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Your favorite and least favorite lit story this year

I am ripping off Carlie Plum with their best and worst novel thread, but thought it would be fun to do this.

Now people get sensitive so no one has to name a worst if they don't want to. Or if you do want to mention something you were disappointed in you can just mention your gripe without mentioning the story/author by name.

For my favorite it's not easy. I don't read as many as I used to and read a lot of foot fetish stuff.

I will give a shout out to "Pedicure with a new Girl" by Daniellemoore. It came out in 2011, but I did read it this year and it was one of my favs.

For this year I have to say it was fantastic to see Stevieraygovan return four years later and add a chapter to Everyone loves my ass. Didn't miss a beat in their absence and before any starts with bitching about authors "making people wait" that author was quite ill for a long time.

I think my second favorite was My old babysitter by Alwayswantedtoo. It was pretty good, but I really got a kick out of him leaving the mother/son comfort zone.

The third I would mention would be Pennlady's Lessons Learned. Pretty hot one, right there.

Worst? Won't say the name, but just refer to it as the series that when I look at it I say "that thing is not dead yet?" three years after it started there is one chapter every six months and its gone from a promising storyline with good character development to just introducing more and more people and incessant fucking. The author obviously cannot let it go and it has declined badly.
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I don't want to go into which was the worst, but the best was The Preacher Man by hammingbyrd7. It's been on Lit since '07, but I only became aware of it after it recently popped into the Sci-Fi Hall Of Fame. I'll be honest, reading 46 Lit pages at one go isn't easy, but this story is definitely worth it.

Second place... hmm. This one is a bit of a weird one. angiquesophie is known for her unique style of psycho-drama in erotica. Her stories have a very film noir feel to them, laced with a female transgressive element which ends up fucking with your head in very unpleasant ways. This year, she released The Quality Of Her Tears, which, I believe, epitomizes her unique brand of storytelling. If you're looking for something different to read, she's definitely it.

Third place goes to... I'll put a series here. A Stringed Instrument, by Bramblethorn. It was nice to read a lesbian story that didn't go slurp-slurp-fuck-fuck from page 1 to the end. Interspersed between the love is the realistic grinds of the lover's lives.
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In no order:

- I really loved WifeWatchman's "Todd & Melinda" series, 1-5.


It came out in 2004, but I discovered it when the author put out new stories. The series is packed with a little bit of everything, and the scope of the story is huge. That's what I love about it. It's written like a movie and you have all different sorts of sex scenarios. The story is also fascinating since its written like a mystery in some parts.

I look forward to reading the rest of the author's stuff which feature more crime storylines.

- I also love soflrbbwlvr's Deep Undercover, 1-3


It came out this year, and it's about an undercover agent whos mission goes wrong. It's packed with sex, and its loaded with crime. It has a lot of hot sex and the ending is exciting. I love stories that are movie-like.
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Best: "The Accidental Nudist Cabin"
Worst: I won't embarrass the author but it was real garbage.
Perhaps it should have been titled "flight of wild imagination".
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Poking head in. And ducking out before the bloodbath begins. Bawk! Bawk! ;-)
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I try very hard NOT to remember all of the (legion) of contenders for worst. Bad plots, bad grammar, stupid characters, awkward dialogue... <shudder> I'd rather just pretend it all away.

For best story, though, I have to commend TxTallTales for "That Old House." I know it's partly because I have a wistful relationship with a "that house" of my own, but his excellent storytelling adds to it in immensely. I'm very grateful for his story because it gave me so many smiles and chuckles.
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