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Love drug

Not really a story idea per se, this would be an interesting addition to a story. I read this article about a Love Drug nasal inhaler.

Think about the implications of adding this to a BDSM scene, or a NC or mind control.
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Hm, could make for a good story. Reminds me of something out of To Love-Ru, though.
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Actually, real scientists and perfumers are furiously racing to develop this. I saw a documentary on sexuality a couple years ago that showed human females get the best sexual satisfaction from men they are genetically compatible with. This compatibility is based upon how healthy the children of their union will be. To find such a match, all she needs to do is follow her nose, literally. When a woman can smell a mans pheromones, the more enjoyable the smell, the better of a match, and the better the sex for her. It's natures way of encouraging optimal reproduction

I totally buy into this. My best lover ever was intoxicating. Seriously. That spot where his neck and shoulder meet, the monstrously powerful muscles under the light mocha skin, so close to those brown eyes I drowned in, right there with his black hair and wow! The smell of him made me light headed. After sex, which I just couldn't get enough of even when I was burning sore, the smell of him, so strong for so long, made me drunk. Really, I mean it. My eyes would be dilated, I would stagger and be clumsy, I even slurred. I loved kissing every inch, feeling his skin and the heat and oh, that smell! I haven't seen him in 10 years and thinking about it still gets me wet. If we ever would have had kids, I'm sure they would be freaking Superman! That kid should have an MIT sponsorship sticker on his onesies! (Sorry I got so off track; I always do thinking about him, my kryptonite)

So, scientists are looking to create that. The problem will be is that since women have different profiles, there is no universal perfect scent. In reality, the best bet will be to take pheromone samples of lots of men, test the women to find their profile and determine the best match from the pheromone bank), and synthetically reproduce the scent of her best match for a man to wear covering his own pheromones.

For men, they seek a different pheromone marker. Women close to ovulation give off a distinct marker, so for that scent, it can be a pretty universal product.

Well, it's late so I'm going to go have a little Private Time remembering my lover to send me off to slumberland. While I know we will never produce those children, I would like to find one of those kiosks that can merge 2 faces together to see what they would have looked like. Have a good night all
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GorgeousGeekGirl, your post may be the sexiest post I've seen on any of the boards on here. If they sold that stuff at $100 a drop I'd skip my car payments to to buy it all. After all who needs a car when I could affect a woman like that. (G)

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Phermones are definitely powerful stuff. I remember reading a story somewhere (not sure if it was Lit) where a girl was tied down and had phermones administered. They made her crazy with arousal. It was a really good story... perhaps I should write something like that...
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Yeah this is a very interesting idea/topic. Even if it's not an ingested drug per se. I've always found succubus stories where the male 'victim' is intoxicated by the succubi's (sp?) scent/breath/kiss/etc to be really sexy.

Something about losing control over coming in contact with common, basic features like the scent of bare skin or the taste of bodily flesh is incredibly hot. Like those inner suppressed urges break free because of that powerful primal desire and the character(s) have wild, sweaty sex in that euphoric state of mind. Love it.
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