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First neighbor on scene at Cleveland house not Ramsey

...Angel Cordero, however, has not received the limelight that Ramsey has for his own work in the rescue operation of three women held captive in a Cleveland home for over a decade.

“I helped her and I was first,” Cordero told a local Cleveland new station in Spanish. “Ramsey arrived after she was outside with the girl…But the truth who arrived there, who crossed the street, who came and broke the door, it was me.”

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Since aiding in the rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, Charles Ramsey has become a national hero, a household name and an Internet phenomenon thanks to his well-publicized television interview.

Hawkers are even selling Charles Ramsey T-shirts.

Angel Cordero, however, has not received the limelight that Ramsey has for his own work in the rescue
Despite the national fame that Ramsey has gained following the rescue, both Cordero and Tejeda said they hold no grudge against the man for taking the spotlight in the rescue.

Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/new...#ixzz2Ss9FAL1A
the angle of this article is all about attempting to show Ramsey "cashing in" on the limelight - which he hasn't. Ramsey's not to blame for the media choosing to run in the direction it did, and clearly stated that reward money should be given to the victims as he had a paycheck and didn't want it. his interview showed a decent guy. not that it matters to those who want to put him down, i'm sure.

Ramsey is not to blame for the media's lack of skill in identifying the 'first rescuers on the scene' if, indeed, there were others before him. all he did was be a good neighbour and help. fox news (and yourself by extension) shouldn't attempt to vilify his character but concentrate on applauding the help given by others. still, that's fox news for you. and your post doesn't surprise anyone.
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