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Teen Justice League

OOC thread here.


"He saved the city from a tidal wave!"

"And a giant robot!"

"Don't forget the jumbo jet, that was the first thing Superman did!"

Clark Kent smiled as he sipped his coffee. He was reading a copy of Nietzsche's Man or Superman, shaking his head at every argument. He was also listening to a different kind of argument, in the Dunkin Donuts he was in, about what Superman's greatest feat was. That's what made Clark smile. After all, he was Superman, and while he didn't dress in blue spandex for the praise it garnered him, he was happy to hear it.

"Hey there Super Stud," a blonde girl said as she walked into the coffee shop and dropped her bookbag on the bench across from Clark in the booth he was sitting in. She was dressed in a modest t-shirt and jeans. She bent over him, pressing her breasts against the side of his head and pulling Clark into a sensual half hug. She whispered, "You were amazing this morning, fuck buddy."

"Hey Chloe," Clark said as she released his head.

Chloe sat on the bench across from him. She looked at the book he was reading and said, "Man or Superman? Pfft, like that's a tough choice." She looked him in the eyes and smiled. "Why are you reading that Smallville?"

"It's required for my philosophy class." Clark shook his head. "You know, if I agreed with this Nietzsche guy, I would be obligated to take over the planet."

Chloe laughed as she slipped her shoe off under the table. "Would that make me queen of the planet," she pressed her foot against his crotch, rubbing gently against his hardness, "or just the first concubine?"

Clark blushed. "I'm serious Chloe, roleplaying back at our dorm room is one thing, this guy is messed up. He really believes might makes right."

Chloe pulled her foot back slightly. "You really need to talk about this don't you?"

Clark nodded. "Yeah, well, you're the one who talked me into wearing blue spandex instead of a mask."

"Well somebody had to." Chloe tapped his cock with her toes. "I like showing you off. Not that we're exclusive or anything, but you are one sexy piece of meat."

"If you can't get your mind out of the gutter maybe I should take you into the bathroom and fuck you nice and hard and maybe then we can have a serious conversation."

"Don't threaten me with a good time Clark," Chloe said, rubbing his cock again, "besides, I don't have time to do it properly right now. What's the problem Clark?"

He sighed. "I don't know. I guess I just don't know if I'm doing the right thing. With my parents gone i can't go to them. You're the only one who knows who I am." Clark didn't tell her the whole truth either. How would Chloe react if she found out he wasn't human. He couldn't risk losing her. "I was hoping this philosophy class would give me some answers, but the professor is awful, the books all advocate evil in the name of humanity. I just wish I knew I was doing the right thing."

Chloe laughed gently.

Clark's eyes narrowed into slits. "This isn't funny Chloe."

She smiled. "Look around you Clark. Look at these people. Everyone in here owes you their lives. If not from you stopping the earthquake, or puting out the spontaneous combustion fire, or fighting organized crime or a dozen other things you've done in the last month. And you haven't asked for anything in return. And you're wondering if you're doing the right thing?"

"I guess that's one way of looking at it," Clark conceded.

"Well here's another way Clark, you just said you could take over the world and you were disgusted by the idea, why?"

"Just because I'm powerful it doesn't give me the right to tell people what to do. I'm no bully."

Chloe smiled. "Exactly. Now, do you have any other existential quandaries your favorite friend with benefits/roommate can help you with?"

Clark nodded. "No. And thank you."

"That's what friends are for. I'm off to my internship at the Daily Planet. If the city needs you I'll shoot you a text."

"About the whole friends with benefits thing..."

Chloe cut him off. "It was my idea Clark. I know this is hard to accept but I want the open relationship thing. Yes, eventually I will break it off when I'm ready to settle down and have kids. But for now, since you're sterile from infant pneumonia," Clark wasn't sterile from infant pneumonia. He wasn't sterile at all. His genetic code was alien and he couldn't breed with humans, "and because you have super stamina, you're pretty much the right guy to fuck while I find Mr. Right. Let's not mess this up with alot of emotional crap, okay?"

"I just want to do the right thing."

Chloe grinned as she gave him one last rub with her foot before slipping it back into her shoe. "You did the right thing last night and this morning when you banged me and my cousin for hours on end. Lois says hi by the way. Oh and she'll be staying a few nights while her apartment is getting fumigated, so keep your strength up." She leaned across the table and kissed his forehead. "I'll see you later Clark."

With that Chloe got up and walked away. Clark enjoyed watching her leave. He sipped his coffee and continued reading his philosophy text.

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Dan Turpin shook his head. He was standing outside Metropolis First National Bank, lights flashing on all the cop cars that were cordoning off the area. He was still the detective in charge of the scene until the Captain showed up. He had plenty of cops here including his SWAT team with snipers in position. Detective Turpin was all set to deal with a bank robbery turned hostage situation. The problem was the lunatic inside wasn't your run off the mill sociopath. He was dressed in some kind of techno-armor.

Turpin even knew where the nut had gotten the armor. Luthorcorp had reported it stolen two weeks back. It was designed as mining armor, with strength enhancements, and a sonic beam for cutting. The perpetrator had used it to open the bank vault and carry out the cash. He hadn't counted on Metropolis' Finest getting there before he could escape. Turpin had already called Luthorcorp to find out the armor's capabilities, he was waiting on their expert to show up.

A limousine pulled up outside the cordon, right next to three news crews including Luthor News Network.

"Fuck," Turpin cursed loudly.

"What's the matter boss?" One of the uniforms asked.

"I'll bet you a year's pay that Lionel Luthor is in that limo," Turpin responded. "And I'll bet you a year's worth of overtime that he makes tonight a living hell. Or a photo op for Luthorcorp, which is the same thing."

The uniform frowned. "No bet."

"Smart man," Turpin muttered as the limousine doors opened and the opulently dressed Lionel Luthor stepped out and walked over to the LNN reporter, making sure to wave to all the cameras. Turpin sighed. "Well it can't get worse than this."

"Excuse me?"

Detective Turpin looked up to see a man in blue spandex and a red cape floating down towards him.

"I had to go and open my big mouth," the detective muttered. "Well if it isn't the glory-hungry vigilante here to make us look like chumps. What the fuck do you want, Superman?"

Superman shook his head as he landed, smiling at the detective. "Good to see you too Detective Turpin. Would you like my help?" Superman turned to look at the bank, his eyes narrowing as he assessed the situation with his super vision.

"Not really. And I don't want the largesse of the lovely Lionel Luthor either, but I'm probably going to need the help of both of you jamokes to take this douchebag down. That's his armir down there. And you'll both play up to the press and the MCP will look like shit."

"I don't play up to the press," Superman protested, never taking his eyes off the bank.

"Then why is Lois Lane writing you mash notes on the front page?"

Superman shrugged. "I guess the media thinks I'm newsworthy."

"Of course you're fucking newsworthy!" Turpin retorted. "You save the city once a week not to mention the rest of the world! Hell, you were probably saving Japan from Godzilla earlier."

Twin beams of invisible energy erupted from Superman's eyes, passed harmlessly through the glass walls of the bank, pierced the armor and severed the power cords leading from the battery on the criminal's back to the rest of the armor. The power suit seemed to deflate, as if it were sighing after a hard day of work. Then the whole thing fell on its side.

"Rio, actually," Superman answered. He pointed at the bank. "Detective, I think your robot man broke."

Turpin looked where Superman was pointed and stared for a long second. A bullhorn appeared in his hand and he started shouting orders. "Go! Go! Go! Secure the area! Go! Go! Go!" He turned to look at Superman. "You had something to do withouth this, didn't you?"

Superman shrugged. "How could I, I was standing right here the whole time."

Turpin shook his head. "Bullshit." He smiled at Superman. "And thanks." He turned and ran toward the bank.

Superman smiled back. "Anytime Detective."

With the police gone, they were all advancing on the bank, the reporters surged forward to surround Superman. Lionel Luthor and Lois Lane were at the frontont of the pack. They asked a thousand questions but Superman couldn't help but look at Lois.

"Superman," she asked, "how does it feel to be a hero? Again?"

He smiled and said, "I think I speak for both myself and Mr Luthor when I say the real heroes are the men and women of the Metropolis Police Department."

The look of surprise was gone in a second from Luthor's face. He masked his recovery by saying, "That's right. The police and the first responders are heroes everyday."

Superman nodded in agreement. "I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the MPD for recovering Mr. Luthor's stolen armor and for risking their lives everyday. Now if you'll excuse me Miss Lane, duty calls." With that he raised one hand above his head and floated above the press. Once he was high enough he kicked in the speed and rocketed out of sight.


"She didn't recognize me," Clark said before sipping his coffee. "I just came all over her face this morning, how did she not recognize me?"

He was standing on the roof of the Daily Planet with Chloe. She was dressed in a jacket and had her arms folded for warmth. He was in spandex and not cold at all.

Chloe grinned at his comment. "And we'll have more erotic fun when I get home tonight."

"I'm serious Chloe"

She snorted, "So am I Clark." He didn't smile, but she didn't expect him to, so she continued on. "This is exactly what I told you would happen, if your perfectct memory can recall, and its why you don't need a mask. No one will ever suspect Clark Kent of being Superman."

"Because I'm so mild-mannered?"

"I'm sorry Clark, but yes." She reached out and took the cup of coffee from him and drank deeply of the dark, hot liquid. "Look, if anyone ever saw you out of costume handling a major crisis, like out on the farm, then maybe they'd make the connection. But you, Clark, are the strong, silent type. You're like the epitome of it. Nothing ever rattles you.

"Superman is the crisis Clark, the one who made everything better when that dumb horse tripped when we were 14 and broke my leg. You stayed calm, splint my leg, and got me to the hospital, all without super powers.

"Normal Clark is quiet, and introspective, and charming in that mid-west, Smallville way. Still waters run deep Clark."

Clark shook his head. "Still, Lois is a reporter, she's going to figure it out."

Chloe laughed. "No she won't. My cousin has tunnel vision. She's already convinced Superman doesn't have a secret identity because he doesn't wear a mask. All the rest of the spandex brigade hides their face. I'm telling you, this will work."

Clark blushed. "You guys talk about me?"

Chloe smiled and sipped the coffee. "Well, with Lois I mostly listen. She has alot to say about Superman."

"Yeah, but what does she have to say about me?" Clark asked.

Chloe raised an eyebrow. "Should I be jealous Clark?"

Clark shrugged. "You're the one who wanted an open relationship."

Chloe took a step forward and rubbed her hand up aand down his crotch through the spandex. She could feel every inch of him. "Hmmm, is that for me or for her?"

Clark let out a moan. "Don't draw the water if you're not gonna bathe."

Chloe grinned. "You love that I'm a tease. All Lois said this morning before she left was that she needed to crash for a few nights because of the apartment fumigation and that she'd be walking funny all day because your dick is so damn big."

"Oh geeze, I'm sorry," Clark said.

Chloe gave the head of his cock a squeeze and then stepped back away from him. "It was a compliment Super Stud, not a complaint. Its a good thing."

Clark took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds and let it out slow. "You have any idea how hard it is not to take you right here when you tease me like that?"

Chloe bit her bottom lip in a grin. "Promises, promises. Go save the world Super Stud."

"I'm done for the night, I've got reading to do for econ and physics, and the night seems pretty quiet. You need me to pick anything up?"

"Yeah, another bed, I think we're going to break the one we've got tonight."

"Promises, promises." Clark stepped forward, wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed Chloe deeply. "See you later."
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"Hello Miss Teschmacher."

Eva Teschmacher gasped, and looked up from her computer. She saw a gorgeous man, slim, but regal, dressed in a perfectly tailored suit. He could be a red-haired, younger twin of Tom Hiddleston.

"Lex Luthor, you startled me. I didn't hear you come in." She put her hand to her chest to steady herself. The gesture drew attention to her breasts which seemed to be bursting out of her low cut top, and framed by her blazer. Her hand seemed diminutive in contrast to the mounds of flesh contained by her shirt.

She was young, of course. Lionel never kept a secretary for long. The longest stayed almost five years. And she was probably smart. Not on the level of Einstein, but Lionel Luthor always hired for buxom and brilliant. Lex was sure she wasn't sleeping with his father yet. Lionel was into BDSM, especially the sadism. Once his secretaries started sleeping with him tbey switched to blouses to hide the welts, and long, flowing dresses to look professional and provide Lionel with 24 hour easy access.

Most sons didn't know their father's sexual predilections, but the Luthors weren't like most families. They were more like the Caesars, Caligula in particular.

"Would you let Lionel know his son is here?" Lex asked.

Miss Teschmacher smiled up at Lex. "Of course. How was Hollywood?"

"We filmed on location in Japan." Lex couldn't help but notice her hand lingering around her cleavage. "It went well. My role was the ambassador the secret agents saved. Hopefully it will do well at the box office."

Miss Teschmacher leaned forward, putting her breasts prominently on display, making the neckline plunge deeper and giving Lex an unrestricted view down her top. She was not wearing a bra.

"Who's starring in it?" She asked.

Lex didn't bother averting his gaze from her chest. "Robert Downey Junior and Jeremy Renner. Scarlett Johansson was the love interest." He looked up and met Eva's gaze. "For a Hollywood star she was surprisingly good in bed."

His admission of sleeping with a Hollywood star brought a smile to Miss Teschmacher's face. "I'd love to hear more about it, maybe over coffee?"

Lex didn't let any emotion play over his face, he was too disciplined for that, but Miss Teschmacher's request did surprise him. "Certainly. Call my secretary and set something up."

Miss Teschmacher bit her bottom lip. "Go in Lex, your father is expecting you."

Lex returned her smile and headed into his father's office. Lionel was on the phone, but he waved his son in, pointing toward the leather chairs facing the desk. Lex closed the distance from the door to the desk. It was an incredibly large office. Eventually he sat down in one of the chairs.

"That is unacceptable." Despite his perpetual smile in front of the media's cameras, in negotiations he was known for aggressive negotiations. "You have secret, classified property in your possession, and it needs to be returned ASAP."

Lex raised an eyebrow. Lionel wasn't looking at him, he was listening to whoever was on the other side of the telephone. After a moment he met Lex's gaze and made a mocking, puppet motion with his hand. Lionel rolled his eyes and said, "I don't give a shit about the chain of evidence. I need that prototype back." He paused, listening. "Considering Luthorcorp hasn't made it's contribution to the police fund yet, is that your final answer?"

Lex's eyes went wide. "Dad!" he whispered furiously and stood up.

"What?" Lionel mouthed.

"Give me the phone!" Lex demanded. Lionel's eyes narrowed to slits and handed the phone to his son. "Hello, this is Lex Luthor. Who am I speaking with?" A pause. ""Always a pleasure to speak with you Commissioner. I'm sure you're aware that Luthorcorp has many contracts with the government. Would it be acceptable to you if we sent a designation of armed security to protect our prototype?" Lex nodded. "Yes, former special forces, they should get along fine with your officers." Lex smiled as he listened. "Of course. And you can rely on Luthorcorp's contribution to the police retirement fund. Thank you." Lex hung up the phone and put it on the desk.

Lionel shook his head. "How much is that going to cost us?"

Lex's eyes narrowed. "Significantly less than it would take to rebuild our relationship with the police commissioner. How many times do I have to tell you that we can't operate like you did in the old days. Luthorcorp is the fifteenth largest corporation in the world. Metropolis is no longer a run down, ramshackle, former great. It is the largest city in America with record breaking growth."

"And who do you think built it into that great city?" Lionel demanded.

Lex smiled soothingly. "You did Father. But the time for graft, mafia pay offs and backroom deals is over, and especially bullying public officials. I assume this is in regards to the mining suit incident from a few days ago? We stand to make upwards of 8 figures on that project, a few armed guards won't cut into our profits."

Lionel scowled. "That's not the point."

Lex took a shallow breath, holding it just long enough to keep his calm. At only 25 Lex Luthor had negotiated with the best of the business world and the political world, including two presidents. The hardest arguments were still with his father. Why was it so difficult to keep calm with his father? "Respect comes in many forms."

"How did you know I meant respect?"

"I've known you all my life father," Lex said, "And I've been anticipating you for years." More like dragging the old man, kicking and screaming, into the modern world. "And aren't you the one who taught me that accomplishing your goals is more important than respect?"

Lionel scoffed at the remark. "That's from your enemies. This was a public official I got elected. Now they're defying me?"

"If your dog sniffs crotches it's because you didn't train it not to. Isn't that what you told me about Fido?"

Lionel laughed. "You were eight years old."

"It doesn't make it any less true. If you had cultivated the commissioner properly they would have handed the armor back to you before you asked."

"I sent you to all the best schools, and you quote me to me?"

"Well," Lex said with a smile, "When you've got salmon you don't eat tuna." The right prod for the right horse.

Lionel looked Lex over with a smug smile. "You make me proud son. Now, how do we get the armor back?"

Lex shrugged and sat back down. "Tell me what you did while I was in Japan."

"How did business go?"

Lex shook his head. "Everything went well, even the movie. How did a criminal get his hands on the armor?" Lex watched his father's face and sighed. "Why did you let a criminal get his hands on the armor?"


"No. I know why. It wasn't to pay off a debt, we have plenty of cash for that, it had to be about respect. I just don't know who disrespected you so much that you'd release such a powerful prototype to Morgan Edge or one of your other criminal friends."

Lionel shook his head. "You are a bright boy Lex. It's Superman."

There was a long moment of silence as Lex stared at his father. Finally he said, "You're kidding."

"Don't laugh Lex, don't even think about it. I can still put you over my knee."

No he couldn't. Lex had made sure of that from a young age. He'd been studying martial arts since he was six, eventually everything from Boxing to Aikido. He didn't look it, but he was one of the best combatants on the planet, well, one of the best at his age. "I'm not going to laugh. Just explain to me what a modern day Hercules did to disrespect you."

Lionel said nothing.

Lex broke the silence. "I get it. People are worshiping him instead of you."

"I wouldn't call it worship." Lionel smiled. "Maybe adulation."

"Unless you plan to kill him, and the other 'new gods' I suggest you get used to second place. We do this for power, for control, not adulation."

Lionel snorted. "You can stop quoting me to me."

Lex shrugged. "Sometimes Father, the only person you'll listen to is you. I've been considering Superman and I have more than a few ideas how to deal with him, especially after my little trip to Japan."

Lionel smiled. "How did it go?

Lex smiled smugly. "The movie went well."

Lionel laughed. "I don't care about your cover for going over there. Let's start with the dinosaurs."

Lex nodded. "Mary Schweitzer's discovery allowed us to begin cloning a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I was there in time for our first hatching. The best part is that Ras Al-Ghul has taken over funding the project."

"What?" Lionel demanded.

"He has always been obsessed with restoring the environment. He's willing to fund the experiments, we still get the technology, which is all we want anyway. Win-win."

"I don't like it."

Lex held back a sigh. This was going to be a long meeting.

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Superman flew through the air, a streak of blue and red trailing behind him. He wove between skyscrapers, mindful of wind currents, and emerged at just under the speed of sound in a park. He went straight on his flight path and a moment later connected with a full grown Tyrannosaurus Rex right where the jaw met the skull. The terrible lizard staggered, it's head reeling, barely able to stay on its feet.

The image shrunk to the background as a beautiful woman came to the forefront. She was blonde, dressed professionally and slightly provocatively, with a blouse that was a bit too tight, and one button undone. The smile on her face seemed forced or obviously rehearsed. She had on just the right amount of make-up to bring out her natural beauty and obscure her flaws. She was obviously buxom and the camera captured that.

"Thank you to our Tokyo affiliate for that footage of the Metropolis Marvel saving Japan from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Superman also helped with a rockslide in Switzerland and dealt with streetcrime here in Metropolis today. GBS would like to thank the Man of Steel for all he does. Stay tuned for the G. Gordon Godfrey hour. I'm Cat Grant. Stay classy Metropolis."

Lois pulled her mouth off the head of Clark's cock with a pop. "Will you please shut that shit off?"

Clark was laying across the narrow portion of the twin bed he normally shared with Chloe. His ass was on the edge of the bed, his head propped up on a pillow and his super-sized dick stood straight up in the air with Lois's immense tits wrapped around the base. Clark's legs were spread so Lois could fit inbetween and bent at the knee so his feet were flat on the floor. Lois was kneeling on a pillow, her elbows on Clark's thighs so she could squeeze her tits around his cock and suck and lick on the six inches or so that emerged above her tits. Chloe was laying on her back, her head on the pillow between Lois' legs, working on her cousin with her fingers and tongue. Her face was covered in a mixture of Clark's cum and Lois's saliva, her body had streaks of cum on it and her pussy and thighs were covered in Clark's cum, with cum still oozing out of her pussy. Chloe's legs were up on the twin bed on the other side of the room. This was theoretically Clark's bunk, as his stuff was all on that side of the room, but he hadn't slept a single night in it yet. It wasn't a very large room, but none of the freshman dorms were particularly large. At least they had their own bathroom, though that wasn't much either, a sink, toilet and shower. Before Lois had moved in they had kept things neat. Now everything was a mess, and Lois was monopolizing Clark whenever she got the chance, even sleeping with his cock buried deep in her pussy at night. True to her word, Chloe didn't seem to mind.

Clark picked up the remote and shut off the TV. He would have shut it off earlier if she had asked. Clark made it a habit to keep GBS, LNN or one of the other 24 hour news stations on so he could catch breaking news. "Sorry Lo, I like to have something to listen to in the background."

Lois gave the exposed part of his cock a nice long lick with the flat of her tongue. "Me too, put on some White Snake or something."

Chloe's fingers were pistoning in and out of Lois's cunt. She stopped, turning her hand and curling her fingers to rub her cousin's g-spot. "Lois hates broadcast news, Clark." Chloe lifted her head up and gave Lois a long lick on her clit.

Lois let out a long moan. "Fuck that's good. And its not news. It's a talking head spouting out words from a cue card. Don't get me started on that mental midget Godfrey that rabble rousing bastard! I'm an investigative journalist. I research, I go undercover, I find the news. These idiots just read it." Lois let out another moan. "Slow down Chloe or I'm going to cum before I get Clark off."

Chloe laughed as she pulled her tongue off her cousin's clit. "You always come before Clark, he has a super dick." Chloe gave her cousin another long lick. "Now cum for me like a good investigative reporter, its my turn to ride Clark's cock and have him cum inside me."

"But he came in you last time," Lois protested before she wrapped her lips around Clark's cockhead again, slurping away.

"And you got to lick him clean and promised to eat all the cum out of me, which you still haven't done. I thought you were supposed to be this cum-hungry tart?" Chloe asked.

"Ladies," Clark said, "don't I get a say in this?"

"No!" Both women shouted simultaneously.

Lois started rocking her body back and forth o tit-fuck Clark. "Sorry Smallville, you may have the second biggest cock I've ever seen, but you don't want to get inbetween me and Chlo." She licked his cockhead. "Well, maybe literally between us, but not in an argument."

"Wait a minute, second biggest?" Chloe demanded, bringing her hand up and slapping Lois's clit. Lois jumped, here whole body shaking. "Have you been holding out on me."

Lois started to climax, completely letting go of her tits around Clark's dick and grabbing onto his thighs for support. "Superman!" She shouted as she came, her body shaking and a river of girl cum flooding out of her pussy and spraying all over Chloe's face. Chloe barely got here eyes closed in time.

Clark waited for the orgasm to subside and Lois to sit her naked ass on the floor before asking, "When did you fuck Superman?"

Chloe got up off the floor and stood up, straddling Clark in a reverse cowgirl position. She leaned forward, put her hands on Clark's knees and her knees on the bed. Clark grabbed his cock at the base and held it still for her. They'd done this thousands of times. He preferred her facing him, but since Lois moved in Chloe did it this way so Lois could join in. With her cunt already filled with cum it started dripping down on Clark's dick as she positioned her pussy at the tip. With a loud, wet splurging sound she impaled herself on the shaft of steel. Even used to the massive fuck stick she only managed to get the head in before she stopped. Cum rippled out of her, dripping down Clark's shaft.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," Chloe continued to mumble as she lowered herself down on Clark, Lois's cum dripping down her face and onto her tits.

"I didn't fuck him," Lois said, "but everytime he takes off I get a close up view of his cock through his costume. Sorry Clark, you're amazing, and I love the feel of that monster filling me up, but he's Superman. How are you supposed to compete with that?"
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Saving the world sucked.

Tonight was Lois's last night at the dorm. Her apartment building was done being fumigated so she was moving back there. In celebration or as a way of saying goodbye Chloe had promised Lois could ride Clark all night long. That wasn't going to happen as long as Superman was busy saving the world. Chloe had already texted him to let him know they had started without him.

Saving the world sucked.

Clark had helped evacuate a city that was being hit by a sudden hurricane in Moscow. Whoever heard of hurricanes in Moscow? That needed investigation, if he could ever find the time. It was enough for now that Moscow was safe. And as a bonus, he got authentic Russian food. That could be his excuse.

Then his phone rang. Metropolis PD had given him a cell phone after the armor incident so they could reach him when they needed his help. Chloe had helped him remove the GPS.

"Superman." Pause. "Moscow. Hurricane. What's up?" Pause. Clark sighed. "No, it's not a problem, I was just hoping I was done for the night. So pinkish purple big guy with a laser gun in the middle of Hob's bay. I can be there in five."

Five minutes and seventeen seconds later he was floating down in front of Dan Turpin and handing him two bags of russian take out. "Hold these for me?"

"What the hell is this?" The detective demanded.

"That's my dinner. I do eat you know. Be right back."

Superman ran in at superspeed and uppercut the bad guy, doing a super speed search to disarm him before the baddie soared away. With a pile of weapons at his feet Superman called out to the police, "Secure these!"

Then he was in the air again, catching the baddie at the top of his parabolic arc and shot straight up into the stratosphere. It wouldn't take long for the villain to pass out from lack of oxygen at ten thousand feet. The villain slapped his own wrist and started shouting, "Kryptonian!" over and over.

Clark shook him and demanded, "How do you know that word, how?" The villain responded only in a language Clark didn't know. In a few minutes the villain was unconscious. Clark flew him back down to earth and wrapped a steel girder around him before delivering him to Turpin.

"Thanks for the assist," Turpin said with a smile, handing Clark back the Russian food.

Clark raised a single eyebrow, but didn't comment on the police detective's obvious change in attitude towards him. "Always happy to help Metropolis' finest."

"Sorry you're going to have to reheat your dinner," Turpin said, "but rest easy, we got it from here."
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Batgirl Beyond, 2040, an alternate universe

“And now, words from the Valedictorian of Class 2040 Maxine Gibson .”

The crowds, from graduating students to proud parents, clapped and whistled as the pink head rose from her seat in the first row and walked up the stage. She looked proud and mighty in the sleek dark gown and cap. Among the loudest cheers was her best friend, Tara McKinnis, whom barely made it to the graduation ceremony.

If it wasn’t for Maxine, Tara couldn’t have completed her high school credits. It wasn’t because she’s incompetent or too dumb to pass the classes. She was pre-occupied with her other assigned duties which resulted her in skipping a lot, forgetting to do assignments, and missing important exam days. Luckily, Maxine had come to her rescue. See, Maxine was a computer-whiz. She could hack and tell almost any information technology system to do whatever she wanted. With a few clicks, she had wiped away Tara’s absence days and gave her near-perfect scored exams.

Tara owed her big time, and Maxine always reminded her about it. She had even tried to use it as leverage to get a suit of her own. Yup, she knew about Tara’s secretive vigilante identity as Batgirl. She also suspected the rich old man, Bruce Wayne, has had his fair share of double life back in the days. Luckily for both of them, Maxine kept their secrets… well secretive.

“Woohoo! Yaaaay! Go Maxine!” Tara screamed and cheered when the nerd stood on center stage. A projection of a glass stadium appeared in front of her along with a microphone and the speech she had written for the occasion.

“Do you have to scream so loudly?” A rough deep voice echoed in Tara’s ear, overlaying the other commotions surrounding her. “You kids are so uncivilized. Shut up and listen to the girl talk.”

“Turn down your hearing aid then, old man,” Tara snapped back with her hand over her mouth as if she was just covering her cough.

“That’s not how you should talk to your bos---.”

Tara reached for the earphone and turned it off, cutting his rambles short. The earphone was attached to the helix of her ear, which served as an earring to the naked eyes.

“McGinnis! Don’t you dare turning it of---McGinnis! I’m cutting off your salary,” he continued to grumble even though he knew his words were landing on deaf ears. “Ugh, that damn girl!” His wrinkly big hand slammed on the counter in front of a big wall of monitors.

The loud bang caused Ace, a black hound, to bark besides him. The aged Bruce slouched back onto the chair and petted Ace. “It’s okay, boy. Guess we’ll have to watch the feed without sound. I’ve always like the quiet better anyways.”

The lively graduation ceremony unfolded on the big screen before them. It was like watching a black and white silent film. The lights from the display illuminated parts of the dark Bat-cave, which hadn’t really changed much since its initiation. Bruce had put in more security measures, upgraded the computer systems and obtained more Bat toys, but the bare bone of the cave stayed the same over the years.

Behind the control station where he is sitting was a wall filled with cases displaying the iconic suits over the past decade. To his right, a cluster of pedestals showing off the momentums from the various villains he had encountered and subdued. A bridge led straight to the Bat-mobiles and other vehicles on the far side. It was still dark, dingy, lonely, and hollow cave below the Wayne’s mansion…

On the big screen, Tara enjoyed the Hamilton High ceremony without listening to the old man’s nags After Maxine’s speech, the students lined up to get on stage for their diploma. One by one, he called out the students by name.

When he called out. “Tara McKinnis," there were four distinctive voices hollered over everyone else. Two belonged to Maxine and David Tan, her on and off again high school sweetheart. She searched the crowd for the other two and found her mother and little brother waving and bouncing up and down for her attention. She shot them a peace sign before she shook the principal’s hand and grabbed the certificate.

On her way back to the seat, she felt a light electrocution from the wristwatch. She turned the earpiece back on and discretely mumbled, “That bat-signal is not for you to throw a tantr---.”

Bruce cut her short this time, “The Royal Flush Gang is robbing the Union City Bank.”

“Damn, but this is my graduation,” she whined even though she was already looking around the football field for an exit.

“Thugs don’t have holiday leave."

“Fuc--ow.” He zapped her wrist again at her foul language. Tara muttered under her breath, “I hate my job.” Thank goodness the old man couldn’t see the smirk on her face so he couldn’t scream bullshit.

"Oh Tara?"


"Congratulation, kiddo."

"Aw, thank---."

"Get your ass in gear."

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With the cloak ability on, the Batmobile was invisible to the naked eyes. It hovered over the skyscraper that housed the Union City Bank. The computer circuitry and displays illuminated the inside cabin to an eerie dark red color. Tara, in the iconic black Batsuit that has a red symbol across the chest, sat comfortably in the single person cockpit. She pulled the full face mask over her head while asking, “Hostage? Full house?”

Bruce voice came across the built-in transmitter inside the mask clearly, “I counted twelve before they disabled the cameras. All the cards are there.”

“So I need to save a dozen people and take down five bad guys,” Batgirl summarized with an highly confident tone in her voice. “Easy peasy.” She turned the auto-pilot on before opened the hatch beneath her. She dropped ten feet down with her arms wide and the bat wings extended, which helped her to land on the rooftop safely.

She headed for the duck vent and pulled the cover off easily. She had one leg down the pipe when Bruce called out, “McGinnis?”


“Be careful.”

The girl smirked and rolled her eyes. She appreciated his gesture, but warned him, “Don’t you go sentimental on me, old man.” She then jumped right in and slid down the vent way.


Batgirl looked through opening between the air vent’s slit to the lobby below. She counted all the tied up hostages in the middle of the massive room. “All twelves are accounted for. It must be my luck day,” she whispered, oozed with sarcasm.

She spotted the King sat leisurely on the leather couch in the waiting area with his Queen in his arm next to him. Jack pranced around the hostages, twirling his knives between his fingers. “Wait. Where’s Ten and Ace?” She couldn’t find them in the room. “I should go after the missing tw---.”

“NO. Save the hostages first,” Bruce interrupted in a commanding tone that Batgirl could never win over.

She didn’t even bother to fight him. She reached down to her belt and dispensed an explosive batarang. “Time to get this party started.”

She kicked the vent open. The batarang flew out and exploded by the King and Queen. It followed by a handful of smoke pellets, clouding and confusing everyone below. She jumped down and flew straight toward Jack. Her shoulder rammed into him and propelled him into the brick wall. Their weights made a large concave on the wall.

Jack threw his fist across her face and kicked her off him. Before she got to far away, the booster ignited on the bottom of her boots and impelled her back toward him. Her elbow connected with his head this time. She then repeatedly punched him, in his stomach, his sides, his head, and successfully blocked his blows in the process.

A glimmer of silver flashed in the corner of her eyes. She backed away from the unconscious and all bruised up Jack just right before the sharp blade was bought down between them. With a twist of his wrist, King slashed the sword toward her. She bent backward and watched the blade sliced the air that was less than an inch above her. She grabbed on the blade and activated the electricity, shocking the King until he dropped to his knees and slumbered over.

She quickly pulled out a batarang to defend against the Queen’s attack. A quick glance around, she found the Queen under the couch. The explosion got to her first.

Batgirl let out a disappointing sigh, “Pst, that’s it?” She wiped the blood off her lips with the back of her hand while adding, “Now let’s find the other tw---.”

“Hostages,” Bruce reminded her.

“Ugh, party pooper,” she whined as she went over to the group of hostages. She used the batarang to cut their ties, one by one. Mid-way through, a bright purple light flashed before them repeatedly. It only flashed for less than half a second each time, but she felt a creep energy crawled under her skin every time.

“Did you see that?” She glanced around for the light source. “There! There’s a weird energy coming from that vault.”

She gave the batarang to a middle age woman and ordered, “Cut over loose and get out of her.” She then sprinted toward the vault. She pushed the heavy door just enough for her to slip through.

“Ten!” Batgirl screamed at the back of a slim figure covered in a black and white suit from head to toe.

The girl and Ace, a twice her size android-guy in all white, were walking toward a swirling vortex, which was emitting the purple lights every so often. Ten glanced over her shoulder and smiled at Batgirl. “You’ll never catch us now, Batgirl,” she ominously said and blew her a kiss.

Then the duo broke into a trot and disappeared into the vortex. Batgirl ran and dived after them but it disappeared into thin air. She landed ungracefully onto the floor, face first.

You can tell me lies, I won't even know it.
You can tell the truth, no one really cares.

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Hefting the bag to one side, Clark fumbled the keys out of his pocket, slid them in the hole and opeened the dorm room door to the sight of a sopping wet pussy up in the air. He stared at it for a long minute, feeling his arousal starting. A moment ago his mind was consumed with the pink-purple giant that didn't speak any language he knew, but recognized Clark as a Kryptonian, and the abnormal storms that had been ravaging the world, and too a lesser extent what he was going to tell Lois about why he was late. Now all he could think about was Lois's pussy, dripping with girl cum and winking at him as she was bent over, ass high in the air, eating out her cousin.

Chloe, who was laying on the bed, pushed herself up to one elbow, her other hand moving to the back of Lois's head pushing the raven haired reporter into her pussy. She winked at Clark, then said, "Right there Lo, fuck yes, keep going, keep going."

Shutting the door softly, Clark put the food down, undid his pants at super speed then walked up behind Lois and pressed his cockhead to her cunt. Lois jerked hard, trying to see who was behind her, but Chloe would have none of that. She held be cousin's head in place, using both hands and said, "Fuck no bitch, who told you to stop? Keep eating my pussy like a good slut."

Clark winked back at Chloe and put his hands on Lois's hips then plunged in, filling her in one stroke, bottoming out on her cervix, and still not balls deep. Lois screamed into Chloe's pussy but the blonde had no mercy on her. She slapped the back of Lois's head and said, "I said keep eating!"

Clark pulled all the way out, slapped Lois's ass and plunged back into her, filling her in another single thrust. She screamed and Chloe slapped her again. "What are you deaf? You're gonna keep eating my pussy till you get it right, you cum-hungry cunt, and Clark's going to fuck you raw. All fucking night. And you're going to clean both of us up with that slutty tongue of yours after you lap up all the cum!"

Chloe looked up at Clark and said, "Fuck her hard."

And he did.


It was three hours later when they took a break. Clark had been ridden pretty much the whe tie by Lois. Chloe had made her lick Clark clean, had Clark cum on her tits so Lois had to lick Chloe clean and then spread her legs and scoop out all the cum and slurp that up. Lois was laying on the other bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy lips red and swollen. She was reclined, eating slowly with a dumb/happy smile on her face.

Clark was on Chloe's bed, his back against the wall, grinning easy. He was rock hard again, despite just having filled Lois up with cum. He was munching on some blitzes. "Thanks for heating this up Chloe."

Chloe was pushing her sweats down, and taking Clark's shirt off. She had just come back from the common area where she had microwaved the food. She picked up some food containers and, now naked, her pussy and tits glistening from residual cum and saliva, she walked over to her bed, and put the containers down. Turning to face Lois she bent over, basically shoving her ass and pussy in Clark's face. She started to wiggle her ass in front of Clark but he shoved his middle finger in her pussy, curled it enough to touch her g-spot and then completely blocked from Lois's view, he used his superspeed to give Chloe a two second orgasm.

"Fuck!" Chloe shouted as she threw her hands down to rest on Clark's bed next to Lois's feet. She squirted, a blast of girl cum spraying over Clark like a fire hose. Chloe shook, her whole body in convulsions as she sprayed Clark two, three more times. Clark pulled her down to sit on his lap, holding her as the orgasm kept her shaking for over a minute.

Lois was grinning at her when she came down from her high. "Don't laugh," Chloe said as she carefully stood up, "you have to clean up Clark with your tongue."

Lois laughed. "Wouldn't have it any other way. Just give me a second to recover."

"Take your time," Chloe said as she repositioned herself, spreading her legs and putting her pussylips to Clark's cockhead. "I still need to eat." Clark let out a groan as Chloe slowly lowered herelf down on his cock.

Lois stuck her tongue out at her cousin. "No fair, that cock is all mine tonight. If I could stand up right now I'd come take it."

Chloe laughed. "Relax, I just came, remember. Clark's got alot more in him and I'm just keeping hi warm for-" her face scrunched up, her whole body tensing.

Lois looked at Clark and raised an eyebrow inquizitively. Clark grinned like the proverbial cat who ate the canary. "Watch this," he said and winked.

Lois couldn't see it, but Clark worked his pulman muscle at superspeed about a hundred times a second, effectively turning his cock into a giant, high speed vibrator. All Lois saw was Clark wink and her blonde cousin started to come like a faucet, coating Clark's cock, balls and legs and flooding the bed. This time as Chloe shook, Clark held her against him wrapping his arms around her and pinching her nipples too.

"Want to go for the hat trick?" Clark asked.

Lois's jaw dropped. "You did that?"

"Chloe and I have been fucking for about a year now. I know her body so well I can pretty much make her cum on command." Chloe was still shaking in his arms, lost in her orgasm. He winked at Lois and then pulled on Chloe's nipples, lifting her tits up by them. Chloe shook harder and another blast of cum came out of her.

"Fuck," Lois muttered, "do me like that."

Clark laughed. "It dehydrates you quick. Toss me one of those water bottles?"

Lois groaned as she pushed herself up slightly to stretch, reaching for a water bottle. Her fingers played over the cap of one, her tits swaying as she had to flick her fingers repeatedly to get the bottle to move the two millimeters it took for her to gget a grip on it. Sitting up she tossed the bottle to Clark. He caught it, dreleasing Chloe to let the blonde lean back against him. He undid to cap and pressed it to Chloe's lips. She drank the water, slowly at first but then taking hold of the bottle from Clark and controling it herself, emptying the bottle in gulps.

Lois smiled at them. "So Kansas Cocksman, master of Chloe's cunt, why were you late today? I figgure we could have been riding that jackhammer you call a dick an hour earlier. Not that I didn't enjoy some girl time with Mistress Chloe."

Clark's face went red. Lois laughed. "Don't get shy on me now Smallville. You just fucked me for three hours at the foul mouthed direction of my squirting cousin. There is nothing to be embarrassed about a little bawdy talk."

Chloe, a huge smile plastered on her face, lowered the now empty water bottle. "It's the compliments." She leaned forward slightly and gently squeezed Clark's balls. "He's got a horse cock and he's humble." Her other hand reached down, took one of Clark's hands and put it on her breast. "Mmmm, he was probably stuck in traffic, right Clark?"

Clark sighed. He didn't want to lie. "Kind of. There was this purple giant blowing up Hob's bay." He felt Chloe's pussy suddenly contract around him.

Lois's eyes went wide. "Was Superman there?"

Clark's eyes narrowed. "I, uh, why?"

Lois sat up, her legs snapping shut and all of her previous tiredness seemingly gone. "Damn it Smallville! Was Superman there?"

"Yes. He stopped the giant."

Lois was on here feet, glaring at him. "And you fucked me instead of telling me?"

Clark blinked. "You were pretty happy about that a second ago."

"You don't... I just... FUCK!" Lois was frantically searching the room, throwing on clothes. "It's Superman Clark. I'm a reporter, I need to go write the story." Somehow she had on her pants and shoes already. "Superman is mine Clark. Mine. Perry said anyone can have him but he's mine!"

"Who's Perry?" Clark asked.

"Perry White is the editor-in-chief," Chloe supplied before taking a bite of food. She was surprisingly relaxed despite her cousin being flustered.

Lois had Clark's white t-shirt on. Her nipples were all but boring holes through the thing. Her purse was in her hands. "Thanks for letting me stay, I had a great week, but I gotta go."

"You're not wearing any underwear," Clark said, but Lois was already shutting the door behind her.

Chloe giggled. "I don't think she cares."

Clark squeezed her tit. "What was that all about?"

"Ooh, you have until I cum again to stop doing that." Chloe wiggled her hips. "Lois is a bit obsessed with Superman. She thinks he's hers exclusively."

Clark reached his hand over to Chloe's pussy, pushing down on her clit. "Doesn't she know I fuck you too? I mean, I've fucked you both at the same time."

Chloe's whole body tensed as Clark touched her clitoris. "Um, are you going to make me cum again?"

"Yes. Repeatedly. Maybe two, three hundred times this hour. You're going to need alot of water. But explain this to me first."

Chloe sighed. "Let me eat something." She took another bite, chewed and swallowed while Clark played with her nipples and clit. "Usually a news organization puts one person on a story. You are such big news that Perry opened up Superman to whoever could bring him the best exclusives. If you wanted to give me an interview I would be the most famous reporter in the world overnight."

Clark shook his head. "You're joking."

Chloe laughed, she rocked her hips, trying to get Clark deeper inside her. "Kind of. It is true I'd be the most famous yadda-yadda Pulitzer, but I'd never betray you Clark."

Clark switched nipples. "So Lois is trying to protect her story on me?"

Chloe took another bite, swallowing it down with Clark's soda. "Yes. And she's obsessed. Now, make me cum."

And he did.
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