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It's time
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Cool Hero

-Tom is finally hopefull that his life is changeing for the better, he stood up to his abusive alcoholic father and put him in his place.

-Tom gets an offer to sell drugs because his dad kicked him out, he needs money

-He said no enlisting in the army instead, Tom's adaption insight independance loyalty and dutifulness impressess his Basic trianing instructors, one female instructor see's him as a leader and pushes him while personaly mentoreing him, which turns sexual.

-After basic he visits his neighbourhood before deployment, where he see's a woman being raped, he confronts the rapists even though he has a gun.

-Tom try's to talk away the rapist, but gets shot dead. Multiple multiple multiple multiple multiple times, he done dead.
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Originally Posted by DarkPleasures View Post
You don't have your pm's labeled but check this out


Post 42.

back to the old games. Just disturbing,
The first Literotica tag team competition is underway! Check them out, vote comment and PM me your guesses!


The Best 3 minutes of news I have ever seen.

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It's time
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Now that have responders I'll finish the idea

-The girl being raped was a girl whose been practicing witch craft.
-She kills the rapist and uses the only spell she knows to save Tom
-However the spell transports Tom back in time.
-He wakes up in the middle of a medieval battle field
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