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Building: a zombie survival RP

OOC: This is a sequel to Rebuild: a zombie survival RP. The OOC for "Build" is here in the old OOC for "Rebuild", since the premisses laid out there are the same for "Build".

We are still open for new writers, but please post in the OOC before you join the fun here.


I sat behind my desk and sighed at the stack of paperwork on it. It was a good thing some people had formed a group dedicated to collecting rags and old paper and making new paper out off it because the rate we were using the supplies meant we would need it soon. Some even were working on how to make parchment. Here in Daniel's Household we used a blackboard to write down who was on what shift, when a trip to where would happen, who had kitchen duty and so on.

Most of the paperwork dealt with requests for Daniel to do this or that with the zombies. Other things were duplicates or triplicates of requests to or from the CC (City Council), the PDD (the Police/Defense Department), the SD (the Supplies Department), Energy, the HD (the Health Department), the CD (the Communications Department) or the SaSD (the School and Science Department) or announcements made by one of those, or other such important things. We had a nice bit of bureaucracy going on.

And of course we, the DH, added to it because we had to answer all those request and had some of our own too.

It was a very good thing we had the hospital up and running though, the power plant up and running, and all the other departments functioning and dealing with whatever came their way.

A loud ringing startled me and my hand moved towards the phone on my desk.

"DH, Ria speaking, hi"

"PDD, honey, it is me."

"Hi Bart, how are you?"

"Not as fine as when I left you this morning. How many extra men do you need on the next trip? Are you really sure you want to saddle the horses for that one?"

"Nice to hear! Yes. We can't keep burning gas like we did a few months ago, Bart. If it is not an emergency, we'll use horses. We caught enough of them, and we scavenged more than enough saddles and enough people are able to ride or have learned enough to stay in the saddle."

"I feel like I am reenacting when I get on a horse in full gear, Ria." His voice rung stern and disapproving in my ear, but I heard the chuckle beneath it.

"By the way, is your schedule still unchanged?"

"Yes," I answered a bit flabbergasted. He had asked me the same question this morning.

"Great. I booked us a room at the King's for Saturday. Bye, see you tonight."

Early in the afternoon of the following day, I leaned forward and patted Bruce on the shoulder.

"Good boy," I praised him. "You did exceptionally well. You are getting better all the time. Now we'll grab some food, what do you think?"

He whinnied once and I took that as a yes. Moving him through the now immobile group of zombies in the sport station, I waved at Daniel.

"Thank you, it was a great help knowing you kept an eye on us, see you in three days!"

I steered Bruce towards the guarded double door system at the gate, as did the five other troopers who had been training with me. Some were excellent equestrians, some were excellent fighters, but only two, Thomas and I, were good equestrians and good fighters.

Of course it helped us to concentrate on riding that we really knew Daniel could and would stop the zombies at a second's notice, even if he wasn't here but in his apartment. A yell from one of us, a wave from me or Thomas, and the zombies would stop as soon as the entity transported our words and moves to Daniel, and his commands back to the zombies.

"Three days? You'll be off duty for there days?" Thomas asked skeptically. I knew why. If I was off duty I still could and would wander into someone and then some work would be done.

"Yes," I nodded happy. "I'll be off duty for three days because Bart booked us a room at the King's. My bag is packed, I'll change Bruce for Zeus, pick Bart and Beauty up at the DPP headquarters, we'll trot to the King's in around three hours, maybe a bit quicker with some cantering and a short gallop thrown in, then we'll put the horses in the stables, have a shower, dress in something nice and forget about work for two days."
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Troy had been very busy in the last six months. Since getting back from that last mission to rescue Cassie and them ending up saving Daniel as well, things had been looking up for the town of Eugene and the Winery now affectionately known as the Kings. He said the Town, because Eugene could really no longer be called a city. Daniel tried his best but his influence could not cover the entire area, however he covered a good portion and word had slowly leaked out and every day more and more survivors trickled in to their growing community.

They had put together a rough government and society and it seemed to be working well. troy had been involved in the early days but once they had enough people he had returned to the Kings and had begun working on the big projects he knew needed to be done.

As Daniels influence did not extend this far out, he had come out and gathered up all the Zombies he could find and had taken them back to Eugene to help out with the basic and menial tasks they could perform there. With the relatively safe conditions The Kings had soon fortified the winery into a true medieval castle like structure. A proper moat had been dug and lined with sharpened metal stakes taken from the rubble from Eugene. A large wall erected around the property also from the same rubble, brought to waiting trucks by the zombies then stacked by them on Daniels next trip. They may not have been capable of many things, but repetitive straight forward tasks where one of them. It was amazing how quickly the wall actually went up. A layer of cement over the top and they had a hard barrier that would keep out both human and Zombie attackers. They had started on another wall surrounding the whole property but that was going to take much longer and was only half finished.

A lot of the vines had been ripped up and new crops planted. Huge vegetable gardens and wheat crops had been put in, because they were much more valuable. They had also rounded up a lot of the stray livestock wherever they could find it and know had decent herds of pigs, chickens, ducks, horses and cows. They had even come across a few sheep and goats. Of course he had also been breeding his dogs and had had several litters with a few stray bitches he had found. Cramer had been one of the first to claim one and Troy had assured him he would train it as soon as he could.

He had also helped to get the power station back online with a few engineers that had struggled in. it had proved reasonably easy as it had only been shut down and abandoned. They had just followed they start up procedure and were now running it at minimal output. It was enough to keep the town, Kings and the outlying farms supplied with power. However they had put restrictions on it's use and at the Kings they tried to survive without using the power from the plant. They still had their own solar setup and used that most of the time and even with the added people and new machines they had developed they were still pretty well self sufficient.

Troy and Cassie had been making a go of it and he had to admit it was a hell of a ride. Cassie was a wild and carefree spirit and she was bringing that side out of him and he was hoping that he was bringing out some of her more responsible side. It showed in both of them when they got away from their duties and just hung out together but they both worked hard as well. She had mentioned something about Portland and Troy knew if she was going anywhere he would be right behind her, backing her up and protecting her cute ass.
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With a gasp I laid my hand against my stomach. Now I truly had felt it! Again I felt a faint fluttering in my stomach.

"Yes, I am here," I whispered. "I won't go away, never, I promise."
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The last six months have been repetitive and monotonous. The same old routine; wake up, ensure my grasp on the zombies is firm, and do whatever I am ordered to do by my supervisors. I wasn't treated like a prisoner, however; I am well-treated, given good food and constantly guarded. I just have little personal freedom. I can not go wherever I like, and wherever I do go I am constantly escorted by a group from the Winery, a group that constantly rotates every week. I a, given my own house, though, which is nice. But I am only allowed to return to the Winery once every month or so. I am prohibited from going there except for at the appointed time. I am isolated, trapped in my own "house." Like cattle.

It is better than before though. Or is it really? It is hard to concentrate; I am in the middle of a chess game. Not with one of the guards, of course. They would never be so casual with me. Well, maybe Ria would. Or Cassie. But none of the others. They don't trust me enough. To them, I am that freak who can control the zombies, the mentally unstable freak who could turn on them at any moment.

Make a move already, why don't you? the Voice urges impatiently. I snap out of my thoughts and reassess the chess board. Neither of us is winning; it seems that whatever move I made, the Voice knows exactly how to counter, but his strategy is painfully obvious to me. As a result, it is a perfect stalemate. I hadn't been more stimulated by an opponent since I had played my father. But he is dead now. I am almost certain of that. Even if he is alive, I couldn't leave her and see him. I am stuck in Eugene.

"Voice, why do you stay with me?" I ask him as I capture a knight of his with a bishop of mine. He chuckles as he in turn captures my bishop with a rook of his, a rook that had somehow evaded my careful scrutiny. I scowl at the loss; it may cost me the game. The last few rounds of chess we have played since the Voice appeared; around a month ago; have resulted in about 10 draws, 9 wins for me, and 10 wins for the Voice. If he wins this one, than he will officially be ahead of me. Something I cannot allow.

I stay because there is nowhere else for me to go, he calmly informs me. Since Thea is gone you, are the only conscious left for me to inhabit. I am too weak to take you over; I am merely a presence in your mind. But if I had the choice, I would most definitely choose to leave this wretched place. No offense Daniel, but your life is rather boring. You are no better than livestock; you are kept alive purely to be used by these people you call friends. Do they reciprocate this feeling? Or is it purely one-sided? the Voice questions me.

He definitely has a point there. And these ideas aren't exactly drawn from thin air; sometimes I even question whether or not I am no better than livestock to the Kings. Whether or not I should continue helping them. Sure, my work has done worlds of good for everyone: even I have not bee unaffected. I have a stable supply of electricity and water at my own house. But I still lack that which I crave most; independence, the freedom of choice. Not to be fattened and pampered by my handlers. They had even taken away the gun Deacon gave to me before he had left. It was the only sign of goodwill between us, and they took it from me because I am not to be trusted with a firearm.

And Cassie's frequent "visits" haven't helped nearly as much as I thought they would. She is just as beautiful and sultry as always, but for some reason I am not aroused by her anymore. When I look at her, I feel like I am looking at a lesser being. When she gives me a lap dance, I feel like I am not being given by a lap dance by one of my own kind, but by a lesser evolved species. Perhaps I am less human, or perhaps I am actually a superior being. Either way, I feel even more separated, even more distanced from mankind than ever before. I truly feel alone.

You will always be alone, Daniel. Now that Thea is dead, you are alone in every sense of the word. You are unique; there is none like you in all the world. You are the last of my greater children, Daniel. Always remember that; you are alone, the Voice tells me, before checkmating me. He flashes me a smile. Looks like I am in the lead.


It has been a while since I joined the Kings. And to be honest, it hasn't been all that great.

Sure, having electricity is awesome. And being kept completely safe from the zombies is cool too, I guess. I mean, they aren't even a threat. Almost all of them are in the city, and the few still out here are easily picked off by the guards at the wall. For the first time in a while, life is a lot like it was before all this happened. And I am not liking that.

Hell, we even have a government again! A fucking government! I was really liking how my old group was organized; we just voted. Yup, simple as that. And it made sense. Hell, voting didn't even happen all that often. You wanted something done, you asked if anyone would help you out, and you did it. None of these commands and orders and all that bullshit. I had enjoyed the freedom my old group had offered.

But I guess that freedom doesn't work well in a zombie apocalypse. Otherwise, my group wouldn't have been overrun and massacred. While the Kings survived and flourished. Maybe it was related to the fact that somehow they had figured out how to control those mother fucking zombies. Whatever the case, I am not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. I am well fed, live comfortably; hell, I can even take real showers again! You do not know how it feels to take a nice, relaxing shower after being covered in dirt, and sweat; and sometimes even blood; all day.

Anyways, I am moving towards the bulletin board to check out who the next group will be to head into Eugene. And actually guard the zombie controlling device for a whole week. I pray to god it is me. I want to so fucking badly see this thing know how it works and why it does what it does.

No matter how hard I think about it, I can't wrap my head around the idea that some machine can control those freaks outside. The Kings told me that they had practically figured out how this zombie virus thing worked, and how these spores were involved, too, but it still doesn't make sense to me. I mean, these things are like the undead, and a machine can control them. How fucking awesome is that?

When I find the list detailing the rotation cycle, my heart literally skips a beat as I see my name there. This can't be happening, I must be dreaming. Quick Arya, pinch yourself. Which I do, of course. Nope, I am not dreaming. I am filling in for someone who will be out for three days.

I squeal with excitement. I just can't believe it! I am actually going to go into Eugene and see this thing this machine I have been dying to look at ever since I heard about it! I am so fucking excited, I can't describe how I feel right now. As I finally calm down, I just can't help but shiver. All that waiting and wishing and praying got me here. I just hope it won't be some lame ass disappointment. I hurry off to go pack my stuff. I know I still have the rest of the day, since Ria, the woman I am filling in for, won't leave until the afternoon, and it is still midday. But I just can't wait! As I finish packing my stuff, I run to the main office, where I am to receive further instructions before I head out to Eugene.
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Come join the fun!

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"I miss Deacon and Derry," I told Bart quietly while our horses walked close together after a short gallop, both of us on another side of the road, on the dirt. You already could see riding trails appearing beside the roads, so often people used horses now.

He nodded.

"Hows Daniel?" he asked. "Last time I met him, about a week ago, I felt like he felt lonely, kind of un-content, kind of fed up with the whole situation, although he didn't say a word when I asked him."

Now it was my turn to nod.

"It is like he is putting up a show, whenever you ask him how he is. Which I don't do too often, it is just too bad, too many people are afraid of him and some still would see him dead rather than alive. Only three days ago we caught a letter-bomb. Addressed to him, with "private" written on it in big letters."

Bart reigned Beauty in and stopped.

"What! Why didn't you tell me?"

I sighed and stopped Zeus too.

"Because Leo found it, called me, and we had it opened in the special room of the postoffice with the remote controlled plier-arms. To where we transported it in a box filled with hay. An engineer is building new plier-arms now. We now check Daniel's post even more carefully, especially larger letters and parcels. Especially if they are addressed by one of the few friends he has, as the letter we caught was. Someone used Cassie's name, drawn even a few hearts on the envelope. That was what made Leo suspicious, he said Cassie isn't that cheezy. I reported it to Vince." I shrugged my shoulders. After all Vince was head of Daniel's squad now, since I resigned from that function after he, as my vice commander, had backed the ones who took Daniel's gun, a gift from Deacon away, and he was vice commander of the DPD.

Bart didn't look pleased. He was a vice commander too, commander of the police section of the DPD, just like Vince was the commander of the defense section. Sometimes I wondered -actually I asked myself quite often- if my decision had been a wise one. Not only was I stuck to desk duty when I wasn't training newbs -people and horses alike- to move through or around a group of zombies in the sport stadium, I also didn't have much influence on management decisions of Daniel's squad anymore.

"What bothers me more though, is that Vince forbade us to tell Daniel about the bomb. I think he needs to know about such things too, and not only about the sometimes awfully insincere praise and thank-you's he gets, which Vince thinks is best."

"Who sent it, you think?"

"I have no idea. For a moment I thought of Scotty Glen, but it seems too big a thing for him, he is more into black-marketing and such."

"Glen! Don't remind me of that sucker, after what he did to us I wanted him exiled! I'll look into it, and if I find only a remote connection to him, I'll have him exiled!"

I sighed.

"That might be the exact reason why I didn't tell you."

Bart shook his head and nudged Beauty in motion again. A soft nudge of my heels in Zeus' flanks had us trotting side by side soon again.

"I didn't mean he shouldn't be exiled if he is guilty of the bomb, but you do have a grudge against him." I chuckled, thinking back at the time on the boat, where I found out why Bart had ignored me for a while. I sighed happily, thinking of how we had made up after we had talked about the picture -of Lee fondling my breasts during the attack on the Knight- Bart had received. It hadn't been easy to find out who sent it, but when Scotty had made a remark about my breasts to Lee on the night of the big party, Lee had asked me why I had told Scotty and that had led to me having a serious talk with a drunk Scotty, which had led to a a little bit hung-over Bart having a serious discussion with a very much hung-over Scotty early the next morning.

We were greeted by a team of farmers plowing a field. Two oxen were reigned in front of two plows, one man was throwing out seeds in wide swipes of his arm behind one plow, and a girl standing on a harrow, drawn by a cow, followed him.

It was an almost surrealistic view. Their clothes were nearly the only thing telling it wasn't a scene from the middle ages. Far in the distance I made out a stumbling figure.

"A stray?" I called out to the people in the field, pointing towards it. They looked, one of the men took a hatchet, another a hayfork, the girl waved and shrieked as the two men moved to the sides, and when the figure moved faster and headed towards the girl, the two men deadiered it.

"Lets get a move on," Bart urged me, "the sun will set in an hour, and I want to be at the King's by then."

Smiling I nodded, telling him about Robert's and mine school project as we trotted along. Too many of the children in Eugene were orphans. Some had found a good home, but most lived with Robert and the other teachers, which had been a good solution when they had only twenty something children to care for, but now, with close to two hundred orphans, they had spread over too many buildings.

We were planning to get them together in one of the big hotels.

"Nearly there," Bart interrupted my musings. "Two hundred orphans not living in at least something like a family, you say, and several groups of teenagers living together on top? On a population of three thousand five hundred eighty-four, that is an awful lot."
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Cassie is back! OH NO!!!!

Since you are reading this … you are still interested in the small band of folks living in Eugene, Or. after the zombie outbreak. I’m really happy you care so much. That first story was wild! I mean, world changing kind of stuff … there was some sex in there too … that is always fun. A search for love … and in the end, a lot of stuff blowing up. Pretty cool, right? Well, just you wait … because chapter 2 is even wilder!! But enough foreshadowing … Let me get started.

I walked past my parked Lamborghini Veneno and sighed.

“What a waste” I said to myself as I headed over to the barn. Everyone was riding horses these days. I can hear still hear Ria’s voice at the meeting saying “It is a good way to conserve gasoline. We need the fuel for “essential” services.” My arguments about my needs were essential … that I needed to drive my “dream” car for my personal sanity was REJECTED.

So I needed to start riding a horse. Now, from the first story you all know I had a mustang … the Ford kind … not the horse kind. Anyhow, I’m a city girl. A stripper … never been to a farm until the zombie thing happened. Never been on a horse before.

Let me tell you … riding a horse is F’ing dangerous. That is 2000 lbs of high strung attitude under you. The one they got me on …. was in everyone's words “very animated". I mean the animal was spooked at anything. He was a gelding … so he had no balls … but he was still a male. I have always worked well with males. Not this guy. He balked at every command I tried to give him. He even bolted on me once … Troy and Cramer needed to rescue me.

Anyhow I tried another horse … a filly this time … and similar results … the bitch (wrong term … but you know what I mean) started bucking and rearing. Nothing I did seemed to calm her down. Typical female!

Anyhow, everyone said the answer was for me to ride a donkey! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? Me, Rambina, on a donkey. I should be riding the Lamborghini Veneno … but instead I’m on an f-ing donkey. I do have to say they were right … I have had no problems riding him. In fact I kind of like the little guy. My donkey is a bit older and has grey in his coat. So I gave him the name “Slow Silver” in honor of the magnificent white stallion, Silver, that the Lone Ranger would ride. I also use to work at the “silver dollar” stripper club in Eugene, so the name silver was a good fit. I was kind of hoping my donkey would get an ego boost from the name … being compared to a beautiful stallion and all.

I put a saddle on him and mounted him. Sounds naughty when I write it. But I think it is really called “mounting” when you get on a horse or donkey. He did not seem to mind me riding him. I’m only 5’4” tall and weight 130 lbs. But my measurements are 34FF-25-36, people assume I weigh more. But I have an hour glass figure; I think people just look at my breasts and think I weigh a lot.

I was wearing a long heavy jacket and some tight fitting blue jeans and my comfortable Nike running shoes. I left the barn with a might yell of "Hi Ho Slow Silver Away!!" We slowly trotted to Daniel's house. I tied up my steed and headed inside. I had a kind of surprise for him today, so I slipped into the bathroom and quickly changed. Then I came out and made it to Daniel's room still wearing my long jacket. He was playing chess.

“Hi Daniel … I got a surprise for you … I finally remembered to wear that outfit I told you about.“ I said as I pulled open my jacket followed by the words “TA DA”

I was dressed only in a bikini with two pistols badges sewn over the nipples and Rambina written in the crotch of the bottom.

“What do you think?” I asked him.
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Arriving at the first wall around the King's Winery, we were greeted by the guards on the top. We waved back at them and trotted to the main gate.

The hooves of Beauty and Zeus sounded much louder on the bridge over the moat. Wood, reinforced with steel, and heavy chains with rope woven around them attached to the posts at the end of the bridge made it a proper drawbridge. The posts fitted neatly in shallow holes in the top of the wall, drawn up the bridge formed a strong cover for the gates.

Inside we went directly to the stables. Both of us were happy to be able to dismount. Three hours on horseback still was a bit much for our backsides to deal with.

"I am longing for a long, hot bath!" I told Bart. He chuckled.

"So am I. Hey, look there, seems like they found some young horses somewhere!"

Busy with unsaddling Zeus I look over to the stalls Bart pointed at. Three lovely Haflinger ponies stood together.

"They look like Haflingers," I told him. "Not horses but one of the taller kinds of ponies. They were bred in the Austrian mountains. Workhorses. Very calm and sure footed. They would be great for Cassie. A Haflinger wouldn't get too skittish from her exaltic self. We should talk with Maddie, if she doesn't want all three of them for the kids here, I would like to surprise Cassie with one."

John came into the stables with a young man I didn't know. John still couldn't use his arm very well. He could lift it, and somewhat bend it, but that was all. He was a good stewart to Maddie though. In his free time he still designed clothes and part of his duties was to oversee the sewing room and the people working there.

"This is Mathieu," he introduced the young man to us. "He came with the three Haflingers, had taken them from the stables he worked and hid with them in the forest for most of the winter. He now is our Horse-master."

We exchanged greetings and I asked if Mathieu would like to visit our stables in the city soon, we had quite some people who took care of the horses, but none really knew much about breeding and such. He stroked Beauty and Zeus before he answered.

"A pity he is gelding. He would have been great to breed with. She is nice too, and her filly will be nice too I think. Who is the sire?"

Bart and I looked stunned.

"You mean she is pregnant?" Bart asked concerned, caressing Beauty's nose. "I am so sorry, I wouldn't have ridden her if I had known it!"

"No problem, she'll be able to carry you for quite while in full gallop before you have to go easy on her," Mathieu chuckled.

"She doesn't look any different than always," Bart sighed. "How should I have known it?"

"She only shook her head and neck when you took the saddle and the bridles off. That is quite a sure sign. When did she start doing that?"

Baffled Bart looked at me.

"She did that since I got her three months ago," he said a bit helplessly.

Mathieu smiled.

"Then she'll be around four months on the way. Or five. Maybe even six, hard to tell with a dam you don't know. It would surprise me if she really was in heath six months ago, at harvest time. Most mares don't get in heat during the fall and the winter. But maybe she got triggered by the strange things happening around her. Nature sometimes makes funny jumps if things don't go as planned."

Maddie joined us, smiling wide.

"So nice to have you here again! Why are you still in the stables? Mrs Bradley has a nice dinner for you on the way!"

"Beauty is pregnant," Bart whispered.
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