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Work in progress, seeking feedback/editor

thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been working on a story in hopes to create my own fantasy world. I have posted on Lit three chapters of the story and have been improving my writing as time goes on. An improvement you can see if you read chapter 1 to 3. I am eager to continue improving as I write more and am seeking more knowledgeable editors as a result.

My story arch is about an order of monks that secretly held the balance of good and evil from the shadows of the world. An ancient evil that resided in a dream dimension figures out a way to manifest into the world. This ancient evil is a Succubus, chapter 3 ends with her escaping into the world. My next story I have started by introducing a new main character and expanding on the knight’s characterization, which was a character I threw into the mix with no plan to do anything with at the time.

My plan is for the knight to be the good character who happens to be perceived as the evil character because of his actions, hunting down and destroying the Monk Order, while the first main character becomes the corrupted hero in need of saving (falls victim to the Succubus) and my newest main character will be the good hero that later becomes the savior. And obviously the Succubus is the true evil amongst all the characters.

Right now I am hoping to get feedback on where I’m going with the story or if I should work more on an area.

If you are interested in helping me as I write with brainstorming or simply editing what I have so far please feel free to PM me or use my profile feedback forum. If you’re interested and you’d only like to see a finished product to edit it all at once, let me know (I currently have the intro, around 13,000 words typed)

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