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Roleplay writing partner:Spoiled Master vs Slave

I am looking for writing partner to write part of a sci-fi story from a different character perspective than me. The story takes place 10,000 years in the future, where I am a rich and powerful hedonist. I am spoiled and sadistic, and long with my beautiful pleasure-mate named Tishy, I live in my pleasure palace in the lap of luxury. I will write from this perspective. I own over a billion slaves and you are one of them. The other half will be told from your slave perspective, an existence of pure misery in one of my many mines: the infamous Mines of Pril. The story will switch back in forth from the your horror in the mines and my ecstasy in the palace, until our worlds collide at some point.

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Sounds like it will be an awesome story

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Greg, I would post your idea in the "Seeking SRPers" thread...

Seeking SRPers

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Is the slave male or female?
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