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Spooning brings healing

I just had a horrible time last night of vomiting multiple times. This morning I am still feeling queasy and not right. There is nothing quite so bad as being alone and sick. It is in days like this I really wish I had a girlfriend or wife. She would bring me a little cup of tea with lemon to stabilize my stomach and then slip back under the covers with me. She would give me a gentle kiss on the cheek and then slide up against me so we could spoon. I would place my arm around her and hug her while she very slowly rubs her butt against my groin. It feels good and loving while fitting in very well with my lazy mood due to my sickness. Just a little fun while not engaging in full blown sex. Her body warmth against me and her sweet voice as she told me that she loves me would help to drift me off to a recovering sleep. In the afternoon I wake up feeling better--but my girl is not there---oh wait, that's right i'm single. Was it all just a fever dream?

*by the way i really am sick right now---thought my wishes would make a good seed for a story by a better writer than I.
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