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Exclamation Looking for a story from a while back that I didn't finish ...

Hey there =]

I read a story a while back that I wanted to finish, but never got the chance and lost it (somewhere I think in the 21000+ "loving wife" section). Can anybody PLEASE help me to find it

It's about a woman that has a fight with her husband on her honeymoon for not being gentle with her on her first time (virgin) and instead just having his way when she tells him it hurts

She started crying in pain begging him to stop, and was shocked about how little he seemed to care. He just keeps going until he cums all over her, leaving her shocked and crying.

When he's finished, she's left upset and angry, and he talks down on her like she doesn't matter to him. When he's finished with her, she cries and runs off upset and confused, leaving him behind in the room for a while

Narrative is from her husbands perspective to begin with, then shifts to the womans perspective when we see where she went.

She ends up in a south eastern country, alone. She then meets this extremely elegant "madam" figure on a train somewhere out of the blue that comforts and consoles her deeply. and invites her to stay at a local hotel with her. She tearfully and graciously ends up accepting.

At the hotel, she gets introduced by the woman to this creepy (indian?) guy serving the desk that gives her a dirty smile/look, that creeps her out. She doesn't think much of it, as he seemed very polite (she still had tears in her eyes). She thanks him very kindly, obviously giving him the benefit of the doubt. She was extremely pretty. She takes her keys and goes to her room.

She gets really close to the "madam" woman that keeps her company, as she cheers her up/takes advantage of her state by giving her a shoulder to cry on and really begins to trust her.

She eventually stays at the hotel with the woman. She thanks the "kind" woman (she's now staying with) for all the support she gave her and goes to bed, after crying herself to sleep thinking of her husband.

Later that night, the guy from the creepy guy from the counter (associate of the woman...) gets a spare key to the bedroom she's staying in and after looking through the keyhole (I think) and seeing she's asleep, he lets himself in.

He sees her lying on the bed like a sleeping beauty with her pale, soft white skin and blonde hair, in a white gown. He's not used to seeing such beautiful women, and has to struggle againt fucking her (whether she likes it or not) there and then.

Eventually, he start caressing her body lightly, (terrified of waking her up), starting with her face and hair, and then moving onto her chest and, and eventually pussy, when she starts moaning her innocent pleasure in her sleep...

Finally, he can't help himself and decides to JUST nib his cock near her mouth, against her lips, ending up pushing it up gently until its rubbing against her teeth between her lips...

It goes in, and he starts fucking her mouth very gently. She begins to tighten her lips (unconsciously) around his cock and starts moaning very softly while moving her head gently on the pillow...

The guy gets really turned on by the "wet" noises, and goes super hard. Finally, he decides he doesn't care anymore, and slowly pulls his cock out of her tight mouth.

He gets onto the bed and pulls up her white gown, and gives her pussy one good stroke.

She gives out a long moan. To his surprise, she's already dripping wet ...

Trying to be as quiet and gentle as possible, he slowly pulls down her panties slides in his cock, and slowly starts to fuck her gently

And then to his surprise, she moans and slowly starts fucking him back ...

Then, all of a sudden she calls out her husbands name, "Oh [----]" in a fairly quiet/unconcious tone. The guy then slowly realizes that she's imagining that he's her husband ...

Seeing his opportunity, he starts fucking her harder, and harder, (while keeping the "wet" noises to a minimum...) as she starts gasping and moaning unconsciously, while crying desperately in her sleep ...

All the excitement of fucking her blonde pussy and everything that followed made him really hard. Eventually, he came really, really hard inside her pussy, savouring those last moments inside her, pulling out straight away, leaving her body to recover in bed ( she was still crying, and gasping; apparently thinking of her husband in a dream...).

He then left as fast as he could, as she was still panting and crying, dragging her panties up around her warm, flushed thighs, and pulling her down her white gown as he found it, closing the door silently behind him, leaving her warm body alone to endure her bad dream...

The next morning she gets up thinks she had a wet dream, and feels embarrassed about herself. She cleans up as best as she can, has a quick shower and gets dressed to go downstairs. She starts thinking that she should be going back to her husband.

While she's getting dressed, the woman and the guy are having a conversation in the lobby of the dingy hotel, the guy telling the "madam" that she's picked a good one, and with her replying that she knows.

The other girl finally gets dressed and comes downstairs. She goes off for a chat with the "Madam".

Eventually, she thanks her extremely kindly and sincerely for everything that she'd done for her (turned the "madam" on a little, looking like a plain damsel in distress) but said that she needed to go home to her husband, to be with him and apologise becasue she still had extremely strong feelings for him, and couldn't bear being without him anymore, inspite of what he did.

The authour then wrote that the madam quickly felt shocked inside, as this was going to interfere with everything. Without showing any of this, she posed as a good samaritan, insisting (very charmingly and kindly) that she'd been through so much, and (without imposing in the slightest) convincing her extremely "kindly" that staying a little while longer here would do her some good.

Moved by her generosity and acute attention to her welfare, she accepted, and consented to stay with her a little while longer...

And thats I think about as far as I read up to, I really REALLY want to see how this story ends (alright, I may have taken a SMALL amount of liberty on some of the steamier scenes that I described, but it's driving me MAD/red blooded (lol) not being able to find it

Full credit to the authour (whoever it was) for writing this piece. Please PLEASE help me find the end of the story somewhere on the site!!! I know it's on here somewhere!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr...........!!!!!
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Lightbulb Hey, I FOUND IT!

lol through some MIRACLE, I actually managed to find the story! Lmao after I read the sticky after posting (lol, sorry...) I lost hope, but I actually found it!

Apparently, it was written quite a while ago. It turns out that it wasn't actually on this site (probably why I found it so difficult to find lol). It probably isn't as good as I was making it out to be, and I think I definately exaggerated it a little based on how I remember it (heh) But I still think it's pretty good =]

I notice my thread had ~130 views. If anyone's still actually interested in reading it, the link's right here: The Abducted Bride

Be warned, some of the sex scenes are pretty long... and I'm not going to spoil whether or not it has a happy ending...

Enjoy =]
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