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Question Help sifting through the grey matter

I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for a story I read a while back. It involved a Vampire that crashes a Halloween Frat-party and picks one of the guys to seduce. She takes him back to her place and lots of naughtiness ensues.

She doesn't kill him or vamp him though as its Halloween and essentially a Vampire's "Night off" meaning that she gets to have all of the fun with her vampirific powers but without needing to bite and get bloody.

I seem to remember the guy wakes in the morning wondering if it was a dream but can't find her.

I really enjoyed reading the story and would very much like to add it to my collection, however I can neither remember the title or the character names and this is as much of the plot as I remember. If anyone can help me pinpoint the story in anyway I would be really thankful. I have attempted to perform google searches but they take me to Rosario and Buffy fanfic sites.

Help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope!
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