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what other cbt methods

my name is Megan I am 28 and my husband (26) and I are new to bdsm. Neither of us were sexually active before we were married. (That may sound weird but that's us. We have been experimenting with CBT. we have been tie his penis up, i slap them we have shaved them. but he wants more... we don't have a lot of $, to buy "toys", besides we think its more fun to make our own "toys". my husband has read about Electro-play, can we use batteries, some thing safe.
Also I enjoyed and so did he dumping rubbing Alcohol on his privates but he wants more burn....i guess, what can use

i have another question not related to bdsm, but is oral sex safe and sanitary, booth ways. is it safe to swallow sperm? (and what does it taste like?
I'm sorry if I seem dumb...

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welcome, Megan!

There are so many things you can do with a cock and balls, and you really do not need much money because BDSM is STILL a do-it-yourself proposition.

We have some guys here who can give you ALL kinds of advise.

There are some safety things you need to know, and if no one comes back with those I'll find them for you. But hot stuff is perfectly safe.

First of all, some things you can use for burn;
muscle rub like Icyhot
Ginger, especially up his butt (which is probably somewhere you haven't gone yet, but is a lot of fun)

Oral sex is wonderful for both of you, both giving it and getting it. Nothing builds communication like going down on your partner and learning how they react to things you do! And also, learning how to tell your partner what you need-- women are usually more complicated in this than men are. You can also try masturbating in front of your partner, to show each other what YOU do, and then you can try it for them.
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