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pancake batter

sexy food fight!

if that isn't enough to get you started, some variations:

~ husband sneaks up behind wife as she mixes the batter, cupping her tips. She leaps, spilling the batter...
~ college kids sharing a house. One of them has a sleepover guest who mixes the batter , but finds better uses for it than cooking
~ bratty 18 yr old sister/daughter flings batter at brother/mom/dad...
~house guest, leading to threesome on the kitchen table. Hubby's army buddy? wife's sorority sister?
~ the morning after... (s)he wakes up, realizes sex occurred, but fuzzy on details, walks into kitchen , finds a naked stranger mixing the batter....

or whatever YOUR dirty mind envisions...

speaking of which... a voyeur angle maybe?
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Bad Grandpa

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Mom is mixing pancake batter for the family breakfast, but gets a sudden urge to crap like a moose, and runs to the bathroom.

Teenage (18 of course) son, horny as all hell, takes the occasion to jerk off into the batter, and makes good his escape before Mom returns to finish cooking.

Family is sitting at the table, all loving the pancakes! They keep pestering Mom about what she did differently, but Mom denies any deviation from the usual recipe.

Sexy daughter says,"I know you put something in here. It tastes really, really familiar. But I can't put my finger on what it is!"

Son's eyes get wide. He knows whose room he is sneaking into tonight.....
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The entire family then falls under the hypnotic control of their new master, the son. Everybody knows that cooked semen is actually hypnotic and puts people under your thrall.

What. . .I had to say soemthing zanier than Carnie and. . .yeah that takes practice, skill and in most cases research.
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Point 1: It's not just the batter, it's the syrup too. I've learned that when one is out of syrup, a good substitute can be made with sugar, butter, and tequila.

Point 2: I love pancakes that aren't made with just wheat flour. I like buckwheat pancakes, and cornmeal (maize) pancakes, and even rye pancakes. Ah, rye. Rye grains are sometimes infected with the ergot fungus, which contains lysergic acid. There is a history of ergotism epidemics, where entire communities experience spontaneous dancing and orgies and hallucinations. This is fact, look it up.

Point 3: Eating as a sensuous activity. I'll be your pancake. Drench me in syrup, and eat me.

Put those points together. Alcoholic syrup. Hallucinogenic batter. Oral delights. Y'all take it from there.
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