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Story search; please help if you can

To anyone that is able to help:
I am searching for a story and/or author that I believe disappeared somewhat recently. It was in the Interracial category and had a plot that centered around the modern day Italian mafia. I want to say it had a title like "Fire & Ice", and I don't remember specific character names except that the father was named Baz or Bas.

The female main character is of mixed race (dad is former Italian mafia boss, mom is former model) and is wealthy, willful, a financial consultant extraordinaire. The male main character is mafia (he and his brother essentially own the city law enforcement, courts, etc.) and have shady business dealings in general. Male lead forces female lead to provide financial consulting b/c she is operating in his territory. After lots of pranks/fighting, she eventually agrees, and they become involved sexually. Female lead's best friend becomes involved with male lead's brother. Both become pregnant later in story. Sub plot with male lead and brother considering female lead's father to be responsible for murder of their family.
The last chapter posted that I read had the male lead putting out a hit on female lead despite being in love with her, and it ended with him going out to a car outside his office where female lead's body was supposedly in the trunk.

A bit of a lengthy description, but I've exhausted my google and literotica search skills. Any help would be appreciated!
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