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Besserwissers or Psychobabble

For the following idea, I'm looking for either a male co-writer or a small group of male & female writers. If you're interested, please take a look at my SRP Profile to see what I look for in my co-writers and send me a PM with your thoughts for the story.


Besserwissers or Psychobabble: (1-1 or Small Group up to 4) More here.
The days have fallen into a pattern of predictability that make her feel grounded. The practice is flourishing, she's living close to her family, reconnected with old friends and taking chances to learn new hobbies like videogames and rock climbing. Soon, it'll be a decade since the event that tore apart her heart and made her doubt her sanity.

Ten years.
Yet not enough.

She's made peace with it. As much as she could. As much as she can. Now, her life is about helping people figure out their issues and helping them. It's no longer a hunt to find the killer before time runs out.

News: The third grisly murder scene has been discovered last night. The detective in charge is reluctant to state that there is a serial killer loose in our area but our inside sources state that a psychotic murderer may be loose in the city.
Sin cera ~
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So I have a few other ideas for peoples out there.

Ex 1:
World of Warcraft: I like edgy sort of rp. Perhaps a horde warlock comes upon a alliance hunter in the wood, captures her and turns her into his minion. He would have to break her, which wouldn't be easy. But eventually a fondness grows between them. She enjoys learning and becomes his apprentice ect... I would love to do a long running rp along these lines.

Ex 2:
Werewolves: Best friends forever, two friends are graduating. The night ends with a horribly bad accident that leaves the two in the woods. The guy would be attacked protecting his friend and when all is said and done, he becomes a werewolf. His animal urges prove to be too much for his friendship because he's finding himself increasingly drawn to her. He eventually realizes she's his mate and all that.

Ex 3:
An Amazon and Ares: An amazon warrior in the lust of battle, calls upon the aid of Ares to protect her. She comes out victorious and Ares wants something in return for his protection.
Please PM me if you find any of these ideas interesting. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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When I became homeless I never thought that playing my busted ass guitar on Main Street for change would turn into a million dollar career. It had been months since my girlfriend kicked me to the curb after I couldn't make headway in the job market. Ever since I survived off the money people threw into my guitar case while I played and sang for them.

Now you might wonder how this turned into me making millions of dollars a year. Well one day while I was playing across from a very famous cafe in town, Sarah Fiora was fighting with her manager. Sarah was the biggest rock slash pop starlet in the business right now. She had just released a new album and was trying to put a tour together, however her old guitarist quit to join a tour with Justin Bieber.

At that moment I had no idea she was sitting at the cafe trying to get a new guitar player. I just happened to be playing one of her old hits and my guitar playing kind of carries.
Insert something witty here.
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Have a few thread ideas for a creative female writer to join. Looking for descriptive writing that is done in the third person. Please PM me with what plot you are interested in, your character idea, maybe a portrait, and if applicable where you'd like the story to go.

Plot 1: In the darkness he has lurked for the last thirteen years as an assassin. Without emotion he has killed countless people and little has phased him, that was until his last kill. He had killed his mark, but in the slaying he had stumbled upon the victims child, who had seen him, and then had seen her father in a pool of blood. Sworn to kill anyone that sees him he makes his move, but hesitates, and is essentially unable to kill. Conflicted he passes off numerous tasks until he is tasked with killing the daughter of an arms dealer. He plans on going through with it, that is, until he sees her. He cannot complete this task, but what that will mean...

Plot 2: A bandit in the Wild West has a change of heart, but can't leave without the prize. Chased by his former comrades he is wounded and found barely alive on the riverbank by a young woman. Her ranch is nearby, but her family is away for the day.

Plot 3: A failed French nobleman wishes to make an alliance with a Germanic tribe. For gold and support he will give the tribe his daughter to secure them in the nobility of France. However, the tribe had considered this, agreed to the terms, but they'll be rescinding the offer and taking everything he has left.


Already have entry posts for Plot 2 and 3, if interested I can PM them too you. Please PM me if interested in writing.
PM me for my SRP

Also, I will be posting AT MOST twice per day from now on. That means twice per thread. Every thread I am in will at least get one substantial post per day.

That statement complicated enough?
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Looking to take on new female co-writers for stories. As always, the final story idea will be shared -- in other words we will spend some time working it out before going live - and I am looking for that give & take during the writing process as well. Posts usually come a few times a week, sometimes more or less depending on how long we make the posts.

Here are some ideas that I have banged around recently:

The Specialist -- She had the offer of her dreams. One week camp with the specialist that will take her game to a whole new level. This could mean best in class or All-American or the Olympics or who knows how high. What she doesn't know is his techniques are quite controversial & always kept a secret. (Pick your sport, any would likely fit)

Rumspringa -- Before they enter a long life following Amish ways, younger members of the community is allowed to experience life in the outside world. Many end up being challenged to ask themselves if they stay in the outside world or return back to all of what they know. Two ways to play this - two Amish friends since childhood try the big city, which brings them closer -- OR my Amish guy in the big city overwhelmed and taken in by a nice woman (or a "nice" woman).

Which Way You Heading? -- A man on a long drive after spending yet another holiday with the family gets asked by a woman where he is heading, and it turns out she really doesn't care as long as it's anywhere but here. This could be a story where he is a safe harbor when she runs, or could turn this into a him taking advantage of her too.

I have also though about characters specific to period / fantasy stories, though no plot jumps to mind. They include:
-- Ancient Roman Nobility vs. Slave/Indentured Servants. Along the lines of Spartacus themed.
-- Western US Gold Rush Days -- when the men came for riches, and the women came to get a piece of those riches. I have a plot in mind for this - along the lines of a dance girl with a heart of gold and a naive gold rush newbie coming together.
-- Medieval Fantasy - Think Lord of the Rings / World of Warcraft
-- Something with a Christmas Theme - Like you never wanted to see the 'Peppermint Stick, on Ole St. Nick'

Always willing to discuss other ideas too. Talking through the story ideas are half the fun.
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incest slut

hiya! yahoo me! stephslut@
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Timing is everything A scene about a woman whose husband/boyfriend just left to be with another woman. She tries to keep it together, but the hurt is too much, and one night she starts drinking, just to try to numb herself. That's when he shows up. He's wanted her for a long time, but has never had a chance. Even before she was married, she was out of his league - way out. Now, though, she's vulnerable and lonely and ready to make all sorts of bad decisions.

Fall from Grace She was a nobody in high school, a fat loser who barely dared to dream about him. He's the one everybody thought have the world at his feet, but one night after graduation he got drunk and wrecked his car, killed the golden girl. No more scholarships, straight to prison instead of university. His perfect family fell apart, pulled away from him, he's lost everything. Now he's back. Ali had always had a crush on him. Now she's the one who has it all, beautiful house, beautiful family, great job, great life, and she's turned into a beautiful woman. She's too smart to throw it all away for a crippled ex-con with no future.
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Deleted. Sorry. I thought I was in my OOC thread for my ORP story.

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Hi. Interested in the fall from grace storyline. Check out my other posts and let me know if my writing style is something that interests you. Thanks.
"All gall and copperas from his ink he draineth..."

- Ben Jonson
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Owned by NCincestlover
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So I wasn't going to post as I've dealt with so much poor writing lately that I am afraid to chance it but here goes nothing.

Theresa is your average princess. Tall, blonde, spoiled, poised, in control of everything in her life; except one teeny, TINY detail.... Her country. After the death of her father and two brothers, Theresa was left with responsibilty of the throne to protect it from greedy, malevolent nobles. Subjects adore her, nobles respect her, but when war threatens tthe very fabric of her people's existence, will the men who have been so long under the command of male leaders gatherbeside her and support her or will pigheaded stubborness and addiction to tradition win out?

Enter: Handsome Stranger. No one knows who he is or where he came from but he is suddenly there, demanding a high rank among the military. In need of good men and hoping to win his loyalty, Theresa is not left many options

Will her plan work or will he betray her?

Needed: one literate male character. I've left the character very openended so have fun and enjoy. Also pleanty of room for minor characters. Would like to maybe have a "gangbang" seen where the military officials try to put Theresa in her place. Who knows? Pm me with ideas..
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My favourite role plays involve women I know in real life and I'm looking for a literate and perverted role play partner to join me in this. To help with the role we can chat about their personality and share photos. I have a number of very sexy subjects ranging in age from 18 to 50.

The right person will be able to combine dialogue and description to play out a kinky scene with very few limits. If things go well we can alternate playing out each others fantasies.

Send me a message if you're interested
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Little Minx
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I am looking to start some new threads. I like to write with a partner that is creative, and detailed so if that is you send me a pm! I don't have any particular ideas at the moment, but I am open to discussion. However, as I am a lady I will play female characters, but can take on male characters for a side role.
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Wonder if anyone is interested in a possible alien/mf torture fic? Feel free to PM me!
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the other poster in this thread has left lit, so the post has opened up for professor porter, come along and play!

My first Lit story, please go read, masturbate, and comment


Switch chapter 2 is now available!!! again, go read, masturbate furiously and send me feedback!

I am sorry to have been away, but I am BACK now! Loving my SRP's at the moment and I hope you are all enjoying them, feedback is very welcome!x

"Everybody loves you when they are about to cum"

It's been so long since I've had sex I've forgotten who ties up whom"
Joan Rivers

My Sex Map!

Sexual Role Play-

SRP Profile-Recently updated!

More than Human
MTH is a fantasy story which I am finding very enjoyable!

For the safety of the public
A Sci-Fi adventure!

The EastEnd Girls
A Tale of several girls who decide escorting would be a good idea
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I'm looking for a detail oriented female to rp a storyline where you are a DC intern in a congressional office, and I am the chief of staff, who can make or break your career. Story will feature rough, coercion, blackmail, power games, but also something of a gradually respectful and even loving relationship between the two main characters. Please PM if interested or with any suggestions/ideas!
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A friend of mine posted up an interesting theory on the movie Labyrinth.

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a sorcerer named Jareth.
He fell in love with a human girl named Sarah, and she with him.

But Sarah’s father and step-mother would not allow them to marry.
For then they would lose the servant and nanny for their beloved new baby.
In a fit of rage, Jareth kidnapped the infant and spirited it away to the fairy realm.

In this other world, Jareth turned the spoiled baby into a goblin in retribution.
Jareth also created a beautiful palace for his Sarah, one where she’d be treated like the Queen she was.

Sadly, time moved differently in the fairy world then the mortal one. By the time Jareth believed his new realm worthy of his love, his Sarah was long since dead.

Overcome by grief, Jareth descended into madness.
Grief gave way to denial.
His Sarah could not be dead, but was in fact being hidden by her wicked step-mother!
He must rescue her.

A common name, it doesn’t take Jareth long to find another dark-haired Sarah. Over and over again.
Ones with an unfair step-mother and unwanted younger sibling.
Unable to reason, Jareth kidnaps the babies and the cycle repeats. Only this time, the Sarahs follow.
Some of the Sarahs complete their quest and win back their baby siblings.
Some of them die in the attempt.
Completely unhinged, Jareth turns children not recovered in time into goblins to join the ranks of his Sarah’s little brother.
Eventually, he becomes their God and King.

Only then does he build the Labyrinth.

He cannot fathom why his Sarah keep choosing the spoiled baby over his undying love but if can only keep her with tricks, so be it.
As the Sarahs solve the Labyrinth faster and faster, new distractions are added.
The junk yard of useless treasure, the Bog of Eternal Stench. If his Sarah is determined to stay only long enough to regain the child, Jareth will delay her as long as possible in the hopes one day, she’ll choose to stay.

But how does the story of Jareth become so garbled in the mortal world?

At least one lucky Sarah must have escaped — but not with the whole story — and over time her (or their) stories were turned into the fairy tale the most recent Sarah obsesses over with such devotion.

This is why when the most recent Sarah introduces herself to Hoggle, his response is the cryptic “That’s what I thought.”

Because of course she’s Sarah.
They’re all Sarah.

Would any fellow be interested in taking up a run with me of a previous Sarah?

Musings of the Fox
Updated Dec. 3

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Welcome to The Coven of Night or the Ravenspire Coven as it has come to be called. Located in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter rests the large mansion, Ravenspire Manor, which has been home to the members of New Orleans oldest and most influential families. Though none of the member of the household are related by blood they are all related by something much stronger than blood; secrets. Unbeknownst to the rest of the town all of the occupants of Ravenspire are vampires. Formed in the 19th Century by elder vampiress Belle Morte, the Coven has become a deeply woven part of society in the French Quarter. Now in the 20th Century the clans influence has seeped and spread into many facets of society, both public and political.

However the Coven is shaken by the death of its matron. With the passing of Belle Morte comes the passing of old ways. Left without leader the Coven is in a tenuous position. However it is at this time that vampiress Leislotte steps up to claim the role of Mother of the Coven. However unlike the kind and generous Belle Morte, Leislotte has other plans for the Ravenspire Coven. A cold and ruthless woman with an iron grasp on the New Orleans underworld, Leislotte will use any means at her disposal to achieve her ultimate goal; to make the Ravenspire Coven the single mot power force in all of New Orleans. Those who are not with her are against her; be they human or vampire.

Im still looking for people the join this roleplay, entitled The Coven. We need at least one more male before we can start the IC.
The Demon Feline of Night and Shadows...
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The feline who operates this account will not be available with any consistency until January 13th. As such your patience is both requested and appreciated.
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I have an old thread that I want to start anew called "If we met in real life" where I'm on a website called "First Impressions" where people post pictures of themselves and if people like what they see they hook up with them for chat or other things. I'm a well to do college student with a large pad and my own life, but is increasingly lonely and looking for a professional woman to chat with and it slowly turns into something else. I would like my partner to play a woman being a profession that requires a uniform; military, police and so forth, and post a picture of your character 'doesn't have to be in uniform'.
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Looking for a cowriter or two or maybe even three.

The Road

Ethan Summers has spent the last few years bouncing from town to town, surviving by doing various odd jobs and accepting the kindness of strangers. His life wasn't always like this. He once had a home, a job, and friends and family that loved him. It all changed while driving home from a Christmas party after having too much to drink. He never saw the man changing his tire on the side of the road and in a flash, his life changed forever. He served his time, but when he got out the life that he had known wasn't there waiting for him. Now he roams the back roads and city streets, hoping that someday he might find a place he could call home.

I am looking for a female writer that could play someone who takes Ethan in (circumstances to be determined) and as they get to know one another they gain respect, friendship, so on and so forth. I would like a long slow build up on this one with a lot of story.
Another idea is that this could be a multiperson RP. Maybe a series of writers who don't want to commit to a longer story could play some of the people I would meet along my travels.
PM for interest, and thanks for reading.
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Star Wars RP

Hi all. Looking for a female who'd be interested in playing in the following role/story.

Please keep in mind that while this is based in the Star Wars universe I am *not* a stickler for 100% fictional-world accuracy. This story stands alone in the Star Wars universe and can be many years apart from the events of the movies and myriad books. It's really more about a fun (well-written, please) story in the flavor of Star Wars.

*Some* familiararity with Star Wars is probably necessary, but if you're not sure whether you have that but like the story, get in touch via PM.

Story goes like this:
My character is a well trained and feared Sith (mid thirties) whose name is well known but whose face is not. He has a painful past which feeds his power with the Dark Side of the Force. The female character is an up and coming cadet at a Jedi Academy who is younger (early to mid twenties), but shows great promise. There is a prophecy about her bringing balance to the Force during an impending time of darkness. I have been tasked by my Master (an altogether mysterious and completely unknown character) to kidnap you as part of a plot to negotiate with the Jedi council to turn you - their prize asset - in in exchange for the lives of three key members of the council. During the course of this negotiation between my master and the Jedi Council. I am holding you hostage at a secret location. We can't deny a an attraction to each other despite our opposition to each other on opposite ends of the Force. Behind my character the pain that made him who he is, and behind yours an innocence and goodness which is altogether disarming for my character (open to different modifications on the character development). It could make for some interesting conversations where we are trying to convince each other of each side's virtues. Something then happens that throws the two of us into a predicament where I need to protect you. The apparent rationale would be that you are my master's prize negotiation piece, but my intentions are being obscured by my attraction to who you are. And the feeling is mutual. The story could go in multiple directions as the negotiations play out, especially as the time comes for my master to ask me to give you back to the council or kill you, one of the two. My character would be wrestling with his identity as Sith, his eventual love for yours forcing him to see past his limited world. Yours may have to do the same, possibly venturing into elements of the Dark Side to -possibly- save me from death. Basically the story can go in any number of ways, which we can decide together, but it is ultimately about the relationship as well as questioning personal identity in light of that relationship. Oh yes and there would be sex as well.

PM if interested.

(Sorry for switching between "me and you" and "our characters". Just wrote as it flowed. I'm more particular in actual writing.)


My SRP profile.
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Whispers and Promises

In the desert kingdom of Rhagal, a prince has come of age. At banquet celebrating Prince Rath's passage to manhood, he is presented with an unusual gift. A young girl is given to him as a slave, a gift obviously meant purely for political maneuvering given by an ambitious merchant house. He accepts, not wanting to appear rude, but considers the girl little more than a concubine. He treats her fairly if somewhat aloof, but does not realize that she has a secret. She is in truth the daughter of a rival noble house in a neighboring land. Taken from her home and sold as a slave, she is trapped in a place where none know her face or would believe her story. Her enemies made one mistake however: they believed her a spoiled child and likely to break down easily as a slave. The girl has a keen mind however and contrives a plan to make Prince Rath fall in love with her and through him exact her revenge on those who wronged her. Prince Rath himself is quiet, reserved. He does not wish to live in his father's shadow, but seems fated to take the throne and face nothing but comparisons to the previous king for his entire life. His relationship with the girl slowly changes him, turning him into a man of greater cunning and ability than his father could have imagined.

This is a new thread idea I came up with. Very story intensive and there will be transitions ranging from months to years detailing the relationship between Prince Rath and the girl (no name in mind). Tone is light fantasy with a Middle Eastern/Oriental flavor. See the attachment for the pic that inspired the story. PM if interested.
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Bride and wedding

Love to do some SRP about a bride and her adventures before her nuptials and even after.. Private message if anyone is interested in mutually developing the the story line.
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I've been away for a while, but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be back here permanently starting here in the next week. Most of my threads died over time as I didn't have the time to reply, and a lot of things were happening in the Real World. I'm looking for new threads, new ideas, new partners, new everything! Don't be shy, I won't bite. Unless you prefer that.

You can check out my stories through the link in my signature, send me PM's about ideas, or existing threads that need a writer. I'm looking for new work. Help me out!? (:
I come here to write, to loose myself in the amazing stories on this site, and to enjoy myself. It's like stepping into another world when I come here, and I love that about Lit. But here lately, it just doesn't feel the same. Maybe it's my lack of threads, maybe it's my loss of friends. I don't really know, but I want to enjoy Lit again. That's the only thing I ask for.

When I come here, it's like an escape from the real world. This is who I am, who I want to be. I don't have to hide my true self, or be judged for what I enjoy doing. I like coming here, and the people make me feel plenty welcome. So I think I'll stay a while. c:

Looking for something good to read? Want to try a thread with me? Take a look through my house, my writing, and send me a line? Prefer things more private? Send me a pm

Smiley's House of Love <----- There's some good reading material here (:

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My favourite role plays involve women I know in real life and I'm looking for a literate and perverted role play partner to join me in this. To help with the role we can chat about their personality and share photos. I have a number of very sexy subjects ranging in age from 18 to 50.

I would describe the roles I play as a gentle dom, I'm not violent or rough but I like to manipulate submissive and slightly nieve (and often undersexed) to satisfy my own perverted desires. I like scenes involving age gaps whether that be me playing as a middle aged guy with a teen girl or me as horny young guy with a mature milf next door type.

The right person will be able to combine dialogue and description to play out a kinky scene with very few limits. If things go well we can alternate playing out each others fantasies.

Send me a message if you're interested
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