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Looking for a story

I was told I may get better results posting in here than in the general section. I'm looking for a story I read many years ago, here's a c/p of what I posted in the other thread about it.

It was about a girl named Andrea and it chronicled her sex life from its awakening until, as I recall it ended, "she tried out at a modeling agency."

There was one scene in there where she's trying to sleep with a guy who has a major premature ejaculation problem. He passes out on her in a car after coming just from having his cock touch her pussy, but stays hard, so she continues to use his passed out self anyways.

There was another scene where one guy she had slept with before comes around her house looking for some more, this time with his friends, and her brother beats them all up since they were acting very rapey.

Then there was another scene where she starts sleeping with this one couple, the guy is either a photographer or a college teacher I THINK, but he does take a lot of pictures of her. He later sells or releases lesbo pics of her to try and discredit Andrea's then boyfriend, a black guy running for.. some kind of school office, or political office? I can't remember which. Oh, the story was also set in the 70's or 80's I think and there was some big taboo about them being interracial, like his friends were judging him for being with a white girl.

She gets in touch with a different one of her past lovers who ends up killing the photographer guy.

And I those are the scenes that really stuck with me. It was a very long story, it might have been a bootleg of a novel. I saw it on some mailing list that had a story section, I think freedailymail.com (don't go there now it became all virusy), but it might have been the book nook from WhiteShadow's too. You'd think that's certainly enough to be able to find it but the search for the main words I can recall (Andrea, model, photographer, brother, summer) couldn't locate it here or on asstr.org
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