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Monica laughed brightly at Zoe's exclamation, keeping up her hard thrusts she drove the toy in and out of Gabi, watching her ass ripple with the force of each impact. She gave her girlfriend another sharp slap to the bottom "less talking, more eating." she grinned and raked her nails hard along Gabi's hips, then grabbed them again for leverage, fucking her deep and hard, taking her over and over again. "Lick that pussy baby. make Zoe cum. you know that's what you want."
“Yes, baby,” Gabi said, performatively apologetic in tone.

“You heard her,” Zoe said, a cheeky smile on her red lips as she pressed gently on the top of the brunette’s head.

Gabi let out a stifled moan of pleasure as Monica smacked her ass. Her girlfriend played the bad cop of sorts, plowing her harder and harder with the fake cock while Zoe played good cop, hands now caressing the top of Gabi’s head, then her temples, letting out of a series of quiet, high-pitched whines as the brunette’s full lips did their work.

Gabi’s entire body tensed as if jolted by electricity. “Come on, Gabs. Cum for us,” Zoe coaxed her, her tone gentle. “Come on, sexy.”

Gabi let out a deep moan and then her body released, almost seemingly going limp on Zoe’s lap. “Ohhh god. Ohh, fuck!” The curvy girl breathed deeply and hung her head down, shrouded by her black hair.

Gabi looked back at Monica, her quick glances somehow conveying an almost overwhelming mix of desire, affection, and comfort. A half-smile on her lips and having cum herself, Gabi now turned her attentions back to Zoe’s pussy.

Her tongue worked multiple angles, joined by a couple of her delicate fingers. For a while, she sucked on Zoe’s clit, adjusting her body and face’s position slightly so Monica could get a good glimpse.

“Please kiss me,” Zoe urged Monica. Before long, the three of them were intertwined once again. As Zoe kissed Monica hard, pressing her small, firm body against the taller blonde, Gabi continued to eat her out, kneading Monica’s rear with her hand.

“Don’t let me go,” Zoe begged Monica as Gabi brought her to the verge of ecstasy, and then pushed her right over. The curly-haired girl climaxed clinging to Monica, while Monica felt Gabi’s hand digging into her own right hip.

The entire room went silent for a moment. Then, the three girls collapsed together, sprawled across the king-sized bed.
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Monica slid wordlessly out of the harness. She slid behind Gabi, spooning her and looking over at Zoe, holding Gabi where she could look at the other girl and kiss her. She reached over her girlfriend, brushing Zoe's arm softly, just wanting to keep her in the mix. She sighed "mmmm fuck that was hot" she closed her eyes and kissed Gabi's shoulder, tangling her leg in Gabi's. She sighed, pressing her face into Gabi's thick, dark hair. She inhaled, smelling the three of them, bodies, shampoo, perfume, the smell of sex all combining in her heightened senses.
Gabi let out a little wordless purr of agreement. “I think that seals it,” Zoe said, side of her face snuggled in against the brunette’s chest. “I like girls.”

Gabi giggled. The three young women cuddled together a while, enjoying each other’s warmth and touch. “Oh. I have to give you your presents,” Zoe said excitedly after several minutes. She slipped off the bed, padding back over to her overnight bag, then produced two small wrapped parcels “I can pour you all some wine while you open them. I hope you don’t mind it in red Solo cups.”

“We’re Cottersville girls, so…,” Gabi responded with a smile.

Monica opened her gift as Zoe returned with two cups of wine for her two friends. The first gift was a light blue T-shirt with a cartoon pickle saying the phrase, “I’m kind of a big dill.”

“Sorry. I thought it was too adorable to resist,” she said with a grin, pulling out a THC gummy. The second gift Monica opened was a simple, handwoven bracelet incorporating Cottersville High’s school colors.
"awww zoe." she kissed her cheek "this is so sweet" she put the bracelet on her wrist. "I'm wearing that shirt like everywhere. Gabi will probably burn it at some point" she grinned and nestled in "you didn't have to bring us anything" she kept Zoe curled in on one side and Gabi on the other "so what's up with you anyway? you coming down here next year? going to state?"
Zoe beamed. “I’m making you one, too, Gabs.”

“Aww. Thanks, sweetie,” Gabi said, intertwining her fingers with the petite girl’s atop Monica’s stomach.

“I reeaally want to come here. This is definitely my first choice. Then NYU. Then, a diiiistant third, state,” she said with a grin. Her expression grew a bit contemplative. “Decisions letters are supposed to get here in a few weeks. But even if I get in, it depends on scholarships and stuff. You know how it is.”

“At least when any of those schools, you’ll only be, like, 3, 4 hours away,” Gabi said. “And Monica and I are like, way overdo for our first college road trip.”

“Hmm…all three of us squeezing into a dorm bed…”

“We’d make it work,” Gabi said with a little laugh, taking a sip of wine.

It was only a little past 9:30. The three girls cuddled for a while, catching up on times past, talking about their respective classes and long-term plans, before putting on a movie. About fifteen minutes in, helped along by the wine and edibles, Monica felt Gabi’s fingers slipping down between her thighs, then felt Zoe’s lips softly kissing her bare breast.

The three friends played and explored all night, Zoe slowly growing in confidence each time she ate out Gabi or Monica and with every time she communicated her needs and desires. The darkness of the Prospect City skyline was just starting to dissipate when the three of them, exhausted, finally drifted off to sleep.

The next evening, they continued to celebrate Monica’s birthday by hosting some friends at their apartment—Hadley and crew, Ian and Eve, plus some of Gabi’s fellow LSA members.

As the evening went along, Gabi stayed close to Monica, but Zoe seemed to be playing the part of Monica and Gabi’s friend. At a certain point, Ruben made his way over to Zoe, and they spoke and laughed together a bit. When the curly-haired girl wandered off to talk with Hadley and Layla, the handsome, athletic guy made his way over to where Monica and Gabi were chatting with Porter.

“So,” Ruben said. “What’s your friend Zoe’s deal?”

“Oh. She applied here and might be starting next fall. She’s doing online classes right now,” Gabi answered, sipping her drink.

“Yeah, she mentioned that. Is she, like, with anyone?” he asked, stealing another glance over at her.

The Latina looked at Monica. “Umm…”
Monica hmmmed and looked over at Gabi. Something in the girl's umm led her to believe that Gabi might be wrangling for some sort of throuple situation. She played it off, answering "well, Ruben, you know it just hasn't come up. What with her being in Cottersville and all. We just haven't discussed it." She sipped at her beer, putting her hand on Gabi's back a moment, then let it fall away "you'd have to ask her."
Ruben nodded. “Gotcha.” Taking a sip of his beer, he added, “Liquid courage,” then made his way over to the petite blonde girl.

Gabi wrapped Monica’s arms around her waist. Ruben and Zoe chatted again for a little while, with Zoe occasionally casting glances over at her friends. A few minutes later, Ruben got pulled away by Layla and another LSA member.

Zoe had made her way back over while Monica and Nick were idly discussing the STEM career fair the upcoming week.

"I hate networking," Nick lamented. "It makes me feel dirty. And not in, like, a good way."

"So, what do you think of Ruben?" Gabi asked Zoe casually.

“He’s very cute,” Zoe said. Leaning between the two girls, her slightly oversized glasses slipping down her nose, she said in a low voice, “Not as cute as you two.”

Gabi and Zoe were still curled up on Monica and Gabi’s pushed together mattresses when Monica awoke Sunday morning. She’d received some texts from her father:

“Good morning, honey. I didn’t want to bother you while you were celebrating, but can you please give me a call as soon as you can? It’s not life-threatening per se, but we should talk.”

When Monica called her father back a few minutes later, he asked how her birthday weekend had gone, then got down to brass tacks. “I just thought you should know…Alex Sutter is dead. Murdered. He and his girlfriend.”
Monica felt her throat go dry a moment. Her first thought was the Imperial, but then that wasn't likely. Sutter hadn't been involved in anything that would involve the Imperial. There were two other likely answers. First and foremost was Helix. He'd mentioned having run-ins with them. She'd sent the Helix sample to him and it may have come out through a mole in his organization that he had it. That seemed the most likely explanation. That or their rivalry had just come to a head of some sort. The second was that it was someone from home. It sucked never being able to discount that possibility.

THere was an upside. She was free of her promise to Sutter to not reveal the presence of the Centauri on Earth. Ultimately, she felt like this was the right play... maybe not for today, but eventually. Resettlement of some of the non-battle caste on the planet as refugees could solve a large number of Earth's climate related issues while providing humanitarian relief to those affected by the worst of Centauri excess. As a long term plan she was committed to using Centauri green energy and plastics replacements to clean up the planet. She felt a stab of shame at already calculating how to turn this to her advantage.

"Do we know who? Where did it happen? He had security at his canadian retreat. Are they also dead? were they in on it? Was it us?" She hmmmed and went into the shower, turning it on to cover the sound of her conversation with her father so as not to clue Zoe in on things.
“It happened in a park on the mainland about 30 minutes from his house. Early evening. There’s not much in the preliminary investigation. They’re treating it as a possible armed robbery gone wrong, because apparently, he and his girlfriend were missing some valuables, but…” He paused. “Something smells about this. If you’re mugging some couple, even if you’re out of your mind on meth, it doesn’t make sense to shoot one of them, let alone both of them. It’s not Gotham City.”

There was a soft knock on the door. “Mon?” Zoe asked. “You want some coffee?” she asked in a chipper tone.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this,” her father continued. “It could be someone knows he helped us. Or just one of the old sleeper agents who finally stumbled across his trail after all of these years.”
"No im good" Monica shouted over the shower then returned to the conversation "could be. I'll see if Thalmer knows anything. For all i know could be him. This sucks. At least his device is buying us some time for now." She worried her lip "I am going to assume until I hear otherwise it was Helix. We shall see though. I'll see what I can see. Not much though, without having a canadian contact."
At the suggestion that Thalmer could have committed the crime, James Bergenson replied, “Yeah, I was thinking that. I’m pretty sure this is the type of work he does based on our last encounter.” When Monica suggested contacting him, her father replied, “No. Absolutely not. I don’t want you reaching out to this guy, okay? Even if he pledged to serve you or whatever the hell back in Michigan.” The agitation in his tone raised the question of how he would react if he knew the Centauri Battle Caste had been training Monica for months now and had accompanied her on the raid of the HelixCorp site.

“Yeah, we’ll have to leave the boots on the ground investigation to the Nova Scotia PD for now,” her father said, a hint of frustration in his voice. “If they don’t start to yield results soon, I can try hacking into their system. Can't imagine the security's that elaborate."

Pausing, he added, “I’m sorry to rain on your parade. Did you have a good weekend? How’s Gabi?”
"uh, Gabi's good." she was a little distracted by the news. "please don't hack foreign police departments dad. That's how you get sent to gitmo and they discover you're you know, not swedish after all" She changed the subject "im about to go, what time are you coming on Friday?"
“Fine. I’ll be careful if you’re careful,” her father said. “Pick you up after your last class? I took the day off.”

They agreed on a time of 3:30. “Good morning,” Zoe said, curly hair an adorable mess after another intensely pleasurable night. She sat on the couch, knees raised up in front of her, sipping a cup of tea, clad in an oversized gray T-shirt and sleep shorts.

A little while, Gabi made her way out, a sleepy look on her face, and about an hour or so later, Zoe was packed and ready to go, Monica hauling the bigger of her two pieces of luggage and preparing to walk her to the parking lot with her girlfriend.

As they stood near her blue Ford, Zoe put her arms out for hugs. “Thank you guys. That was…um…” Blushing, she smiled. “That was lovely.”
Monica curled Zoe in and gave her a kiss on the cheek "We were glad you could make it" She let her go, then wrapped her arm around Gabi. She squeezed her girlfriend close, watching Zoe roll out of the parking lot and off towards home. She kissed Gabi's cheek, then led her back into the apartment. She was stressed a bit, partially by the news about Sutter, partially about the weekend. She went into the kitchen, starting to make some sandwiches for lunch, trying to figure out if she should even broach the subject with Gabi about whether Gabi was just really into threesomes or if she had a thing for Zoe or what. She decided to put that off, instead picking up her phone and texting thalmer "we should talk."
Thalmer replied about 30 minutes later. “Okay. I can make it back to the city tomorrow if you’d like to get some training in, too. Or give me a call. Either works.”

She could hear Gabi humming along to an Olivia Rodrigo song as she set about cleaning up the living room.
Monica set about helping her girlfriend clean up a bit. "So Ruben and zoe huh? How do you feel about that?" She brushed her hand along Gabi's back, keeping her tone light, trying to gage how her girl was feeling about zoe what with the "ummm" when asked if Zoe was single.
Gabi washed a dish and passed it over to Monica, popping out an earbud. “Why?” she asked, in a tone of casual amusement. “Did Zoe talk to you about him?” Smiling, she washed another dish. “I think they’d be cute, but I kinda think she’s maybe got a little bit of a thing for you right now.” Her tone was still light. She squeezed another dollop of orange liquid into the dishwater.
Monica considered a moment the best way to diplomatically navigate this thing. She wrapped her arms around her girl from behind and kissed her neck "well unless you're gonna tell me you're interested in an open relationship or something I think I'm pretty much spoken for for the foreseeable future" she laughed and nibbled the shell of Gabi's ear "if not forever." She laughed "which is not a proposal." she flicked her tongue along Gabi's ear, her hands sliding under Gabi's top to cup her breasts. "I have the hottest girl in the world. Zoe's cute but she's not you."
Gabi relaxed into Monica’s touch, any lingering tension left in her body releasing. “Aww. Thank you, honey.” She let the dish gloves slip onto the edge of their dish drain. “We should probably have a talk with Zoe. She was kinda the one who suggested the idea—her coming into town—when I was talking with her about planning your birthday, and…I guess we should kinda be clear on where we stand with her. Especially if she might be moving here if she gets in.”

The dark-haired girl turned to face Monica, draping her hands over her shoulders. “To be honest, I was really just thinking of this as a special thing, or an occasional thing. I don’t want what we have to change. You’re the only girl—only person I’ve ever loved. Will ever love, probably. I don’t want Zoe to get the wrong idea. I mean, we’re going to be back in Cottersville next weekend, so she’ll probably ask. I feel like we need to let her know how we feel about this.”

Gabi tugged on the sleeve of her gray hoodie. “What do you think? Do you just want to tell her that this was a special thing? Or an occasional thing? I kinda don’t think it could ever be more than just, like…casual because…because of your secret.”

The brown-haired girl sighed. “I’m sorry. We should have talked about this after the first time, and before I invited her back. I was just…I was so focused on this being your 20th and the first birthday where we were together, that I just…I wanted to make it memorable.”
Monica relaxed and smiled "it was fucking memorable" she laughs "but you know you don't have to pull out the stops every year. If I guess right i'll get about 100 more of them." she brushes her girl's hair back, then leans down to kiss her "special occasional thing is really best I think. Besides Zoe can't live her life mooning around after us. She will eventually be just as miserable as she was in Chicago. Also I just don't have room for more than one girl in my life, so that girl is gonna be you." She let her fingers brush through the latina's thick hair, looking down into her eyes. "It was a super fun weekend babe."
Gabi returned the kiss, curling her arms around her lover’s lower back. “That’s true,” she said when Monica expressed her concern about Zoe. “We should probably FaceTime with her sometime this week. Just to…let her know how things stand.”

The brunette’s face lit up. “I’m so glad you had a good time, honey. You know how you plan something out and you picture it happening one way and then, like, 90% of the time it doesn’t happen? Well…I felt like everything worked out perfectly. I love you so much.”


Monica was just leaving her Computational Methods in Engineering class the next day when she received another text from Thalmer. “Hey. I should be getting into town around 6:00 tonight in case you wanted to talk about whatever it is you wanted to talk about.”
Monica stopped by a food truck and got some chicken fingers, then texted him back as she was eating "six sounds good. text when you're around we can work out and talk all at once." She texted Gabi to say she'd be grabbing dinner somewhere and she'd be late but not too late, then went home and studied, waiting on Thalmer.
When Monica left to meet up with her Centauri trainer, a late March, chilly drizzle was falling. She found Thalmer in their usual training area, leaning up against a support column and checking his phone until he spotted her approaching. His usual mid-length golden hair was trimmed short. “Hi,” he said, sounding oddly caught off-guard. “It’s been a while. Sounds like someone's been busy.” He flipped his phone around to show her the headline from her recent encounter with the burglar employing the electricity-manipulation tech.
"yeah. I have my suspicions about that case. I need to get in and talk to the one who walks through walls, but that's not super easy. It almost seems like she let herself get caught though. Also she was stealing this mutagen. I need to know if she's some sort of ... misguided vigilante or if that was for the money." She started doing some light stretching "So something I have to ask you. I was working with this centauri scientist who was helping stabilize the interference around the wormhole. Alex Sutter. Know anything about him?"