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Question help with lyrics and spice

Unfortunately, I do not speak French beyond a few words, but my late wife did. Like Gomez Addams in "the Addams Family" it drove me wild when she whispered something in my ear and then said it again in French. Such a beautiful language!

A few of the characters in my stories say something in French for just that reason.

In Moonlight Window Chapter 2, one of the characters sings "Parlez Moi d'Amour" by Lucienne Boyer. Per Literotica guidelines on copyright material, I was only able to put in a couple of lines. I received a comment that I needed to correct one line of the song. I copied and pasted the following from one of several lyrics websites that all have the same lyric"

"Parlez moi d'amour
Redites-moi des choses tenders . . ."

Is that correct, or are the websites wrong?

Also, I need the proper response for a 22-year-old when she meets the father of her boyfriend. The father kisses her hand, saying, "enchanté." I have found several responses, but I need the correct situational response for these specific characters. What would her response be? It is suggested at this point that they both speak French.

If anyone would like to suggest erotic phrases that a woman would say just before she does something related to the phrase, I will give credit in the story to the submitter. I need woman to man and woman to woman examples.

Examples in English would be

"You have such sensuous nipples," just before hissing them.

"I'm going to kiss every rib as I undress you," before taking off a shirt or lowering a slip.

These all should be about romance and foreplay, as I am trying to write about romance and relationships rather than just sex.

Again, I will credit all whose material I use in the Author's Notes section of my stories.

Thank you . . . uh, well . . . merci!
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Wink correction

that should have been "before kissing them," not "hissing them"
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Hi PanesOfGlasss

"Parlez Moi d'Amour" by Lucienne Boyer goes like this :

Parlez-moi d'Amour,
Redites-moi des choses tendres (be careful, you intervented tendres in tenders)
Votre beau discours,
Mon coeur n'est pas las de l'entendre ..
Pourvu que toujours
Vous répétiez ces mots suprêmes
Je vous aime ...

Which i would approximatively translate by

Talk to me about Love
Say again these sweet things
Your beautiful speech
My heart isn't tired to hear it
As long as always
you repeat the supreme words
I love you

For the hand kissing, i would say that "Enchanté" is a little short . A french gentleman of the twenties would add something like "Vous êtes ravissante très chère" (you're splendid my dear)
Then, an educated girl of this period would just blush limit her answer to "Thank you Sir". Eventually, if your character is not so shy, she could add "Je suis ravie de vous rencontrer; -name of the guy- m'a tellement parlé de vous"

Third point , I would suggest a classic comment about breast

"Tu as des seins à damner un Saint"

The second sentence sounds a little strange adapted in french
may I suggest

"je ne me lasse pas d'embrasser ta peau"
(i cannot stop kising your skin)

Some other words that you could use in a dialog :

"Mon amour, ... (fi : "Tu as des seins à damner un Saint" )
"Mon aimée ... !dem , boy talks to the girl)
"Mon aimé (idem but girl to boy)
"Ma bien-aimée (b2g)
Mon bien-aimé (g2b)

Wish you much fun writing your text ! I can reread the french part if you don't feel secure ...

Have a nice day

Lazarus Harshaw, native french speaker, currently living in Brussels, Belgium
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