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Finding a specific fantasy story

I remember reading a very well written story on this site some time ago and I can't seem to locate it from searching alone. The setting of the story was typical fantasy but I'm not sure if it was under fantasy & sci-fi or another group.

The story dealt with a young boy who befriended a witch/sorceress that lived near his village and many years later he had returned to her and he confronted her about his love for her. The lady was feared by everyone in the village except a young boy who met up with her one day out in the woods or possibly near a lake or body of water. I remember a few specifics from the story, one thing that stood out was the woman's ability to read his thoughts essentially or probe his mind in a way that she could tease him. He knew this and tried to resist but he was very young and couldn't shut her out completely. They became good friends and years later the boy returned as a man who I believe had fought in some sorta war or crusade and all he could think about was getting back to her. I think there was a part during that section of the story where he was a bit upset over the fact that he might have died and would never have the chance to see her again. He was a bit angry and upset that she might have toyed with his emotions all these years but they reconciled in their love for each other.

If anyone knows the story I'm talking about and can help me find it I'd really appreciate it because I remember it being a very well written story with lots of fresh scenes and I'd love to leave some feedback for the author who was kind enough to post it.
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