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Looking for good stories about female roommates sharing a guy

Basically looking for any stories in which two (or more) female roommates get together with one guy, preferably one of their boyfriends. Or any stories in which one female roommate watches the other have sex.

I've found a few through searches/tags, but I wanted to see if you guys had any good recommendations. Preferably something with substantial plot, but that's not a strict requirement.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out!
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I've got one that kind of fits the second criteria.


40-something tales so far.

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I have one that fits pretty well: http://www.literotica.com/s/turn-aro...ok-at-me-ch-06
It's the last chapter of a six-part series, but it stands pretty well on its own. (If you like it, please check out the rest of the story too!)
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Try this one if you haven't already:

A Star is Born- Naked


It's one of the best written stories I've ever seen on Literotica, and the dialogue is as good as it gets. The author also has another roommate story.
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