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Story idea, Frustrated Mom, Son and Daughter

Hi there,

I have a story idea wondered if anyone thinks anything of it.

Story starts with Mother of two, I guess late thirties, with two teenage children one boy and one girl. She is married but her husband is away for long periods of time on an oil rig at sea...she is sexually frustrated.

She has planned to make a dinner for her son and daughter but the son comes back late from playing sport (I am in UK and thinking rugby but it doesn't matter really) and his mother scolds him for being late and tells him to go get a bath.

Her daughter is helping her prefer this meal and its nearly ready so the mother calls to her son but no reply, so she goes upstairs and he is lounging in the bath and not washing himself at all...the mother gets annoyed and picks up the soap with a "well if you won't wash yourself, I WILL" and starts to wash her sons shoulders and chest. She then orders him to stand so she can do his bottom half and when he does she is transfixed by the sight of his semi-erect state. She starts low and moves up his legs and she can't take her eyes of him. Then she starts to clean him and before long it turns into a fully fledged hand-job. The son doesn't talk to her or her to him, and when he cums she looks up at him and he has his eyes shut tight, so she leans forward and catches his cum in her mouth, shamelessly! He doesn't know.

While this is happening her daughter has come up to see what is taking so long and has been stood by the bathroom door watching for the last few minutes, witnessing the steamy scene.

I thought it could be that the mother is also wearing something thin, and gets splashed during the process of washing her son, and the clothes become transparent, at least slightly and enough to cause arrousal.

The daughter would then get involved but not sure whether it should happen with the brother or mother first.

Any successful conclusion must involve all three of them and I would like to see the father coming into it too with the daughter at a later stage. There must be anal sex too because thats my favourite

Anyone any thoughts?

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Just keep the kids 18 older and you'll be fine!
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about 25000 words for a slow build-up.
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Yeah, I kinda thought they'd be just-18 (daughter) and late-19 (son).

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