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Better late than never...

To the anonymous person who set me feedback on July 12th.

Thank you for your comments on my novel, For Her Own Good. You're observations that it: "It did almost feel like two stories, but I liked both." was very astute. And it was a great help to me in realizing my mistakes in the telling of the story. Whoever you are thanks again for reading and your praise.

To answer your question, yes I'm still around. I spend my time here reading what other writers are doing and trying to learn from them. I'm also revising my novel and hope to one day repost it sometime in the future. Sorry, I can't tell you when that may happen, but I'm working on the two stories similtaneously. So it may be a while before I submit them.


I would also like to thank grrlslave for her comments on chapters 1 through 5.

A quick edit…
Thank you to those readers who’ve viewed this thread and may or may not have favored and/or read portions of For Her Own Good

I would also like to thank the volunteer editors who’ve helped me in the past with revising the story. Their comments and suggestions have been a great help to me, and I greatly appreciated the time and attention to detail they took in showing me the mistakes I made with grammar and story content.

And to Bronzeage: thank you for letting me beta read Nina September in order to give back a small portion of what I’ve learned along the way to improving my skills as a writer.

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