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Fighting against your neighbors (open to one woman)

Private First Class Simon P. Cutter
Age 18
Height 5'10
Weight 140lbs
Brown eyes and crue cut dark brown hair.
Physical appearance: light build with sun kissed skin. No tattoos of piercings. Not married and no children. Smooth facial cheeks, thin lips. A quiet man who is weathered by a hard life.

I don't know what happened, it all occured so fast. I was on leave back in texas when the whole world seemed to go insane in the course of a week. Recalled back to duty and shipped to the east coast for a dire emergency, but what it was exactly was not explained to us until we were in New York City and right off the train we were pushed into some heavy fighting. What I could remember was that we were fighting rebels but there were wild rumors of zombies or even a nuclear attack and eventually I become sperated from my unit by the maze of streets and alleyways, but after a night of running and hiding I make my way to the harbor and find not only hte Army but law enforcement and military from all branches there fighting to create a fortress for themselves saying that the world has gone to shit and it was us vs them, them being other people. I didn't know what to make of it. During the whole day I hadn't so much as fired my weapon but kept on the go lest I be captured, but still, I stuck with them and helped fortify our position and it grew steadily as more and more people arrived until we had taken most of the city and walled it off.

That was over three months ago.

Now given time to reflect I was able to understand what had fully happened. Even though our economy was bad we were rebuilding but there were som people, firebrands, those that wish to start trouble with fiery speechs to rouse the people, wanted our government to fall and not just us but with Mexico and Canada. It spread quickly because of the internet and now the whole world is in trouble with governments fighting to stay afloat. I was one of hte lucky ones that made it here and now in this walled off city with other units and people we were making a new life for ourselves. We had plenty of food and we were making our own with fishing and clearing out lots to farm and we were able to get the public utilities going again which was good considering the intense winter that had the Air Force socked in. Life in the city wasn't bad, plenty of food, water, though we still had our duties. I was part of internal security detachment that roamed the streets much like a police officer on the beat. We had a few of the NYPD with us as well. Our job wasn't to keep people in line but to watch for infiltrators and sabatoge. It was tricky work considering the mazes that were under our feet and even worse by whom we were fighting which was everyone.
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