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Know any great first time/romance stories?

I hadn't ever intended on posting, but I need help. I've read many of the stories on Lit the past six or so years, and it seems like the well of enjoyable stories is drying up for me. I like a few different genres, though there is only one I'm finding true difficulty with. I can't seem to find any more great, first time, romantic stories between two teens. I'm looking for something that builds up tension and has good character development - with more than just a few pages, ideally. Something well-written; I'm not really looking for quick, sloppy jerk-off stories. I want to be enthralled and drawn into the story, and experience it with the characters.

Is there anyone on here that thinks they can assist me in my search? I'd appreciate it greatly. Thank you to those who try in advance.

P.S. I prefer male POV when in first person, or, of course, any third person narrative.
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Try my story," Wishin'" by Robert Reams. There are others also. Try," A Lust for Life", or "Come Sail away With Me." First time, Horror Romance. another first time, "Maggie, A Virgin"
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Post storys

Read my storys
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