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Daddy dick curiosity from Son

The title says it all! I'm a guy who has been super hung up on my dad's dick lately. I'm a married man and am straight as far as basic attraction, but definitely bi in fantasy land and would go there if possible. I have some experience from my younger years.

The thing that got me thinking about it is that I remember it looking so much like mine when it was soft. It's driving me crazy wanting to see it hard! Every time I watch mine grow it crosses my mind. Even if it wasn't sexual, I just want to see. Of course, I do make it sexual.

Any other guys have this hangup? I'm sure you can imagine I go wild with it, but I'm mostly curious about who else has these thoughts in general.

It's gotten so far as me wanting to go swimming just to get a glimpse of his dick as he gets out of the water and his swimsuit clings to it. When I see him in jeans I imagine it popping out. Oh goodness.
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I was into my daddy's dick and fortunately was able to act on it. Unfortunately he passed away early.
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