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Writers wanted to write their post-apocalyptic diaries

I began the IC and OOC for a role play called "The New World Order" and indicated that they weren't ready for writers yet but would be soon. But they weren't ... and still aren't ... and it took me until now to finally understand why I was procrastinating: I don't want to write it solely as a role play.

My new idea is to have us write it as an accumulation of diary posts from the characters involved. If you've ever watched one of those History Channel programs about the Civil War or The Great Depression or whatever, in which they use entries from diaries written by those who experienced those events to give life to the story, then you know what I'm talking about.

(There is a provision for those who want the traditional role play, too, described below.)

Here's how I want it to unfold ... and if you are interested in participating, feel free to post a reply here and I will send you additional information and a character profile that you can complete:
  • The basic story line is:
    • Small yield nuclear bombs have destroyed cities and other locations across the US (and in some foreign countries as well).
    • "The New World Order", a domestic (US) terror group, has claimed responsibility, demanding the dissolution of not just the US Federal Government but of the State Governments as well. Control is to rest in Cities and Counties and nothing larger.
    • Our story begins in the small river-island town of Ravenswood in Western Oregon. (Originally, the story was going to be in Northern Minnesota, but as I have never been there and know nothing about it, I think I would do a better job of setting this role play up if -- as they say you should -- I wrote about what I know.
    • A military contractors unit from Atlantis Protective Services called "The Black Cats" has been sent to secure Ravenswood and protect its citizenry from the crime that is plaguing much of the post-apocalyptic world.
  • The role play -- which, as I've said, won't be a role play at all -- will function along these lines:
    • The OOC will lay out the basic facts for all writers. All characters live within the "new world order" that these facts lay out.
    • The first 5 posts will come from 5 of my characters -- 3 long term, 2 (expendable) short term -- and will, essentially, set the stage.
    • After that, writers can create their own characters, present their backgrounds, and offer up ideas for their immediate futures.
    • There will be drama: heart break and tragedy, as well as joy and successes. But there are to be no spontaneous, dramatic plot twists or power plays that affect the other writers and/or characters without those writers approving of such events. Coordinate and cooperate with one another: that's the bottom line. This isn't your story or my story but instead is our story.
    • There will be a very basic, very fluid plot line laid out for all to build off of, but it will offer a great deal of flexibility, too. We'll work on this plot line together to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.
    • As an added bonus, if writers want to role play their characters, they can role play in separate threads and link them to the story thread for others to read. (More on this later.)
That's it. That's my idea. If you are interested or simply have more questions, feel free to post a reply here. (If you simply think this is a stupid idea, feel free to post that here, too, as it "bumps" my idea and gets it more exposure. Bad press if better than no press at all, they say. )
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This seems rather interesting. Count me in. Although I must warn you, I can only post once or twice a week, due to RL problems interfering quite a bit.
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Since its best to write about what you know, I'd like to point out that I can not partake in this. I live in a small town in South Africa and work on a farm. I can write about a revelution and how civil order gets upheaved as the leaders of today gets blown into ashes. So if you need something from another country I'd be happy to pop a post every now and then.

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Your idea sounds interesting, but I live in Europe, and haven't even visited the US.

Would it be really important to know your neck of the woods "by heart", so to speak? If you are okay with more or less vague descriptions inspired by a map, I would be pleased to partake in the fun.

Could you link the story thread and the OOC in your first post?
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i dont know much about america, but have always loved post apocalyptic films and books (excluding walking dead) so if you want i can certainly help to write diary pages? it is a good idea by the way.
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Great idea are you still going to try it? Used to live in Washington so the setting would be to easy for me to write in.
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I'd be really interested in it as well.. but I've never been north of Kentucky (I live in Tennessee) and while I'm not as unfamiliar with the local as some of the others, I'd be a little lost as well.
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