the door. He led missions into Enemy held strongholds. Surely, he could confront his best friend inside a beach house.

He stepped through the door entering into the kitchen. Predictably, there stood faith. He just shrugged at her question about the trip. It was the first time in a long time that they’d seen one another that he didn’t greet her with open arms silently asking for a hug. His hands were full of his bags but as Honor proved seconds later, that really wasn’t a deterrent, if one really wanted the affection. Kaleb lifted an eyebrow. Not at Honor hugging his eldest sister, no, that was practically expected. His surprise was how had Honor gotten in here that fast, he hadn’t expected Cheri to give up on that kiss so easily.

The tension broke as hugs were exchanged between first Faith and Honor and then Faith and Cheri. Kaleb half expected the shorter woman to climb Faith like she had her husband moments before. She didn’t, but nor did she shy away from letting her face be mashed to Faith’s breasts. Pleasantries exchanged Faith started passing out beers. Kaleb accepted one passing another to Honor. “Where should I put my bag?” Kaleb spoke up finally before the awkwardness could return.

“There are 3 rooms. We leave the one downstairs for my parents or the triplets if they’re here.” Honor didn’t need to explain why they would let the triplets have the room away from the others. It was difficult sometimes being the only non-psychics among so much mental energy. It gave some people headaches. “Cheri and I are in the big room upstairs, because Justice and Connor will bunk with us when they get here tomorrow.”

“They will?” Cheri asked sounding a bit surprised. "Then I can't sleep naked."

“Sure, it’s not like they haven’t seen you naked before.”

“I thought you said we weren’t supposed to talk about that in mixed company. You told me normal people have better boundaries.”

“I got it guys, what you do on your own time is apparently my business now, but I’d like that to not be the case, so where do I sleep.”

“You can sleep in the little room upstairs.” Eric could do basic math and process of elimination told him in that second that he was to be sharing the room with Faith. Green eyes flicked to her.

“At least Faith doesn’t snore and isn’t you,” he joked with Honor. “I’ll just go up and put my bag in the room.”

The stairs were off to the left and it wasn’t difficult for Kaleb to find them. The two rooms were not hard to figure out, one had two queen sized beds in it. The other was much smaller, with a single bed in it. He wasn’t sure of the size, possibly a queen but it might have just been a double bed or full sized. Kaleb frowned but then just moved to set his bag on the side that didn’t have Faith’s stuff. It couldn’t be worse than being deployed. She was his best friend, not an IED, even if he did suspect she would explode on him at some point.
It wasn't much surprise to Faith that Kaleb had taken the chance to move on to discussing rooms and settling into the house rather than deal with her. If he'd already been happy to spend hours being subjected to hearing loss and who knew what else travelling with Honor and Cheri, over spending any time with her then he was hardly going to volunteer to change that now.

He was evidently avoiding her as much as possible, she could understand it and felt awkward enough herself, but it still hurt when he didn't seem to find it that difficult not to offer her a hug. Maybe he still blamed her for the incident at Christmas, that she'd chosen to stay with Jared in the first place knowing what he was like, made such a bad choice and forced him to intervene? Was he angry with her, disappointed, did he feel like this was going to stick between them, or all of the above?

At least Kaleb should be happy that Jared had barely stayed around long enough afterwards to tell her it was over. He told her they were all psychos, deserved everything they were going to get before running to make sure he tried his best to ensure exactly that. She'd heard he'd been happy enough to get his dick into someone else before the new year hit as well, just to put the final cherry on the top.

It had been additionally painful that the whole family had been so damn happy that Jared was out of the way once they knew the story, wanting nothing to do with him themselves if he'd stuck around, pleased at how Kaleb had done something barely short of heroic, reassuring Faith about how much better off she was now. Part of her completely agreed, she wasn't ungrateful that Kaleb was looking out for her but it wasn't exactly as simple as that. It left her feeling more alone dealing with the fallout, and the one person she'd have wanted to speak to about it she really couldn't. Faith wished she could tell Kaleb about the side effect of getting rid of Jared, what she'd now had to do to make sure she could keep them as protected as possible, but that would only open up a whole new can of trouble. Maybe even then he'd still tell her she'd been wrong.

At least Kaleb didn't object that they had to share a room, she would have felt low if he'd offered to take the couch rather than deal with her. Despite her inner unrest she was looking forward to sharing a room with him, not only because then they'd have to sort this out but she couldn't deny she was looking forward to being near him again, she'd missed him over the last few months.

As he left to take his bags up Faith watched as Cheri started groping onto Honor before he could even take a drink, not that he minded at all, laughing despite what was going round her mind, enjoying how easily they got on together. Got on with, or onto, most people in fact, she wished she could be quite that carefree right now.

"Hey, cut it out you two. There's no porter service - get your stuff cleared up as well before I have to get the hose on you" she grinned.

Cheri's eager touch always left her a little more worked up, not aimed towards her particularly, the younger woman felt virtually just as much a sister to her as any of her others but it was just the effect she had. That was just what she didn't need right now though, to be pissed off and turned on ready to talk to Kaleb.

Heading up the stairs regardless, Faith slowly walked to the bedroom, leaning on her side against the edge of the door frame, her hands snaking into the pockets of her jeans.

"Well, if we were hoping to avoid each other this isn't working out well" she said, looking around the room with a small sigh, her patience evaporating uncharacteristically quickly.

She'd thought about at least taking enough time for them to settle in before they had to tackle this but once the rest of the family arrived the 'Thing They Couldn't Talk About' was only going to get shoved out of the way further. It felt like she'd already been sitting with the tension running through her for too long already, although Kaleb had just arrived she'd spent the long drive with her thoughts drifting relentlessly back to how to deal with this and she'd barely been able to stay still as she'd fidgeted about the cabin, cleaning and getting ready for them to arrive. She didn't like having something hanging over her like this.

"So, was it a good journey? A better drive with Honor or just easier than talking to me?" she asked softly, meeting his eyes again, more uneasy than angry by the situation. "Are we going to pretend everything's fine?"
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Honor watched Faith head up the stairs. “Shit’s about to go down.”

“She’s tight. Can I help her?” Cheri asked.

“You can offer her a massage if you want but I doubt she’ll go for it.”

“That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

“I’m not sure that would help either, dear.”

“Orgasms help everything,” the cheerful woman said with a chuckle as she took a long pull from her beer.

“We agree on that, but in the meantime lets start unloading the truck.”

“Shouldn’t you get Kaleb to help you with that.”

“You’re not as weak as you look, so stop your whining.”

“It’s not a matter of strength but leverage. I can’t lift some of that stuff down.”

“Then we’ll try, I wanted to give those two a moment before I steal Kaleb away again.” Honor’s tone grew more serious, indicating that behind the happy go lucky persona was occasionally a deep thinker. He gave Cheri a hug when she nodded. Before she could distract him with her kisses, he put her back down and patting her ass lead her out to the truck to begin unloading.


Kaleb sat on the edge of the bed for a minute before opening his bag and reaching in. He pulled out his swim trunks and this exposed his service weapon. He pulled out the gun and checked the clip without thinking, before chambering a round and replacing the safety. He did these things without thinking, almost as a way to steady himself. He knew he probably shouldn’t have the weapon here, but he didn’t feel right without it.

Hearing the footsteps on the stairs, Kaleb shoved the gun back into his bag, hiding it back at the bottom. Hopefully there would be no risk, no need for that here, and he could really get away. He would like a couple days where the worst thing he had to think about was how mad was Faith with him.

The gun was well out of sight and Kaleb was holding the trunks like he was considering a run on the beach or a swim by the time Faith filled the doorway. Predictably she wanted to talk. “What do you want me to say Faith. I thought I taught you better than that? Should I start there? He deserved it?” he sighed, “Should I say forgive me for ruining your relationship? Sorry for stopping a self-righteous prick from beating on my best friend.” His eyes were hard, green fire, “Stop me when I say something you think is something you actually wanted me to say, because you wanted to have this conversation. Dammit Faith. I leave the country for 6 months again and I come back and you’re dating the son of Senator ass hole himself? Ass wipe in mini me status. Why would you. You told me he could protect our people; told us he was connected. His father has dedicated his entire life to trying to make our people outlawed. Why date him.” He was sure that she would say something about how she thought he was different so added, “A leopard doesn’t change its spots.” He ran his fingers through his short cropped dark hair. He kept it military short still. If anyone asked, he just stated he’d gotten used to the feel.
Faith's shoulders sagged wearily as Kaleb reproached her, her eyes sliding away from his as they bore into her, suddenly finding the floor rug worth studying. At least he'd given in to discussing it, that was still better than the alternative. The pent up lecture stung though, especially from him, she took it that he clearly did blame her for getting into that situation and so, it followed, causing the fallout.

As he finished shooting the accusing questions at her, Faith closed her eyes and blew out the tension for a moment before looking at him again, her gaze defiantly unwavering but tired as she met his.

"So what do you want me to say?" she echoed Kaleb's words. "I was completely wrong? I haven't got a clue what I'm doing? You know everything and you're always right? We should just pretend nothing happened? You think I wanted any of that, you think that's what does it for me, you think I needed you to tell me he was an ass? Like I hadn't noticed by that point? Sometimes we have to do things that don't make sense to everyone else. I know how it looked and I'm sorry, I didn't expect you to understand straight away or agree with me. I wasn't asking you to approve but I needed you to trust me, or at least talk to me. I didn't need saving, I needed my best friend."

Hearing heavy footsteps on the stairs Faith moved further into the room, kicking the door closed behind her before backing off to rest against it again. This wasn't the sort of conversation that more opinions weighing in was likely to help with.

She shook her head slightly, blinking back a few unshed tears.

"I know you were trying to keep me safe but I was trying to do the same thing, and now it's... well, it's done now, he's not going to be back. So do you want me to apologise for doing what I needed to? Then fine, I'm sorry, you can quit judging me now."


Over the armfuls of baggage he carried upstairs, Honor watched the door slam above him and turned to Cheri with an exaggerated grimace.

"You might have your work cut out if you want to put them right" he muttered.

"You never know - angry sex can be gooood. Too much fighting, not enough climaxes is a bad recipe, I'm telling you" she smirked.

"That must be why we're so balanced." he laughed.

"You know it!"

"Ok, if they start throwing things you can go in" Honor nodded.
Cheri only nodded to Honor’s words. However, he hadn’t told her not to interfere, just not to go in unless it became violent. She concentrated on her gift and aimed pulses of what she thought of as calming vibes at the door.

“Oh lord, now you’ve done it,” Honor muttered. “You know Kaleb doesn’t like people fucking with him mentally.”

“It’s for his own good, babe.”

“It’s your funeral,” the younger man said walking into the other room, and hopefully out of the line of fire.

Kaleb glared at her. “In what way was that protecting anyone. I can’t see how being his punching bag made shit better. This is why I left at Christmas. You make me want to shake you. Which defeats the whole point of being mad Jared hit you. He stood. He felt like he was caged and started to pace. Not that there was a lot of room for that so brushed past her. “Do you think it’s been easy for me to lose my best friend too?” he said turning toward her, unintentionally crowding her with his height. He didn’t intend it to be the way it looked. He just couldn’t figure out why he was so on edge. He felt the urge to pin her to the wall. Didn’t she know she was his, not anyone else’s…wo, where had that come from.

That’s when he got it and took steps back until he was seated on the bed again and safely out of reach of her. “For the love of god, tell your sister-in-law to stop fucking with my head.” He said placing said head in his hands. “She’s beaming soothing energy at us. The problem is, what’s soothing to her would involve me bending you over the bed…” he couldn’t help chuckling, “She doesn’t exactly do healing like you do. She’s like a bloodhound though. Its like she knows it’s been two years for me. I’m almost regretting coming on this trip, you’re pissed at me and she’s dying to jump my bones. Sometimes I wonder if life would be easier to just say yes. I think it would be weird if I did though, the crazy thing is I don’t think it’d be weird to them. I feel like she could fuck the pope and just attend mass on Sunday like nothing happened.” He finally paused in his long-winded rant to laugh. The tension had been broken, just not in the way Cheri had probably meant it to be. “How do you live with them on any semiregular basis? Do they take anything seriously?”
Feeling a shift in herself as Kaleb started to reply, Faith's stomach tightened and she was well aware it was not just her reaction to his words. Not now Cheri she almost called in her mind, but it wouldn't do any good, they weren't linked that way. She dug her fingers into her pockets deeper to distract herself, digging her fingertips into her hips as she felt the familiar warmth spread through her. She felt like warning Kaleb what was coming but she firstly couldn't bring herself to say the words in case they came out wrong in the heat of the moment. It would certainly pause his rant though to let him know that from nowhere she suddenly envisioned herself riding him, he'd be unlikely to have such a quick answer to that, and warn him that he was about to have a blast of the same tonic. Then secondly, part of her thought it would be poetic justice not to say anything, he was trying to tell her he knew best, fine, he could deal with this himself too then.

Watching the same energy take hold of Kaleb she looked up at him, feeling needy as he loomed over her, glad she at least knew what was going on so was too much on guard to respond, trying to shield herself more. If she didn't know Cheri she'd have been tempted to moan, or do god knew what with him that close, looking so possessively above her.

Luckily it didn't take Kaleb long to realise what was happening and he separated from her without seeming to take it too badly, considering the timing and how he seemed to be feeling already. Even his mention of what he'd do if he went along with Cheri's energy gave Faith a small shiver before she caught hold of herself again. As he focused on Cheri's actions, taking it more lightly, Faith laughed along with him, relieved that they'd both been able to get what had happened off their chests, even if they didn't see eye to eye about it all, glad to feel the tension dissipating and that she was with him again, talking to each other after what felt like an age. Even when he was away she was used to being able to speak to him, feeling she couldn't had been an immense weight she realised, that was now threatening to finally lift.

She nodded in agreement about her younger brother and his wife with a chuckle. Didn't he get though that was exactly her entire point, that Honor and Cheri didn't have to take anything as seriously as the two of them did, and that was pretty fucking precious with the way she knew things could easily go.

"I think you'd have to go some distance to find something those two would find weird, or that they'd take seriously. If Cheri fucked the pope she'd not only turn up to mass but she'd have Honor with her expecting to make it a threesome next time." she shrugged.

"It's hard being around them sometimes, it can get intense, even though they mean well," she admitted, "but I love it that they don't have much to take seriously," she added, "that's what I want to be here for, to make sure that none of them do if I can help it. If I end up making you mad with me when I try and do that then I'm not going to choose between any of you, I'll just have to hope you can forgive me."

Faith sighed. "I'm not pissed at you... at least not enough for you not to be here. If you're going to still be pissed at me I get it and I'm sorry. Have I got a hope in hell of getting my damn hug yet though?"


Inclining her head slightly towards the door, Cheri's eyes glinted as she heard first a deeper laugh and then a more feminine one joining it. Happier now, she dropped her efforts and turned back to Honor with a mock smug grin.

"There, all sorted. When I'm good, I'm good - and I'm always good" she laughed.

"Good, and damn lucky hon. One day he's really going to lay into you about that stuff, but you'll just take it as foreplay" he smiled. "Now, if it gets them out here to help unload, then I'll be impressed"
Kaleb sighed, but she was right. “I’ve devoted my whole life to protecting them and people like them. I forget you’ve done the same in your own way sometimes.” He knew she was parentified. It wasn’t that her parents weren’t good parents, but she was the oldest and at easily 9 years older than her youngest siblings Honor and Justice had had a hand in raising them. “And that’s not even mentioning your work with the veterans.” He offered softly, a quiet admission that he might have discounted all she did to protect their people. “I will still not agree that dating that bone head could have served a purpose, but I will admit I walked away when you probably needed a friend.”

Kaleb rose and stepped closer his arms finally opening drawing her in and her head to his shoulder. “I have Faith in you that you thought you were doing the right thing.” He always teased her about her name, and his puns just kept getting worse over the years. He pretended to shake her, “Just don’t do it again, alright?” He let himself stand and hold her for a long moment. “I really should go help Honor get the grill and stuff off the truck,” he finally said breaking the quiet moment they shared with logic. “Not to mention I have to beat your sister-in-law for fucking with my head. Wait she’d probably like it.”

“Well, I did my part,” Cheri sung out, “I’m sure you’ll get your big strong friend to help you unload and I’ll be off the hook. I’m sure there’s something more useful for me to do than pack luggage up the stairs.”

“You could cook.”

Cheri wrinkled her nose, “Faith is better at that.”

Honor just laughed and headed back for the stairs yelling at the closed door, “Move it Kaleb, that grill isn’t going to move itself.”

“It might,” Kaleb muttered to faith, “Depends on how much psychic energy I want to expend.” Though he was joking telekinesis wasn’t anywhere near his strongest gift. "I'm kidding...though Patience could. I've seen her when she was mad, Darth Vader has nothing on her for throwing objects with her mind."
Folded finally into Kaleb’s arms, Faith took her hands out of her jeans and ran them up his back, leaning into his shoulder happily as his head rested on hers. Her muscles relaxed, the tension draining as she let out a long sigh feeling him against her. Much as she trusted her own judgment and had to go with what she thought was right, she trusted him too and hearing him acknowledge that he could see her point of view even if he didn’t agree was all she’d wanted from him. She wondered whether to tell him what losing the ‘bone head’ had now achieved but, much as she needed a friend, that would need to wait at least for now.

She mocked a groan as his words played on her name, not for the first time by a long way, but it was a good sign and gave her still more of the relief that he was being ok with her again now.

As they moved on to getting set up in the cabin, Faith laughed as she agreed with Kaleb,

“Yep, those should be painted up as house rules - don’t try and get Cheri horny and don’t try and annoy Patience, we don’t need that level of chaos either way. But I don’t want to wait until she arrives and set her off just to unload the truck so you’re going to have to do it the old fashioned way I’m afraid.”

Turning to open the door again she grinned, “If you’re good I’ll make you a steak later as your reward and I’ll try to keep Cheri occupied while your hands are full… unless you’ve changed your mind about offering her a spanking?”

Heading down the stairs Faith felt much lighter than she had in months, the knowledge of what she’d now signed up for and the fact Kaleb didn’t know could stay locked in the back of her mind for the time being, at least they were starting to defrost with each other.

Reaching the bottom Faith wound her arm around Cheri’s back in an unusually friendly gesture - not that she didn’t like the younger woman, completely the opposite, but you had to move fast to make the first move with Cheri otherwise she was all over you instead.

“Thank you for the help but you’ve got to stop doing that. It’s like throwing a nuke into a knife fight.” she muttered to Cheri.

“Right, come on, we’ll get this place sorted while they unload, give you something to occupy yourself” she grinned.
“Don’t get Cheri Horny?” Kaleb snorted, “Isn’t that her perpetual state? “He only laughed at her follow up questions. He hadn’t decided about Cheri honestly. Those waves of eroticism had felt kind of good, and her touch earlier had suggested that she was skilled.

He shrugged those thoughts away, not a good path to go down. “I’m coming,” he yelled back at Honor.

Cheri lifted an eyebrow at the taller woman, “It worked, didn’t it?” she asked with just a smirk. “But on another note, you had to have taken him to your bed, what’s it like? He seems so strong yet so gentle, like velvet with a steal core. Wait that might just be his cock,” she got a dreamy expression then sobered just a bit flashing her a more serious expression. “Are you ok? I know being away from him has been hard on you.”

Meanwhile Kaleb had headed out to the truck, reacting in time to catch the end of a sail fish that Honor was shoving off the truck at him. The two carried the small boat down toward the water, leaving it well above the tide. When they returned to the truck, it was the grill and some of the coolers that came off next. “Can you take the food into the girls; I’ll take this up the back stairs.”

“Not a problem, Kaleb said reaching to pull the cooler before he stopped in his tracks. Honor clearly held the type of case that would unmistakably carry a rifle. “Doing some hunting, buddy?” he asked all of a sudden, his voice harder, the tone almost of command, even if the words weren’t. Kaleb highly doubted that case held a hunting rifle, either. His money would be on AK or AR.

“Something like that,” Honor said evasively, all the joking gone from his expression, surprisingly unreadable.

Kaleb couldn’t say that his stomach tightened with fear or anything, but he did feel the stirrings of unease. What was the kid mixed up in that he felt he needed a long gun. “Target shooting?” Kaleb tried.

“If targets present themselves.” Honor said cryptically. “They’re not taking Cheri.”

“What’s this about?” Kaleb asked stepping closer laying a hand on the younger man’s shoulder, “They took Celia,”

The knot in Kaleb’s stomach had babies and grew up all at the same time. “As in Cheri’s cousin Celia?”

“Yeah, the only other sexual psychic in the area. I won’t lose her, Kaleb, those fucking researchers won’t cut her brain open and take her from me.”

“Does she know?” Kaleb asked softly.

“No, she thinks she eloped to the islands.” Honor sighed, “I couldn’t tell her the truth, but I saw the photos. I won’t let it happen to her. I can’t let it happen to faith either.”

“Of course not, I’d never let anything happen to Faith kid, or your wife.”

“You’re just a businessman now.”

“But am I?”

It was Honor’s turn to look surprised, “What’s that mean,”

“I have secrets too Honor, just like the secret of how you saw those photos.”

“I didn’t say that was a secret.”

“You didn’t have to.” Kaleb sighed, “I’ll distract them while you store that in a fucking safe. Then Reach out to Justice and Connor, tell them to bring more.” When honor again looked surprised Kaleb snorted, “I am not that ignorant bud, how else did a pretty boy like you get that thing, your brother and Connor. Just do it.” Honor merely nodded and headed toward the far side of the house to go up the back stairs where hopefully Cheri and Faith would not see his little friend.

Suddenly with far more to think about Kaleb began to wheel the coolers of presumably beer and steaks into the kitchen where the women were. That encounter had been entirely too disconcerting for his taste. When the hell did the kid grow up? He knew his brother was involved in some shit, but he thought that Honor had stayed clean, it didn’t appear so, though. “If Honor packs like I do then I have steaks and beer for all of us,” Kaleb said by way of announcing himself to the women as he stepped back into the house lifting the coolers over the doorstep.
Faith just laughed as Cheri asked about her and Kaleb's possible sex life, no longer as easily shocked as she had been initially when she first met Honor's now wife. She dreaded to think how Cheri would have reacted to being part of a 'normal' family, or rather how they would have reacted to her, but coming into the Virtue family she didn't make too much of a splash and fitted in pretty easily, after all if they couldn't roll with 'weird' by now they'd fall apart.

"No, some of us really do have boundaries..." she started to murmur but then Cheri became more earnest as she asked about the time they'd had apart and Faith's own expression dropped.

"Thanks, it has been rough, to be honest I don't know what I'd do without him around now - tell him that though and I'll completely deny it, don't need another inflated ego around! It's not something that we can sort out with one chat, or a hook-up either before you ask, but I think we'll be ok, he's been around too long and for too much shit to get rid of me that easily. Once you're in this family it's not easy to get out so I hope you know what you've got yourself into" she ended with a chuckle.

Cheri was easy to talk to but definitely not the person Faith wanted to completely unburden herself to, she didn't want to land this all on them.

Cheri pretended to consider for a moment, "I think I can live with that. You should really try him out though and let me know if I'm right about that cock... ok, ok, just a suggestion!" she ended as Faith shot her a mock homicidal glance.

"Get some of these dishes in order and help me get this place tidier so you haven't suddenly got a hundred reasons not to help me cook later!" Faith ordered with a smile, throwing Honor's discarded hoodie across Cheri's retreating back.

A few minutes later Kaleb came in with the coolers and Faith moved to reach for one automatically, looking forward to the steaks and beers as he mentioned the idea, but instead stopped with her hand resting on it, looking up into his eyes with a questioning frown, almost startled. It was hard to put her finger on what was suddenly wrong but it was like hearing a sudden noise, you didn't have to know what it was or be sure where it came from to be certain you'd heard it, and you knew when it wasn't good.

She felt the same with Kaleb, something had shifted so well for the better when they'd come out of the bedroom but now she could feel a tension back again just as easily. It couldn't be her though, surely, she hadn't had chance to say anything more to him and he wasn't the type to pretend things were ok to her face and then hold a grudge out of nowhere.

"What's going on Kaleb?" she asked softly so Cheri had no idea as she banged a couple of pots around to emphasise how hard she was working.

If she hadn't trusted her gut so much, ironically because he'd taught her to, she wouldn't be so definite and would feel foolish being concerned about nothing but even with their recent turbulence she knew him better than that. She straightened to look him in the face more easily and rest her hand on his lower arm, sending a small burst of comforting energy towards him like a concentrated hug, allowing her also to place herself between him and Cheri's view so hopefully the other woman would only suspect they were still trying to 'make up'. As long as she thought she'd started something good she wouldn't rush to interrupt them and spoil it.

"Something happen just now?" she insisted, half question, half observation.
Kaleb sighed at Faith’s questions and concern. Her emotional push felt good though and he did visibly relax just a little. “Nothing, everything should be ok,” he said though he didn’t sound convincing even to himself. He gave her a look that tried to warn her off asking. “When did your brother grow up?” he asked evasively trying to find any reason to explain his less than Steller mood. She knew him too well and he knew this wasn’t over, but he tried to express through facial expressions not to ask now, knowing it wasn’t working.

Finally, he realized that he was a psychic, and a talented one. He locked eyes with her and he built a bridge to her mind, a pathway that was relatively easy to establish, he’d done it so often, and his voice sounded in her head. He knew Cheri was sensitive enough to know that he was using his powers but wouldn’t know exactly for what. “I don’t want to talk about it here and now.” He said into her mind.

Cheri over Faith’s shoulder looked up from the cooler she was unloading into the fridge. “No Whispering,” she sung out. “Just because you’re a damn telepath Kaleb doesn’t mean you need to exclude me from the conversation. If you want to whisper sweet nothings to her, and I suggest you do, do it upstairs.”

Kaleb chuckled, “She caught me,” he said aloud, He knew she would but her rebuke surprised him. “Honor and Justice been keeping her out of the conversation again?” he asked glad to be able to switch the topic from his concerns to something hopefully safer.

He stepped around faith to finish wheeling the cooler into the house. He stepped over to the island in the middle of the kitchen, snagging his beer from earlier and taking a long pull.

Honor went up the back steps after slipping into the house. He seemed to be counting his steps and pressed on a place on the wall and the wall slid aside revealing a hidden secret passageway that someone had built into the house. Honor wasn’t sure why the paranoid bastard had built the entrance to the shelter on the second floor. You had to walk upstairs to then go back down the narrow staircase in the passage.

Reaching the bottom, he navigated in the dark to the shelter. Opening it he opened the gun safe. It was mostly empty for now, only a couple shot guns inside. He added the Rifle and headed back up. He just hoped he could get back upstairs before he was missed.
Kaleb's quick reassurance fell flat, mentioning Honor only raised Faith's suspicions more, wondering what they'd been talking about outside, but it was clear Kaleb wasn't comfortable dealing with the issue there and then.

As he met her gaze and spoke to her psychically, Faith nodded very softly, if it was something serious then it should wait. She wasn't going to let the matter drop but if he couldn't explain it away then they didn't need Cheri listening in to whatever it was. Just the psychic link brought Cheri's interest anyway and Faith pasted a smile on to match Kaleb's laugh, shrugging the query off as if they had just been caught catching up or even flirting.

"Sorry Cher, you should know by now we're more gossipy than a load of old women when we get our heads together - anything properly juicy I'll let you know" she covered as she went back to Cheri and helped her unload the coolers, falling into her old pattern of trying to watch and virtually parent everyone when they all got together.

Honor came in after a couple of minutes with a blank expression, Faith could see caution in his eyes but decided to wait until she could speak to Kaleb on his own before pushing too hard about whatever was going on. He had a slight sense of tension around him as Kaleb had done but it was harder to read Honor so easily, which wasn't so strange to Faith as it sounded to others.

She'd spent more time working with Kaleb, and couldn't help getting used to reading him whereas she'd actively had to try not to read too much from her siblings where she could help it, her youngest like Honor and Justice especially. It had been one of the only ways to keep herself sane. By nature Honor and Justice were good at amplifying their own energy and when she got overly in tune with them in the day, especially as almost a third parent, it had meant it was only too easy to stay in tune with them at night and that had made her almost crazy.

Her ability to enter dreams had been fairly weak to start with and, with only her parents and the siblings as babies, it had taken Faith a long time to even notice any issue, a few random vivid dreams and the odd nightmare about someone chasing her didn't have a lot of impact. By the time she was a older teenager however, and there were a whole clutch of children that she knew and loved under the same roof, it was a whole different story. Finding yourself slipping easily into a whole range of nightmares any night of the week, without being sure you could get out again, one of your brothers or sisters trapped in there with you, had left her with chronic insomnia and fear about her abilities.

Sleeping next door to Justice and Honor when her abilities had started rocketing and the whole family had been going through new upheavals and fears had been especially rough. The amplified nightmares of those two were tough and Justice had a particularly nice line of repeating dreams about shadow monsters that she got trapped in over and over. It didn't make any difference to how much she loved them or how close they were to each other, but she'd had to learn quickly to keep some mental distance as much as she could.

Faith had tried going away to college, expecting life with 'normies' would be easier as it seemed to be with the triplets, and might almost be a break, but this had brought a whole host of new nocturnal horrors, sleeping in dorms with so many people and their dreams around. The first time Faith had been hospitalised and sedated to force her to sleep after too long without rest she'd been able to hide it from her family. The second time, after 5 days awake due to what waited when she drifted off, collapsing one evening, her father had literally lifted her into the car and brought her home which was when they'd arranged for her to meet Kaleb. Since then things had become quickly manageable and then controlled but it still left her with a blind spot around Honor and Justice.

Deciding it might be better to keep whatever drama there was contained until she could find out more, Faith opted to try and divide and conquer.

"You go make up the beds Cheri, unless you want to start marinating the food?"

"Oh no, I'm not having everyone go hungry thanks to me!" she pulled a face as she headed back for the stairs.

Faith carried on tidying in the kitchen, eyeing the two men wondering whether to try and speak to Kaleb alone or see what was going on with Honor, uncertain again. She'd just got rid of a whole load of tension and something new had to raise it's damn head.
“I’ll go help her,” Honor finally said awkwardly and headed up the stairs after his wife.

“We’re clear that help her means fuck her on one of those beds, right?” Kaleb asked making a face. “I’m glad you made our bed for us earlier. Speaking of that, you going to be ok with us sharing a bed?” he asked, “I mean we’re old friends and all, but your brother didn’t even ask you.” Before she could answer her phone rang.


Justice stared down at his phone, which displayed his brother’s name. His eyebrows lifted prompting Connor to give him a quizzical expression. “Honor says Kaleb wants more things that go boom.” He rolled his eyes at his twin’s code but it was necessary. This meant if their phone was monitored, they could just be discussing fireworks or something.

“Wait a second, Kaleb wants them? How did he know.”

“You know my brother can’t hide anything.”

“You and I both know that’s not true.”

“Ok, but sometimes he fails so epically I forget that he is good at it too at times.”

“So, what’s the plan?” Connor asked.

“You go ask Patience to help you load your SUV and I’ll go get what Kaleb wants.”

Connor frowned but nodded, “Fair enough.”

Justice headed toward the house he shared with his parents and siblings. Connor followed him until he veered off to his car and Connor headed on into the house.

“Oi Patience,” Connor yelled.”

“What’s up kid?” came the predictable reply as the red-haired Patience came out into the hall from one of the rooms.

He gulped a little, she was the Virtue sibling that always intimidated him. “Justice asked me to ask you to help us load the SUV while he runs to get some more things we need.”

She nodded, “I see nothing wrong with that as long as you’re giving me a ride.”

“I didn’t know you were coming,” he said sounding surprised.

“Class work can wait. I don’t want to be the only one not going.” She offered.

“Makes sense to me,” Connor offered. “I’ll go up and grab mine and Justice’s bags, can you take some of the boxes by the door and put them in the back.”

“Sure thing.”

Coming back downstairs in a few moments Connor saw bags flying out of the back of his SUV, as if hurled by the wind. As Justice’s partner, he had seen Patience in action before, but not with that much gusto before. “What are you doing? I already packed all that.” Connor offered suddenly realizing why he might not want Justice’s older sister rooting around in the back of his SUV un supervised.

“Because you two idiots don’t know how to play Tetris. I swear to God If you’re as bad at killing people for the Army as you are at packing an SUV, you’re a sad excuse for a soldier.”

“Well, considering I’m a sailor, you know for the Navy, I don’t do any killing for the army.” Connor Said, trying to grab her. Too late he realized that that wasn’t going to work anyway, she could just use her mind. Which she did as she rocketed a crate out of the back of the Subaru. “Hey be careful with that,” he said as he recognized it at the last second, catching it before it could slam to the ground and break open.

“Chill out, I wasn’t gonna break it. What’s so important in there anyway,” she challenged stalking towards him where he now cradled the crate against his chest.

“Nothing,” he answered. He had been in combat, why was a green-eyed woman’s glare intimidating him. As she reached for the crate, he turned his back and then hung onto it as she tried to mentally yank it out of his hand.

He lost the battle and watched it float into her grip. She looked surprised at the weight and set it on the bumper of the SUV to read it. Connor wasn’t willing to hurt her so knew he couldn’t get it from her without her reading the label. “Connor,” she said sternly.

“Yes, ma’am?” he asked irritated with himself how chagrinned he sounded.

“This looks like explosives.”

“Grenades,” he corrected.

“What the hell are you doing with a case of Grenades.”

“I’m guessing none of your business isn’t a good answer, right?”

“You’re right. Tell me what else is in that SUV or I’ll tare it apart looking for it.”

Connor sighed, “Please don’t Trash my outback. There’s just a couple rifles and hand guns in there and some ammo.” He sighed, “Though I am not sure what Justice went to go get.”

“What the hell are you doing with this much fire power. And where did you steal it from.”

“I didn’t steal it.” He muttered, sounding like a petulant child in that moment as he looked away, “We just strategically transferred equipment to an alternative location.”

“That sounds like stealing.”

“Kaleb wanted it.” Connor blurted.

“What does Kaleb have to do with anything.”

“He texted Justice, well Honor did and asked us to bring more guns.”

“What kind of illegal weapons ring are you idiots running. Seriously Connor, you and my brother should know better. The Marijuana in high school wasn’t enough? Now you’re stealing weapons.”

“It’s not like that.” And the young man wished that it was her brother she was reaming out not himself.

“We’ll see what it’s about.” Connor could only watch as she yanked out her cell phone and he heard the last words he wanted to hear in that moment. All his powers of teleportation weren’t going to save him now. “Faith? Your brother and his…” she paused briefly as if unsure what to call Connor, most the family wasn’t quite sure what they were to one another, “Connor, are stealing again, and this time they’re trying to say that Kaleb told them to?”
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Faith rolled her eyes as Kaleb pointed out Honor's usual idea of helping his wife but, as her ringtone interrupted them, she fished her phone from her pocket before they could discuss the bed situation further.

"Hey Paysh" she answered happily, relieved by her sister's call to have a moment away from whatever was going on here.

Her expression quickly dropped however as she heard what Patience had to say, her eyes shifting back to Kaleb with a frown as his name was raised in the conversation.

"They're what... what stuff are we talking?"

Not expecting the list Patience gave of enough weapons to equip them for some sort of military mission, Faith's eyes darkened. The recent thoughts of Honor and Cheri going to enjoy each other upstairs and the shit storm being revealed over the phone didn't sit well together, she had to get out of there and deal with one thing at a time.

Shooting Kaleb a look, pointing him silently outside, Faith opened the door and strode quickly ahead, moving away from the cabin towards the lake.

"I only found out from repacking the luggage, and apparently Justice is getting even more to add to the pile as if there isn't enough, Honor and Kaleb have been asking him to bring extra." Patience simmered.

"Ok, so it's the whole brain trust involved, fantastic." Faith groaned. "Well if they've got it they'd better bring it all now, it's not as though they can just easily return it or stash it under the bed and hope for the best."

"No, at least I can make sure they pack it well, bunch of idiots."

"Make sure you all get here safe, we'll sort it out when you arrive, glad you're coming with them, they better not get pulled over on the way!"

Ending the call, Faith took a moment to look squarely at Kaleb. It would have been easier to fume at him, maybe even find something to throw, but her core was icy as she processed the information. They'd joked sometimes that Patience had managed to inherit Faith's share of the fiery temper in the family, the same way Honor seemed to have taken Justice's share of extroversion, leaving them all with very different personalities.

She then started to think about why they were bringing what Patience had described, what they were expecting to need it for, how they were all involved, her thoughts threatening to spiral but she calmed them, focusing on what needed to happen next.

"Want to tell me why Justice is packing more ammo than clothes for this vacation and it's apparently for you?" she asked Kaleb coolly.

Before he had chance to answer she held a finger up in warning, already dialling for another call, steadying herself to sound natural. Turning away from Kaleb again, watching the same clear water lapping at the edge of the bank as she had for many summers, letting it help her fool herself for a moment this was another vacation like all the others so she could sound lighthearted.

"Hey mom... yes, got here fine, Kaleb and the marrieds have arrived, everyone else is on the way. That's what I'm calling for, even Patience is coming now, going to be a full house - why don't you and dad have some time together instead of squeezing in here?"

Chatting to her mother for a moment they rearranged plans, her parents relieved for some relaxation time as ever, the many years of juggling not only so many children but so many gifts having taken it's toll.

Finishing the call, relieved for about the thousandth time that her parents relied on her heavily enough to take what she said at face value - if Honor had tried to put them off coming they'd have seen straight through it.

"What the actual fuck Kaleb?" she asked, turning again to face him, feeling like she couldn't stop moving about at this point, calm but her words showing her annoyance. "If you thought I was going to be pissed off here then well done, now I'm pissed off. Why were we talking about sharing a bed and some asshole pushing me around when it turns out you're running Call of Duty behind my back?"

"My parents are going sightseeing now instead of coming here so that at least I don't have to worry about them walking into whatever fresh hell this is. Want to tell me why my brothers and Connor are trying to kit us out with stolen grenades and firearms?"
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Kaleb followed her out of the house. He was certain this wasn’t good and he was somehow going to catch the butt end of it. He wasn’t wrong, as proved by her next words when she got off the phone. “It’s not. What?” he sputtered but she cut him off calling to warn off her parents. Kaleb couldn’t say that he was irritated by that, it was a smart move based on what he knew so far.

Getting off the phone she turned and pointed both barrels at him so to speak. He lifted his hands. “I’m guessing glib answers like because duty called, or because I like guns will work.” And he sighed his face growing dark. “Your brother expressed some concerns over safety, and I told him if he was truly concerned then to ask the guys to bring more guns. One AR or AK, what ever he’s got in that case won’t really be enough to protect the house if there is truly danger.” He frowned, “I didn’t tell them to steal anything, know nothing about grenades, so for fuck’s sake don’t pin this all on me. Your Navy Seal brother and … … Connor,” he too stumbled over what to call Connor to Justice, “Can get into enough trouble on their own they don’t need my help.”


Justice returned not too long after she got off the phone to see His Sister Patience glaring at Connor while the latter worked to reload the SUV. Justice knew something was off when he saw bags and cases out that shouldn’t have been. “What’s going on?” he asked walking up.

“What’s going on is your boyfriend has a case of grenades that he stole.”

“He didn’t steal them,”

“Don’t you give me that garbage about strategically transferring them. What are the grenades for?”

“They’re for the launchers that attach to the m4 carbine,” Justice said as if that were obvious.

“Let’s try this again, why the fuck do you have an m4 Carbine?”

“I don’t have ‘a’ m4 carbine. I have 7, 2 mp5’s, a couple shotguns and a trunk full of ammunition.”

Patience’s eyes bugged out, “And you see nothing wrong with that.”

“I mean only if I get pulled over, then I think the military might have a bit of an issue with it, they’re there’s after all.

Patience looked even angrier, “Say what now.”

“Justice buddy just stop talking,” Connor said, “You’re just digging the hole deeper.”

“You stay out of this Connor Macpherson or I swear I will beat you myself.”

“Will you do it naked?”

“Who the fuck do you think I am, Cheri? Don’t kid yourself, you’re not even remotely fit to be dominated by me, just keep dreaming pretty boy.”

“Should I get you two a room while I load the SUV?” Justice asked walking to his car and popping the trunk.

“Don’t think you can distract me. Why the hell do we need all that firepower Justice.”

“Just encase,”

“Encase what? The government comes for us?”

“Yes, exactly,” Justice replied matter of factly, “Now you’ve got it.”

“Seriously. You mean to tell me you stole this much weaponry from the Navy or Army or what ever because you seriously think the government is coming for us? What kind of paranoid bullshit is that.”

Justice was growing tired of arguing. It was evident in the way he stalked toward Connor’s SUV. He shoved the long bags that he had hidden the carbines in into the back. “Don’t you fucking ignore me young man,” and he felt Patience’s hand clamp on the back of his shirt and yank him around to face her and he snapped.

Connor burned hot if angry so did patience and Honor and, well most their family. He did not. He burned with a cold fire. His blue eyes snapped with enough force that Patience stumbled back. “Don’t you tell me what is necessary to defend my family.”

“Chill out, they’re my family too. Everyone is fine.”

“No, Celia is missing, Cheri is next, I suspect someone is following Faith. I’m not convinced that Kaleb is retired and I don’t fucking know who to trust, so don’t you tell me what firepower I need, when Kaleb, supposedly retired special forces asks for more guns. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

Patience looked startled. “That he's paranoid too? If this is true then why Why didn’t you just say so?”

“We’re trying to keep it on the down low. You don’t know what she is truly capable of.”

“She’s a slut bunny,” Patience said dismissively.

“A slut bunny that could make any man do anything just to feel her touch, tell her anything she asked. And her cousin who has the same powers is missing.”

“She does not have that kind of power,” Patience sounded slightly less sure of herself.

“Are you sure of that?” Justice snarled, “I’ve seen one of her kind work her way through a camp. They just let her kill them. I’ve seen the photos and I’m not letting my brother’s wife get turned into one of those monsters.”

Patience took a deep breath as if processing everything. “Fine, load it up, but I swear to God this conversation isn’t over and this entire group needs to come clean with one another. I’m tired of you idiots hiding stuff from one another. There’s too many heroes and not enough team members.” With that she turned and walked a little way away, not sure how much of what she’d just been told to believe. It was a lot of weaponry, why was the military not coming to retrieve it. How good was her brother and Connor that the stuff was just allowed to go missing. Was this all an elaborate lie to cover their thievery. The smug bastards just seemed so calm about the theft. It was wrong, no matter the cause. Should she really fear Cheri? Surely her cousin wasn’t missing, was she?
Hearing Kaleb reel off several things she wanted to address at once, Faith pressed her fingers to her forehead for a moment, feeling like shoving her hand through her head to give her a break for a while.

"Great, so you're telling me Honor's worried enough about being safe here that he's brought a rifle to the party. Then rather than tell me when I'm right here and I've literally been dealing with that little shit's nightmares his whole life you thought why not involve the two geniuses who you know answer everything with finding the biggest trouble possible? That sounds like an amazing solution, how's that working out for you?"

Faith knew she was being overly harsh, even if she was talking as coolly as possible under the circumstances, but this was getting under her skin easily. Not only due to whatever was going on with all their apparent worries about safety, but she hated Kaleb keeping things from her, especially about her own family. Not because he wasn't part of the family, besides the lack of Virtue DNA he was more than close enough, but she was responsible for them and although they were all adults now it felt like that duty was only increasing rather than easing off.

"Well they're on the way with whatever they've got, I trust them more when I can see them so they might as well carry on. Unless you want me to go back in and ask Honor what's going on, and believe me I will no matter what they're doing in there, I can try and bleach my brain later, tell me what's going on, not who's fault it is. What are they so scared of here?"

She placed her hands on her hips and made it clear she wasn't moving now until they had a little more conversation than how much of a mistake Jared had been.


Honor managed to get the sheets out of the closet and one bed made with Cheri before he found himself with his arms around his wife. Normally he'd mark this up as a small win that he managed to get something done before they gave into each other, his hand almost automatically snaking under the fabric covering her back to stroke along her skin as their lips met passionately. Now though he couldn't keep focused on either the task they were supposed to do or the feel of Cheri against him, his thoughts drifting back to the conversation with Kaleb and what he'd just needed to stash away. What he knew that he was keeping from her about Celia kept playing across his mind. He wanted to keep it from her until she'd had the chance to enjoy the vacation, give her longer with peace of mind, but felt more uncomfortable now.

As Cheri's small hand drifted down his stomach towards his hips Honor almost jumped, pulling away, the guilt rising too rapidly now with them so close, no pounding music or other people distracting him.

"Stop, babe, one minute" he almost stuttered, Cheri surprised as she looked him in the eyes.

"What's up that a bj can't fix?" she grins.

"No, this is serious, oh shit, I wanted to tell you anyway but I wanted you to enjoy the time away. If I don't tell you now though...."

"Hey, Hon, it's ok, just tell me"

Honor took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes, pain flashing across his expression, worrying Cheri in turn.

"I'm sorry, I lied to you about Celia... she hasn't eloped....she...I'm so sorry" he ran a hand through his hair, trying to get the words out but struggling having to look into her sweet face.

Cheri looked solemn and pulled him down to sit on the edge of the bed with her, her voice was oddly quieter and more serious than normal when it came out.

"No, she got caught, I saw the file - I know there's photos but I didn't look, I don't want to see that, I read as much as I need to." she said flatly but calmly, strangely matter of fact.

"What, who told you?"

"Let's say Justice might want to remember maybe no-one in the Navy knows your old nicknames for each other but your wife does so it's not the safest base for a password" she smiled.

"Are you ok love? You know what's happened?" Honor asked concerned, his large hands reaching out, making her face look tiny as they slid along her cheeks. He was taken aback, finding it difficult to believe she already knew and was she trying to say she'd got the information from delving into Justice's emails of all people? The different thoughts whirled in his mind.

"Yes, I know she's not gone to the island, I know what they've done to her, don't make me talk about it more than that though"

"Are you ok?" Honor slid his arm around her shoulders, cradling her head against his forearm. "I know it must be a shock..."

"Hon, I know you're used to your gorgeous family where you're all there for each other and I love them to the moon but don't forget that's not how I grew up." she started sadly, sitting up out of his embrace to meet his gaze. "If your dad had left, your mom would have been there for you. If something happened to her, Faith would have taken care of you. If she wasn't around Patience would probably have ripped everyone apart personally to look after you all. Hell, you got Kaleb too, your family had everyone and still added more! You, well we now, have so many people there for us but that's not what I'm used to."

"I know babe, I'm really sorry about Celia.."

"That's not what I'm saying, I'm saying when you grow up and you don't have people who know how to keep you safe, your mom's a prostitute, your dad's gone, you got gangs running the neighborhood and you can't trust the police in case they report you to the government, and you don't know if you're eating tonight. Your family can barely manage to watch their own backs let alone yours, you don't know if they've run for it or been caught then what can you do except give up or enjoy what you've got left? How would it help if I spent all my time freaking out, sat here all day thinking about the dark things I've seen, let them break me down before they even get hold of me? I don't want to sound like I wasn't upset about Celia but it's not the first or worst thing that's ever happened to me, what can I do? I either enjoy my gift, make the sexiness work for me or let them make it just a weapon, I can't choose what's going to happen to me or us but I can choose to be happy, and I want to be happy with you."

Honor stared at her for a long moment, both of them unusually serious, his emotions swirling as he took in everything she'd said and her determination after everything she'd been through. Without any encouragement or influence from her, he started to kiss along her cheeks needily, wanting to be close to her.

"We still shouldn't keep this stuff from each other though" she reminded him, her small fingers twisting in his shirt as she pushed him back to look at him.

"I'm sorry", Honor's eyes dropped to the floor, genuinely regretting having that hanging between them.

Cheri closed the distance again though, pressing her lips against his, the conversation continuing brokenly as snippets of words broke out between kisses that became steadily more passionate.

"I'm only small, I'm not weak, don't decide what I'm allowed to know again" she smacked his shoulder despite still sliding her tongue against his.

"Babe, I know, I just love you, I don't want to think about losing you"

"Fine, then hold onto me but be honest with me"

Their words dropped off completely as Cheri climbed onto Honor's lap, pulling her dress up around him, his arms wrapping around her as they virtually devoured each other.

Honor's phone flashed with a text from Justice, "Now P knows about my delivery, fucking hell", but he was sliding back onto the freshly made bed, his hand working his way up his wife's thigh and couldn't care less at that moment.
Her bitterness just brought Kaleb’s defensiveness up as well. “It’s certainly working out better than listening to you rant at me. What good was telling you going to do Faith, do you have machine guns hidden in your bra or something? I gave real advice to the two people I knew could actually do something. This isn’t the sort of trouble a hug and loving presence can fix. This is the type of trouble that is fixed with bullets, plenty of bullets.”

He almost cracked a smile at the eye bleach comment but sighed. “I don’t know much, but I know enough.” He reached and took her hand as he started hearing noises from the upstairs of the house. “Just like the little shit to be getting it on in bliss while I get chewed out covering for his dumb ass.” Using his grip on her hand he tugged her off down the beach. “Let’s put a bit of distance. She’s distracted but I don’t want to risk Cheri hearing this.” He ignored whatever protest she might make as he led her away from the house.

Finally, he stopped and dropped her hand as he turned to face her. He cleared his throat. “You know that some of our people are hunted more and prized more than others. I was studied and formed a team of soldiers so good the Navy had to try to make a competing team. My team, Connor and Justice’s team is nothing compared to what the government knows it can do with a weapon like Cheri.” He held up his hand, “I know Cheri is safe here Faith, don’t even say it, but Celia is not.” Kaleb waited for the light to go on in her eyes. “Honor told me Celia has been taken. There apparently are pictures, and they have the kid spooked. If the least I can do is suggest that we get a few more guns here, then that’s a small price to pay for his peace of mind.” He held up his hands again before she could speak, “It isn’t my fault if they went overboard. I do not know all they do. I am guessing it was through Justice that Honor saw the file. I would never encourage stealing, but Faith you didn’t raise fools. If they felt what they have is necessary, do you have the training to say definitively that no its not necessary? You too haven’t seen those files. We don’t know what they know.” Kaleb ran his fingers through his short hair, a habitual gesture for him as he started to pace. “If they’re body snatching again for experiments or worse we could all be in trouble Faith. I don’t know who would have done this.” What he left out was from what he knew his chain of command was not behind this at least.


Justice glared at his phone. He had hoped to bitch to his brother, but no answer. “Probably fucking his wife.”

“Why does he get all the fun while we’re stuck with the warden?” Connor asked.

“I can hear you, you two do realize that, right?” the warden in question, Patience asked from the back seat.

“I thought she was asleep.” Connor muttered.

“She sleeps like a predator with one eye open.”

“I’d let her eat me up.”

“Connor, I can still hear you,” Patience admonished.

“I know but bating you is just too easy. Speaking of bating.”

“Yeah, yeah you’re a master at it, I’m sure.” Patience quipped.

“I was head of the debate team.”

“So, you’re a master debater,” Justice said dryly.

“With not enough Dee,” Patience teased.

“You don’t know what I’m packing.”

“I do, I got a good long look at your weapons and I wasn’t impressed.”

“You two are awful,” Justice sighed.

“Lighten up dude, gonna be a long drive with that stick so far up your ass.”

“Remind me why I like you Connor.”

“Because I’m a master…”

“Oh lord,” Justice silenced Connor with a swat on the shoulder. “I mean you also like my…oof, owe watch it.” The silence stuck that second time.

“As much as I’m enjoying the banter with you two bone heads. When are the feds going to come looking for all this stolen equipment.”

“When Justices forged requisition orders are found.”

“Connor,” Justice’s tone was warning.

“Hiding it now isn’t gonna help Justice, relax. It’s not like it’s Faith or Kaleb.” Justice shuttered at that.

“You’re right, she’s meaner but they’re…”

“Scarier somehow?” Connor offered. “Like confronting your parents?”

“Can we get back to the fact that Justice not only stole but committed forgery as well?”

“Isn’t that kind of small potatoes next to weapons liberation?” asked Connor.

Patience put her head in her hands. “You two are exhausting. Are we there yet?”

“No, but I am getting hungry,”

“No, just no, just no. That is a bad idea, we are not riding up to a drive through with a flame thrower and more bullets than most police stations.”

“Who said anything about a flame thrower,”

“You know what I mean,” Patience snapped.

“I don’t know that she’d know a flame thrower from a grenade launcher,” Justice muttered under his breath.

“Don’t make me smack you or put you over my knee.”

“That’s Connor’s kink, I’m sure he’d let you.”

“That’s it, I’m done, just both of you shut up, Connor, keep driving, and Justice,”


“Shut up.”

“What about my big mac,” Connor asked pretending to whine.

“No happy meals for you, you big baby.”

“But mom, why not,” he whined,

“Because I’m not happy, that’s why.”

“Can I flip her off?” Connor asked Justice.

“Sure, if it’s a finger you’re not overly attached to.”

Patience by then had put back on her headphones, closed her eyes and tried to shut the two of them out.
As Kaleb broke all the news as far as he knew it, Faith sighed unhappily, rubbing the back of her neck to soothe herself as she processed everything, but was relieved she at least knew now, however bad the news was. Although anything that Kaleb himself was worried about had to be far from good.

"Poor Celia" she murmured as she looked back towards the cabin briefly, instinctively wanting to hug Honor and Cheri, although not literally considering the position they were probably in at this moment, but wanted to reassure them.

There was so much to think through, figuring out what danger they were in, whether Cheri was due to be a target next or if they all were due to be, and how each of her siblings were involved, but she kept herself cool. Those issues had been a problem five minutes before she found out so she could give it five minutes more without freaking out, it would be a lot easier to tackle everything when the others arrived anyway, as long as they arrived safely she was happy for now. The triplets were unlikely to be an immediate target and, regardless of whatever the backstory turned out to be, Justice, Connor and Patience with a cache of weapons wouldn’t be easy to take down right now. She told herself to take one step at a time.

Watching Kaleb pace, Faith reminded herself it wasn't all about her feelings and how concerned she was about them all, he'd done more than anyone had ever asked to protect them, well above his assignment because he actually cared and let himself become a part of the family. Taking his hand as he had hers, she sat on the sand and pulled him down to sit beside her, sliding her hand over his leg, both anchoring him to stay there but also feeling more comfortable to get back to their easy tactile relationship. He could do with the break from her going at him for a moment anyway.

"Remember when you were giving me my first lessons and all I had to worry about was getting them all home in the evening and having more than an hour's sleep for myself? Oh and persuading Patience not to chuck that little psycho that used to bully Honor headfirst into a storm drain. Until we found out Justice, who hadn't said a word about it, had gone and cornered him in the alley with Pru's softball bat until the kid pissed himself." she grinned.

"I should have realised how easy that would all be compared to this. And to never take my eye off Justice if Honor needs backing up, to be fair. That one's on me in all honesty."

Sobering again as she ran again through what Kaleb had disclosed, Faith looked back into his face.

"When they get here we all need to talk, be more honest about what's going on, try and sort out what we're dealing with." she started, only feeling the tiniest glimmer of guilt that she knew she herself was going to be the last to reveal her own new links to the military. It was the parental instinct she’d been left with, she expected honesty from the rest, like a parent did from a child, but vice versa she’d happily cover up as much of her own drama or secrets as she needed to for their sake.

"Such a relaxing vacation for you though! Sorry” she shrugged.

“Unless the black ops are coming tonight though I'm still going to make you that steak, there's no reason we should let them rob us of whatever time we can all have together.”


The relief of having the secret exposed flooded through Honor, shards of sadness and worry replacing his guilt but those were emotions they both shared and could comfort each other with, not something that felt hidden and came in between them. He could let himself go now, enjoy being with his wife again, agreeing with her viewpoint that if they were under threat they may as well make even more of an effort to be happy and cherish what they had for as long as they could.

Feeling Cheri tenderly release waves of lust into him, Honor focused on using his own psychic power, which was to amplify her own as she sent it at him, completing a delicious feedback loop where each of their actions only pumped up the feeling further. He knew exactly when the cycle hit her, laughing into her lips as he heard her smothered wail and felt her nails dig down into his shoulders.

Pulling her hard against him he lay back against the bed, holding her on top of him, one arm free to snake up her back, tangling his fingers in her soft hair as he locked her in place. His other hand worked down across her backside, palming the smooth flesh as he pulled her dress up around her hips and slid underneath her panties. His long fingers trailed leisurely further between her hips, curling to work slowly into her damp pussy, her moans swallowed as their tongues continued to plunder each other. He matched the rhythm of his fingers drawing in and out to her deep kisses to him, her beautiful groan as she realised and slowed her tongue sending the blood rushing to his length.

Releasing her mouth eventually, he worked kisses down her cheek into the crook of her neck, intent on kissing and sucking every inch of her skin there, his fingers between her legs spreading deftly to slide two inside her while his index finger circled her clit slowly.

Already excited above her normal baseline before they’d entered the cabin, by being allowed to blow him in the car in front of an audience, with the added frustration of not being able to relieve her curiosity about what Kaleb himself was packing, Cheri's head spun. Everything else they had to think about was bound to return shortly but for now she couldn't feel anything except Honor, trapped as she was between his hands and the tantalizing feel of his stiff cock pressing through his shorts against her.

With the way he was amplifying her own force back through her all she could do was cling to his shoulders, burying her face in his neck as she cried out loudly, bucking against his fingers as her climax hit her like a tidal wave with just as little warning.

"Fuck, you are so hot" he ground out throatily, his own need growing painfully, but continued to stroke her folds as if he couldn't think of anything else, until she whimpered and begged him to stop.

Honor flipped them over together, allowing Cheri to loll back onto the mattress as he leant over her. Both of them panted for air but neither wanted to be finished. Cheri's fingers yanked at Honor's zip until he undid his shorts and slid them and his underwear from his legs, reaching to bunch her panties within his fist as he pulled them down her legs to join his discarded clothing. Her fingers quickly wrapped around his stiff length, sliding him between her hips, using him to tease herself further before arching up to him, slipping him into her depths.

Honor groaned, slowly pushing inside of her, summoning any scrap of self control to keep his pace unhurried. She wrapped herself around him, her feet crossing below his back, a sigh of desire escaping her lips as he filled her and she started to twist her hips around him, pulling him into her every time he pulled back, wanting more each time.

They both tried desperately to move slowly for the other's sake but, as the sensations built, every motion escalated their lust. Both of them still competed to send yet higher levels of psychic energy to each other until Honor found himself pounding deeper, Cheri bucking deliriously against him, asking him to move faster. It made it almost impossible for him to hold back until she called out his name and he could feel her unravelling around him, joining her as he came deep into her, bracing himself on his elbows to avoid collapsing onto her.

"I told you..." she panted, barely able to breathe but giggling as she tried to talk to him, "when will you realise I know everything... I told you angry sex is gooood".

Honor chuckled, looking down at her in pleasure, smoothing strands of hair from her face. "No, you're just amazing babe, that's all, I don't mean only the sex, you're incredible, you're so strong, I was an idiot to forget that..."

Cheri silenced him with a soft kiss as they lay against each other.
She took his hand and he stopped his frenetic pacing. He sighed and let her pull him down. Her touch was soothing. She wasn’t using her powers on him, but even the simple touch of her hand did so. “Somehow they all grow up,” he said in response to her recounting of their history together. “You know this group has secrets, every last one of us. I agree we should have a discussion, but don’t be surprised if we don’t get the answers we might truly like. They aren’t kids anymore.” He shrugged it off.

“I don’t see a problem with trying to live our lives normally. I wouldn’t know what is coming or when, all we can do is be prepared. Let’s get everyone here first and do some basic planning before we get too far ahead of ourselves.” His mind was already slipping into that of command. His mood leveling off as he spoke.

Before he could go much further the waves of lust that he had been trying to ignore as they tickled at his senses busted over them in waves. “Shit,” he grunted as his body instantly reacted to the power, filling with hunger and urges he couldn’t let himself think about. He clenched his hands in his lap, conveniently covering the hard on in the jean shorts he wore, yet also keeping him from touching her. Yet, he couldn’t control the lust filled hunger that he gazed upon her with. “You didn’t tell me they’d gotten that much stronger. I bet their apartment building really likes living there and doesn’t even know why.” He said trying to use humor to soften the intensity. “Let’s hope who ever might be after us doesn’t have a way to detect psychic energy because they’re broadcasting like a friggen radio station.” He rubbed at his arms as he shivered. “Though that one was flavored more like love than in the car. I didn’t know her energy had different flavors like that.” Humor hadn’t worked so now he was getting analytical with it.


“This isn’t a good idea,” Justice muttered under his breath as Connor pulled into the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant just off the highway.

“Now you’re on her side?” Connor asked, “Traitor.”

“Yes, he is, because he makes sense, I told you the only reason I’m letting you get your burger is because I need to use the lady’s room.”

“I thought only Ladies were allowed in there.”

“Connor,” Patience didn’t say anything but that, just his name and he subsided. “There’s funny, and then there’s annoying. You’re working on annoying,” Patience patted him on the arm as she reached through the seats.

“Sorry,” he muttered as he put the car in park.

“Seems logical that I go in with Patience.” Justice sounded matter of fact stating what he saw as obvious.

“Not a chance in hell,” Patience said. “You like breath I’m a navy seal bad ass, we don’t need those vibes. I’ll take pudgy over there.”

“Hey now, that wasn’t nice,” Connor said looking down at himself. It was no secret he had always had more trouble maintaining his weight, naturally stockier and with a definite sweet tooth. “I’m stocky not fat,”

“I didn’t say you weren’t attractive. I just mean that a fat navy Seal looks like a normy, or as much as anyone in peak physical condition can look normal.”

“Fine, but I still wanna protest your reasons.”

“I’m sure that you can get Justice to forge you a harassment complaint.” With that last parting shot she slid out of the back of the SUV, Connor following stiffly, leaving Justice to guard the weapons.

Patience didn’t take long in the bathroom, returning to find Connor standing at parade rest outside the door, like he was a body guard, or the soldier he was. “Stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“Looking like a cadet or something. Act—you know, natural.”

“Natural?” Connor asked curiously giving her a somewhat blank expression.

“You’re a boy, right,”


“I’m a girl, right?”

“What’s your point?”

“Pretend to be my boyfriend or something, not that you’re my bodyguard.”

“How do I do that?” he asked with a sigh.

“Oh, for God sakes have you never had a girlfriend? Do I have to show you everything?” she grabbed his hand and slid her fingers through his.

“Well, I haven’t.”

“Then just relax, I won’t bite you,” She let her thumb stroke over the back of his hand as she led him towards the counter.

“Are you sure, I feel I got warned that you bit.”

“You’d like it and we know it,” she said leaning her head against his shoulder, to speak in a lower voice and to complete the image.

Sometime while she was ordering for them, because she insisted on doing it, Connor stiffened, clearly going on alert. Sensing the change, Patience slid her arm around his waist trying to keep him looking natural. However there had to be something really wrong if even the press of her full breast to his side couldn’t distract him.

“What’s the matter with you,” she whispered, “Am I so repulsive to you?”

“What?” he asked flicking a glance down at her, then returned his gaze to an older man sitting near the door. “Play it Cool, sweetheart,” Conor stumbled over the endearment. Connor grabbed the sack of food and handed it to her. “Do not lose this, my stomach depends on you.”

Connor slid his arm around patience, instinctively sliding her under his shoulder, a both possessive and protective posture as they neared the table with the stranger. Cold gray eyes from the man bore holes into Connor.

“Nice girl you got there.”

“Yeah, she is,” Connor said trying to sound calm.

“Shame should something happen to her.”

“You threatening me, bud?” Connor asked softly, his hand clenching on Patience’s shoulder, desperately hoping she stayed quiet.

“We don’t like your kind around here.”

“What kind is that?”

“Freaks,” the man spat, and Connor heard the unmistakable sound of the hammer on a gun being pulled back. Clearly done for dramatic effect, as such things weren’t necessary on modern firearms.

“We don’t want any trouble,” Connor said lifting his hands in a placating gesture. His left arm was around Patience which meant his gun hand was free, but by the time he got to the gun holstered at the small of his back this guy would shoot him, likely in the groin based on the gun’s obvious place under the table.

“I wouldn’t try it,” a dark voice sounded low in the man’s ear. He flinched. Connor had seen Justice coming in behind the man but the man hadn’t. Justice was damn near impossible to hear if he didn’t want to be. The angle of his body hid his own weapon which he had buried in the man’s back. “You make one wrong move and I’ll blow you away.”

Before anyone could move Patience lifted her hand and the man’s gun flew out of his hand and into hers where automatically dropped the clip, racked the slide and ejected the bullet from the chamber, something Kaleb had taught them to do with every gun that was handed to them for safety, before slapping the clip home putting on the safety and handing it to Connor.

The man’s eyes bugged out of his head, “What in the Luke Skywalker was that.”

“Nothing,” Connor said, “You saw nothing. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” Now that he held the man’s gun he shoved Patience toward the door, Justice following, his own gun having disappeared again.

No one spoke until they got back into the car and then Connor exploded, “What in the frag. You’re gonna yell at us for being idiots, you just used your powers like Luke fucking Skywalker in the middle of a McDonalds, and I’m the idiot.”

“Kind of for letting that guy get the drop on you.” Justice replied.

“I swear to god I’ll get to you in a minute Justice Virtue.”

Patience frowned, “I got his gun,”

“Yeah, you did, but how many individuals did you expose our people to? You just can’t do that. You’re older, you should know better.”

She looked like she wanted to argue yet Connor had moved on to Justice. “And you, you don’t trust me. I know she’s your sister and you have this hero complex; you always have to save me or Honor or someone. For fuck sake, what if he had a partner and stole our car, with all the guns while you played hero. I was in no danger, especially with captain telekinesis over there.”

“You could say thank you for arriving at just the right time.”

“But you don’t get it. I’m not just an extension of you, I passed seal training too. You need to trust me to do my part.” Finally, Justice nodded and laid his hand on Connor’s arm.

“You’re right,” he said softly, as close to an apology as Justice often got.

Feeling that was settled Connor reach an arm through the seats even as he drove, “Burger please.”

“Could have been shot and you are still thinking about your burger.”

“I might die tomorrow, better eat a burger now, just encase.” And with that oh so comforting thought the SUV fell silent as Patience passed out sandwiches and fries.

“At least I got a gun out of this,” Patience said.

“We can give you better,” Justice said.

“Yeah, you saw our weapons, remember? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Is everything an inuendo to you Connor.”

“Not everything but, most of it.”
Faith tensed her jaw as she felt the waves of lust rush over the two of them, stuffing her hands into her pockets to keep them constrained, focusing on keeping herself as still as possible, every inch of her skin suddenly far too sensitive, even the breeze coming off the water turning her on as if someone was relentlessly stroking her. She stared out at the water intently, avoiding glancing at Kaleb in case the sight of him ended her self control.

"They've been fucking practicing" she ground out sternly in reply to Kaleb, trying to keep a lid on her own urges, pressing her knees together, glad they were at least this far away from the epicentre, she'd have to remind the married couple not to pull this sort of stunt when they were in the next bedroom. She was irrationally annoyed, the sensations too strong, how much more random stuff did she have to deal with today.

"They use Honor's amping like a kickback, making her energy stronger and stronger until you end up with this - I'm tempted to cut the damn thing off for him, if I thought it would stop them. You're right, if there was anyone paying attention nearby we'd be done for, we need to get on top of that... so to speak. When it's this full on you can feel more of whatever they're feeling, so I take it things are going well for them then, I'd be happy for them if they kept it to themselves."

Faith tapped her feet restlessly as the waves continued, trying to work the urge to straddle Kaleb out of her, wanting to go for a jog or something but if she shifted position at all she couldn't guarantee where she'd end up. If it was anyone else she could at least do them a favour and give them some healing energy to relieve the tension but she didn't dare lay even a finger on him right now.

As quickly as it started the sensation suddenly flooded away and Faith blew out a breath of relief, sitting silently for a few minutes as the leftover tension worked its way from her.

"As I said, what a relaxing vacation!" she laughed eventually. "Least we can start dinner now, if you start the grill up I'll get some food going before they find other ways to wreck my last nerve."

She then jumped to her feet quickly, slightly embarrassed and needing to work off some excess energy and get back to the house, hopefully cockblock Honor as well, give them all some time off. Holding her hand out she helped Kaleb to his feet too, linking her arm through his, still enjoying getting back to their friendship as normal but also still tempted to have some sort of physical touch after the field of desire they'd just come out of.


Rolling onto his back, Honor cradled Cheri on his shoulder as they both recovered enough stamina to breathe fully again, neither of them wanting to move or even speak for long moments, enjoying the blissful feel of each other.

Cheri finally rose first, retrieving her panties and half dancing around the room as she headed into the bathroom and started cleaning up. Honor grinned at his wife, watching her lithe body move before he glanced at his phone, his brow furrowing as he saw a text flash up.

He read Justice's message and quickly replied, asking what had been happening with Patience and the preparations to come to the cabin. After a couple of minutes Justice responded, explaining briefly what had happened, how Patience had uncovered a few extras she wasn't supposed to see. Honor grimaced and asked how things were with them now, Justice letting him know they were on their way but Patience had insisted on coming with them, mentioning they'd just picked up fast food and managed to pick up a little trouble at the same time.

"Oh I take it back, now shit is going to go down." he groaned.

"What's up lover?" Cheri queried, poking her head out of the bathroom.

Honor bit his lip, deciding again how much he should really say to her, at least before they all got there.

"It's ok, just sounds like it's going tricky with the boys, I should talk to Faith, let her know."

"If they're on their way there's plenty of time, they'll be ok, we've got loads of time, come and help me clean up first" she suggested seductively.

Hesitating, Honor carried on texting, asking Justice for more details, discussing what had occurred at their stop.

Standing, Honor pulled his clothes back on. "I need to speak to Faithy first gorgeous, then I'm all yours. Maybe she can get the boys a break from all the nagging."

"Hey" Cheri protested, coming out completely naked, taking his phone from him and tossing it gently to the bed. "Sexy wife first, then almost as sexy siblings second."

Honor leant down and kissed her passionately, tempted to slide his hands across her skin, but with an effort still made to head out of the door. "Five mins babe, I'll just find Kaleb and Faith then come straight back to you."

"You smell of sex Hon, and only I'm into that, come in here with me" she teased, tugging gently at his hand.

Grinning, Honor shrugged and gave in, following her into the bathroom. He'd tried, Justice and Connor could manage for a little longer, they were big enough to cope.

Honor stripped and eagerly followed Cheri into the shower she was running, the steaming water feeling amazing as it ran over both of them as they only too keenly washed each other. Cheri knelt as she smoothed a sponge over his legs then looked up at him with a smirk.

"I know one way you won't be keen to leave" she teased in a singsong voice.

Sliding her fingers around his length she slipped her lips over his tip, easing him inside her mouth as he tilted his head back and moaned in need, already almost fully hard again, unable to resist her even without any psychic help.

"Oh god, oh, that's incredible" he groaned as she worked him in and out of her lips, her tongue flicking across his shaft perfectly.

His hands worked into her hair, gently guiding her as they built up an irresistible rhythm. Before he could lose control Honor guided her up towards him, Cheri releasing him with a pop as she licked her lips in anticipation. Bending over to stabilise herself she spread her legs, hissing with pleasure as he willingly took her invitation and gently slid into her, both of them again racing each other to send pulses of desire circling between them.


Almost to the cabin door, Faith suddenly felt her stomach lurch as if she'd remembered something awful like forgetting to pay her taxes for four years or having failed to feed the cat she actually didn't have. It took her a second to realise what the feeling truly was, the warning of what was approaching, and by then it was too late. This time there was no wave passing over them, this close to the house it was more like an instant taser hit, Faith immediately feeling a hot spike of pleasure so strong it felt like pain shooting between her hips, groaning as it racked its way through her.

That wasn't all she could feel, Kaleb's hands sliding around her waist, his fingertips pressing into her as he pulled her to face him, his muscular frame towering over her, backing her up against the side of the cabin. Without taking a second to question herself she reached up and entwined her hands around the back of his neck, pressing his lips onto hers, both of them immediately covering each others mouths, tongues desperately plunging against each other.

His body rammed against her, pinning her in place as she arched into him, his length hard between her hips. Their moans echoed off each other as their hands roamed unchecked across their bodies. Her palm cupped his cheek, holding him to her as their kisses became more passionate, while her free hand worked down his back until she was able to grip his ass, pulling herself against him as he stroked over her barely covered skin.

Once again, the vibrations of lust ebbed away as quickly as they started, both of them collapsing against each other as if the ground had suddenly been pulled out from under them, the immediate priority being to draw in lungfuls of air. After a beat, Kaleb stepped back to leave plenty of distance between them, running his hand through his hair awkwardly.

"Oh fuck" Faith cussed, whipping away from him. Yanking open the door she strode into the cabin, slamming the downstairs bathroom door behind her, running the cold water and virtually throwing it over her face. Leaving the water running loudly she leant against the wall, quickly sliding her jeans to the floor, her hand snaking between her thighs. With what had happened outside and the residual psychic energy still bouncing around her mind it only took a couple of minutes allowing her fingers to tease across her clit before she bent double, panting in relief as the orgasm washed through her.

Turning the water off once she'd caught her breath she pulled her clothes straight again, sitting on the edge of the bath as she waited for her cheeks to cool before she'd be able to look him in the eye again. That moment wasn't what either of them had planned but it felt somehow long overdue now. Words starting leaching through the door however before she could think more. First Faith thought Kaleb was trying to talk to her until she realised he was reaming out Honor as far as she could tell. Taking a deep breath she unlatched the door to hear the end of the conversation.
Kaleb wouldn’t dare use the term date rape energy to describe what had flooded over him, mostly because it was Faith and he was willing. He’d been willing ever since that one night of passionate phone sex that they never spoke of again. That was when he had realized that Faith wasn’t any form of girl anymore, she was all woman and a sexy one. However, awkwardness was all that had followed that incident, and so it was never spoken of. That being said the waves had taken away his self-control, he had made a move on faith. God, she had felt good in his arms, and he didn’t know she could kiss like that.

However, as she swore and jerked away, Kaleb knew this would join the other incident as things they did not talk about. He now knew why the military wanted a weapon like Cheri though. Kaleb was a soldier, with extensive training. Yes, it wasn’t like Faith was a stranger, but he’d lost his cool, forced himself on her, at least even that much. He mentally corrected himself. He hadn’t forced himself on her. He had initiated but she had met him willingly kiss for kiss. Forcing her would have been pinning her to that wall and not letting her just fucking walk away.

He ran his hand through his hair again as he glared holes int eh wall where she had just stood. He was gonna kill Honor, maybe Cheri too.

Mind made up Kaleb stalked into the house, actually resembling the predator he was. He let his own power flow and mentally projected his voice into the little shit’s brain.

Honor winced as he heard Kaleb’s mental call. He was just cleaning up after he and Cheri’s play time. He frowned and winced.

“What’s wrong?” The observant Cheri asked as she finished toweling off and reached for her panties.

“Kaleb wants me, I gotta go downstairs.”

“Sure, thing I’m through with you,” she teased, “Only one issue,”

“What’s that?”

“We’ve only got one towel, so you have to use mine.”

“Whatever, you’re tiny, you can’t produce that much wet. I mean you can, but you know what I mean,” she smirked and tossed the wet towel at him.

“I have long hair silly; I can produce quite a lot of wet as you say.”

He groaned and began to use the towel, making a note to grab more from downstairs. Honor winced again, “What now?” Cheri asked.

“Kaleb is getting pushy.” And with that Honor wound the towel around his waist even as Cheri reached for the sundress she had been wearing, forgoing any bra. She probably needed one, but Honor didn’t care, she’d caught Kaleb staring a time or two and Faith had enjoyed them enough the couple times she’d given into the younger woman’s charms.

“You’re just going to go down in the towel?”

“Na, I’m not that mean,” Honor said as he stepped into a clean pair of jean shorts, forgoing the shirt in favor of throwing the wet towel over his shoulder and heading downstairs as Cheri started to brush out her long black hair.

“Enough with the migraines Kaleb, dear god I’m coming,” Honor bitched stepping into the kitchen before he paused. Kaleb looked ready to kill. “Peace, buddy,” Honor raised his hands. “What’s the matter with you?”

“Do you have any idea how much energy you two were broadcasting?” Honor’s face fell. “You tell me you’re scared, you’re worried, and then you pull a stunt like that. For fuck sakes will you never grow up?” Kaleb didn’t realize how much he sounded like an irate parent. “Your brother doesn’t do this shit.”

“He just does dumber shit, like steal guns.” Honor retorted, unphased by Kaleb’s anger.

“Fair point, I’ll get to him when he gets here but come on kid is this all a game to you? Do you want every psychic in 30 miles to know where this house is?”

“No,” Honor said.

“Do you want to have to use that rifle?”


“Then think,” and he stepped forward punctuating the word think with a poke into the younger man’s chest. That’s when he felt cool hands on his forearms. They then jumped to his chest. He flinched. He in his anger hadn’t noticed Cheri stepping between them.

“Stay out of this Cheri, unless you want to catch some too. You really don’t want your share of this.”

“You get frustrated when you are aroused but don’t get release don’t you?” Cheri asked softly ignoring him.

“What does that have to do with anything?” he asked as out of his eye he saw Faith open the bathroom door and step out into the room, pausing to assess the situation.

“It means we were putting out energy, you are horny and you should go for a walk.”

“I can’t even believe you. You want me to what, go masturbate like I’m some kind of primate in a rage fit because I haven’t boinked something in a little while.”

“Sweetheart, it’s not been a while. It’s been ages.” She patted him on the chest. “Just take a walk at least for heaven sakes. Honor doesn’t deserve all that. Faith will start dinner and Honor will tell her about the others on their way, some new issue.” Kaleb noticed Faith’s wince, as if she was saying what now?

“What about you?” Kaleb asked, suddenly suspicious that she was going to try to seduce him again.

“I know you want me lover, but I’ll find something to do while you go take care of yourself.”

“Fine, I’ll go for a walk,” Kaleb offered, “Need some air away from all this tension anyway.” He didn’t even look at faith. He wanted to tell her it was ok, they didn’t have to talk about it, but he just turned and walked out.

Honor threw his leg over a barstool and gave a slight wave to Cheri as if dismissing her. Responding to the gesture Cheri slipped out after Kaleb, though moving far more quietly than Kaleb would be expecting.

“She’ll sort him out,” Honor offered to Faith with a slight shrug.

Kaleb for his part went for a walk but hadn’t made it much further than the tailgate of the truck in the driveway. Briefly he considered getting inside it and driving away. However, with trouble near and who knew what exact threats on the horizon, he didn’t dare. Could Cheri be right and he need relief? He rubbed at his cock through his pants but didn’t pull it out. He was above his base urges.

“Fuck it,” he growled and pulled himself out of his shorts and began to stroke himself. His mind flashed with the day’s events, the kisses with Faith, the feel of Cheri’s touch, watching her please Honor and wondering what it might feel like. He closed his eyes as he started to build himself up, glad they had no neighbors.