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Rich Hot Neglected Wife Interviews Poolboys

I'm thinking about a story of a rich hot wife whose husband is too busy with his empire (and secretaries) to properly service his wife. So she fucks around...a lot.

In this particular story she is interviewing new pool boys and yard workers.

I like the idea of fresh cum in her pussy from the previous interview while she is talking with the next young man. Perhaps one shows up for the interview early and a threesome ensues.

Can't get enough of stories about sluts!

Do you have ideas to include?
Slut Lover
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Definitely an interesting storyline! You could have a cuckold scene, where the husband returns home to his wife during one of her interview sessions.

She then ignores him, and makes him watch her take the well-hung poolboy as punishment for cheating on her.

I definitely like the bit about the
fresh cum in her pussy from the previous interview while she is talking with the next young man
I'm sure that can be expanded on too!
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You could play the interracial-cliche card: the poolboy candidates are strapping black bucks with footlong cocks, and lusty latinos, oversexed orientals, and stoical indians, as well as the usual bullet-headed gringo jocks. And she's bi, so candidates include girls of various ethnicities and improbable anatomies. Just don't mention her favorite rottweiler.
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Thumbs up Speedos

If she's going to interview guys they need to be wearing their Speedos - the tighter and more revealing the better. If you check out greenguy under 'free group sex photos' I think, you will find some posts of photos of women interviewing guys for some job - the women are fully clothed and the guys are all naked with erect cocks being measured for size - both with a ruler and their mouths - before some group fucking, of course. But think about interviewing the pool boys in their swimwear - maybe she can have some examples of what she wants them to wear on hand so if they don't bring the right gear she can help them out. And remember, tight Speedos is always a come on for the guys to fuck each other as well - for that sort of inspiration try a site called Aussie Speedo Guy. Good luck - pool boy stories are one of my faves.
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