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Inducing Erotic Dreams

So she is riding me reverse cowgirl. I am watching my slick shaft sliding in and out to the max. I am getting ready to cum and I pull out at the last minute and let it go between her cheeks. She moans and grinds her butt into me sliding up and down massaging both of us. I reach over her and my finger finds her slit leaning up and biting the soft part of her back a little more than gently.

she lets out a little scream but it has no conviction. She moans and grabs my thumb violently jilling herself with my finger as her instrument of pleasure until she squirts and soaks us both.

I wake up and she is gone. For a minute I am sad she is not there then I spend the rest of the day smiling every time I think about it.

It does not happen every night but If I edge enough without cuming and think sexy thoughts as I go to bed.. Sometimes it works if I have an erotic chat, sometimes from reading a story, sometimes from watching very realistic amateur porn. Sometimes all three. You do have to think about it when you wake up to remember the details. If you get sidetracked by anything the memory will be gone.

Who else does this? Have you discovered a trigger that I am not aware of?
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Ive never been good at inducing dreams but Ive always been able to control everything in them. Being in my dreams is kind of like being in the Matrix. I jist do whatever I want.
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