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Fixing Faults (Pm if interested.)

Name:Samantha "Sam" Grecio
Description:Heart shaped face button nose almond shaped hazel eyes mixed.

Sam ran away panicked. It was the only thing she could think to do in this situation. She was broke scared hungry and pregnant by her roommate weeks after their drunken sex. She never acted like this! This wasnt her! She was hurt angry and confused. Does he even feel the way I feel about him or was it just sex between them? She didnt even want to wait to hear the truth if it was going to be painful to her and she prayed to the life inside her that she wouldnt give them up for anything. That was a week ago and she was desperately hungry.She needed to eat at least for the child and without thinking she broke into a local business for money not knowing the owner was still inside

(Pm if interested. Looking for the owner,the storekeeper &family (older)Sams roommate and Sams best friend)
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