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I've got a challenge for all the writers out there. I love women in pantyhose. I'd like to see more stories where the women stays in her pantyhose and the man (or men) rip a hole in them or pull them down. I'd also like to see some pantyhose stories with a non-consensual bent.
1. A businesswoman is strip-searched at an airport. The customs officer forces her to strip down to her pantyhose in public. Then he takes her into a private room for a body cavity search. He then blackmails her into having sex with him while she's still in the hose.
2. A company CEO finds out a woman is embezzling the compnay for thousands of dollars. He confronts her with his knowledge and forces her to become his sex slave after making her strip down to her pantyhose in front of the company's board of directors.
3. A bank robber with a pantyhose fetish rapes a cashier during the course of a robbery.
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question for #3 - Does the bank robber get to pull the pantyhose over his face after he takes it off her? ha ha. No, your ideas sound okay, being a pantyhose/tights lover myself. I think a most exciting story would be held at a place where women flaunt then constantly like a ballet or a model search pageant. LOTS of emphasis on sheerness and leg!!!
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