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The Unders: Darkness beneath Intersect City

The hidden city.
The tunnels.
The labyrinth.
The Darkened Roads.
That's what some call it.
The Dusks.
That's what others call it.
The Unders.
That's what children call it.
Living under the city, under Intersect.
Refuse. Mutant. Weirdo.
No one comes there. Not for long.
But they end up there.
End up here.
Not because they fit in down here.
There is no 'fitting' here.
But they are repelled up there.
Forced to leave.

Here they can hide.
Or not.
Or not.
Its all pieces that don't fit.

Try as they might.
In the dark.

It is a dangerous place.
The people, the city under the city, have come to learn. They monsters and horrors and more. And they have added to the things that skulk in the dark. Some have become horrors of their own.

The Karma Kats, feral children, obsessed with fairness and balance. Their own rules.
The Slithering. Just a sound. But sometimes the last sound.
King Todeg, foul tempered on his throne.
The Mob Macabre, a gang imposing their own order.
Astrid, barterer, historian, cleaner and fixer.
Innet the Spider Thing. Webs within webs.

Here is where they live, fight, fuck.
They call to 'tourists', they call to children.
This is a place for neither.
Not bad.
Not good.
It just is.

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Unsafe at any speed
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I hear a sound of slithering.

She comes up behind me.

I'm scared.

I'm always scared here.

I'm always scared with her.

She wraps her strange arm around my waist, digs her fingers into my hair and pulls much too hard, just to hear me whimper, sob, moan.

Her kiss is pure poison.

It numbs my lips and burns my tongue.

I lap at her, happily, as the toxins slip into my skin, my brain, my cunt.

I'm choking as her tongue slithers down my throat, deeper and deeper until every breath is her's to give or deny, her's to take.

She slips into my thoughts and runs through them, she lives each fuck, each cum, each touch. I live them again.

She takes me.

Over and over.

She is every lover.

She is every fantasy.

All of this, again and again until I'm nothing but sick with cum and shaking and fever and cumming and grabbing and hoping I don't die this time but its OK because this is how a girl should die just like this like this with her the only thing that matters and then shes gone and I'm crying because I didn't die.

This time.

But now I have one less year.

A year that would be a waste otherwise.

A year I don't care about.

Maybe later I will.

Maybe later I'll regret coming to her.


But then I won't.

And I'll come to her.


My time is converging.

Beginning and end are closing in.

I am possessed by them.

By two stone walls.

By her.


I hear a sound of scraping.
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Belonging, Ch1

I love coming down here.
"Whatchu doin' here, 'Face?"
"You come slumming again, 'Face?"
The two strange punks, Neuromancer and Wintermute, give me shit every time they see me. I think of it as almost friendly. They call everyone from above "'Face". Maybe its short for 'surface' or because we look normal, unlike most of the people and things down here. But they talk to me, a little, and I see that as being accepted. Part of their world, even though I'm also part of the above. The knives, the daggered fingernails, its just for show. To let the kiddies and tourists know whats what. I like to think they see me as different.
I like to think The Unders has welcomed me.
Its a little like being welcomed by the world's end.
I make my way through the strange city, past the piercing, but familiar glares, past the strange house of frozen moss, and the ancient buildings of a much older, sunken and forgotten Intersect. Across one of the many fissures and questionable bridges, is Antechamber.
Problem with Antechamber is that it does attract tourists. Its where the college kids go to get a rush of danger, and the bored housewives sneak out to when their husband is away on business. They are out in force tonight, it looks like. They don't understand. They don't belong. Not like I do.
I get through the crowd and find my way to my regular seat. Its pretty amazing how they turned a bunch of old, busted subway cars into a bar. There's even music most nights. I guess it used to be bigger, but a bunch of the cars ended up falling into the ravine, leaving just the front. Hence the name. Or so I've guessed.
The strangest thing?
That there's a waitress. Its so damn normal.
Sure, she has an eye-patch like a pirate, and a recessed nose, but she takes your order and brings you your drinks, and takes your money.
Just like 'up there'.
Where my job keeps me bored 40 hours a week.
And the people are the definition of pedestrian.
And nothing real ever happens.
I love it here.
Here is so much more real.
I belong here, I really do.
Someday I'll stay.
Chirps brings me my drink, takes a few bills.
"Whats up, Chirps?"
"Nothing, 'Face."
"Whats down?"
"You, 'Face."
Our banter. I love it.

I'm very drunk.
Chirps' ass is looking good in that skirt.
She's showing it off to me. Definitely.
I'm gonna spend the night.
I know it.
There's not many people left around.
I reach out and give the squeeze I know she's been waiting for.
The look in her eyes is intense.
Burned for me.
Her slap makes me want her more, even as my cheek stings.
Neuromancer and Wintermute come at me out of nowhere.
"You stupid, 'Face, you too stupid!" One of them is yelling. I can't remember which.
"We let you come here. We let you look, we like your money. But no touching! Stupid 'Face."
"Chirps! I don't understand!" I cry.
"What's down? You, 'Face."
Cold lighning shoots through my ribs.
I'm falling.
I'm falling.
I'm falling.
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Belonging, Ch 2

I know I hit the ground.

I know I did, but I can't remember it.

I fell for a very long time, and in my head, I still am.
But I know I'm not dead. Dead men don't feel the pain of metal sticking through their ribs and don't have to fight from crying out every time they breath.

Its a fight I'm losing.

I can hear myself half-scream each time.

I grab the end of the thing, the alien protrusion.

Its slick and wet and red, I think, but I grip hard and pull harder and blackness.

I don't know how long its been. I don't know why I haven't bled out, so maybe it hasn't been that long. But my mouth is dry as autumn leaves.

Don't worry about what happened.

Don't even think about what happened.

You are bleeding, I think, probably. There's no time for that. You need to find help.

I try to yell, but my throat and mouth are useless, nothing but sand comes out.

One hand pressing the gaping maw in my side, the other pushing under me, pushing my up, get my knees under, push rise, something, crawl.

I crawl.


Its too dark.

I can't see, so I crawl slowly.

My eyes are closed.

Why are my eyes closed?

I open them.

Of course I regret it.

Its bigger than I realized, bigger than I even imagined.

it truly is a small city underneath the streets of Intersect.

Buildings stories high that lean against walls of craggy stone.

I see a burning woman.

No, just her hair. It doesn't bother her, but people shy away from the flames.

She screams lonely.

I think thats a dog, but it isn't, just a man, with very short arms and legs on a leash with some children. Not a dog at all.

A Trinity of Priests walk by. I reach out, hoping that they would be compelled to help me, but they don't see me. They are writing in a book, all three at the same time, while walking. I am less important than new holy words.

I drag myself forward, retching, almost, as I slip face first into a pool of liquid flesh. It fills my mouth and nose and throat. But all three feel better for it. Moisture of any kind is a welcome thing.

I drink and try not to think about it.

A man on a hook watches me. Stares at me.

He's far away. Across the street. It will take forever to get to him, but he is the only one who sees me.

I don't have forever.

I don't have any other hope.

The bike runs over my hand, but I barely notice it. It happens far too quickly and my brain is far too slow. Even my nerves are slow.

Half-way there, I notice I'm bleeding less. Maybe the skin puddle helped.

He's still watching.

'Get off the hook and help me,' I want to scream.
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Belonging, Ch 3.

It doesn't take much more than a day for me to get to him.

"Just hanging around?"

My sense of humor has returned. I am witty as ever.

"Thank you. I have absolutely never heard that joke before."

"I'm sorry. Help me. Please."

"Can't do it, son. Can't hook you up."

"Hah. I am dying."

"You are complaining."


"You were sent here, 'Face. You gotta see her, if you wanna survive here."


"The Storyteller. The Truth Speaker. Word Queen."

"Who is she?"

"Innet," He nods down the alleyway, "You gotta see Innet. If you wanna live. Do you wanna live, boy? Or just get back to bleeding?"

"Help me."

"Told you, I can't. So fucking get moving or get bleeding. Makes no nevermind to me."

I look around, I see eyes in every hole, between every brick, behind every window.
The alleyway is alight with them.
Watching me.
My choice.
I drag myself onward.

"Blood tastes like piss anyways," I hear from behind me.

I can't really feel my legs very much, but a little bit.
Enough to crawl, sort of.
I make good progress.
Until I can't see. Then I drag but in circles, maybe. I don't know the difference.

"Iz worm."

"Nah. Iz bug."

"Iz bug looking for sticky."

"YES! Is where bugs belong! Tasty-sticky for bugs!"

Its dark. Complete and absolute.
The children's voices are physical jabs in my ears.

"This way, bug. This way."

I smell sulfur and see a flare of orange and red light to my left. I follow.

"Slow bug, ain'tcha?"

The light vanishes.

"Blind bug, ain'tcha?"

"Blind," my voice creeks.

"Whatchu do, Bug? You follow the light? Could burn! Could burn a Bug! Bugs makes good eatings, Bugs do!"



"Tricksy! He knows tricksies! Roll-over, Bug!"

"Nah. Probably just knows 'play-dead'. Bugs dumb. Bugs weak."



"Go, Bug, go!"

The alley long gone, now tunnel, metal ribs, and glowing mold.

I bathe in green light and vomit something I can't believe was inside me.

It clings and drips from my chin.

Sweet. I smell sweet.

I hear strings.

I hear the song.

Whispers, promises.

'Come, you need not fear.'

'This is feathersoft.'

'This is childlove.'

'This is what you have begged for, pleaded for, bled for.'

'They laughed at you. We welcome you.'

My hands and knees are bloody but I have traveled far, made it here.

I dig my fingers into the wall, grip a rusted girder, and pull myself to my feet.

It has been too long since I walked. I am high up.

The sugarscent makes me dizzy.

Makes me hard.

I didn't think I had enough blood left for that.

Staggering, I round the corner, the taste in my mouth, suffocating me, intoxicating me.

I lick my lips, hungry for more.

I do not know why I am here, but I know I will not leave without more. I will have what I want. I have earned it.

I see her.
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